1. Strepsi says

    The camera boy looks to be incredibly-hot-model-with-a-sense-of-humor LUKE GULDAN.

    Google him, you’ll see what I mean

    Nice casting, Colbert!

  2. FunMe says

    Can we now ALWAYS make sure to say to these anti-gay homophobes that they are gay and have no say in the matter of GLBTs?

    From now on they should be FOREVER discredited.

  3. Charles says

    I watched the video over and over. I just LOVE to hear the laughter of the people who hadn’t heard the story yet. The laughter after “he rented him to help him lift his luggage” is just pure gold.

  4. Scott says

    Yet another reason Colbert is the best topical program on TV. Not only is this incisive, but the point is made using an incredibly hot model.

  5. Brian K says

    While I applaud the sharp, skewering satire presented above and think mining humor out of situations helps get important messages across – I, for one, am tired of the hypocrisy being perpetrated in the first place.

    By making these conservatives laughingstocks, these hypocrites aren’t really discredited. They are just laughed at. We need someone in activist office to truly bring down the hammer on the Larry Craigs, Alan Rekers, Roy Ashburn and Mark Foleys still in office. I don’t just want them humiliated… I want them stripped of their rights, dignity and cash – just as so many gays & lesbians lose everything in their fight for equality and justice.

    Why can’t we sue these Republicans in civil court for fraud in one massive class-action?? Seems about as frivolous any other suit these days.

  6. Tim says

    While I agree it’s troubling to have these anti-gay closet cases forming public policy, I have just about as many problems with bourgeois gay ‘leaders’ declaring what ‘our’ agenda/priorities are. Personally, I never wanted to get married BEFORE I came out, so I don’t know why I would want to afterwards. In fact,a lot of gay culture makes me want to run screaming back to the closet (one more ‘pretty’ boy presented as a spokesperson, and I’m going to go all Andrew Cunanan…and whoever those characters were on Will and Grace, they weren’t anyone I knew…).

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