Elena Kagan is Not a Lesbian, Say Friends

Politico has the statements:


“I’ve known her for most of her adult life and I know she’s straight,” said Sarah Walzer, Kagan’s roommate in law school and a close friend since then. “She dated men when we were in law school, we talked about men — who in our class was cute, who she would like to date, all of those things. She definitely dated when she was in D.C. after law school, when she was in Chicago – and she just didn’t find the right person.”

Walzer, half amused and half appalled to be discussing her friend’s sexual orientation, agreed to be interviewed after Kagan’s supporters decided they should tactfully put an end to the rumor, which White House officials had already tried to squelch in background interviews with reporters. She said she decided to talk to POLITICO because the discussion of Kagan’s personal life has become a “distraction.”

“It’s taking away from substantive discussion of the issues from a really substantive person who deserves to be given the opportunity to address the substantive issues,” she said.


  1. Mike says

    The far right is overly interested in all things gay. I saw and interview on Hardball yesterday where they were talking about how some people on the right view gayness as (and I’m paraphrasing here) as something so terrible, yet irresistible that society needs to protect itself from it. Which fits the mold of “self-loathing gay”. It’s only irresistible because they are gay! Duh! Just like if you’re straight, it’s irresistible. I don’t understand why these morons don’t get it.

  2. Jennifer Moore says

    Just because she dated in law school doesn’t mean she isn’t gay. She may have been hiding her sexuality all these years because she knew her future would be in jeopardy if she dated women.

  3. says

    This is ridiculous. Why can’t she simply answer yes or no herself? I’ll bet if you asked half of the roommates of gays and lesbians in college, they would swear their roommates were straight. The more of a circus this becomes, the more apparent that whatever Kagan is, she is a disaster for the gay community. Either she is so deeply closeted that she allows this sort of thing to go on, or she is so offended by the thought of being called a lesbian that she refuses to address it herself. Either she’s a closet case or a bigot.

  4. jack says

    sadly, that comment didn’t alter the discussion one whit. in those days, and for that matter in the military currently, gay people have been effectively passing as straight to every single person who knew them, sometimes even to themselves.

    i have no idea what kagan’s orientation is, nor does it matter. the discussion needs to be off the table, for left and right.

  5. kujhawker says

    I dated girls in College and I am not straight. So what? Rather than asking friends, rather than having the white house .. tsk …tsk those that ask and deny it themselves. Just have her say yes or no if she is gay. It is no big deal. Then it is done.

    But if she edges and gives a non answer that just makes things worse. Or if she says No I am not. Then they come up with some lesbian lover the shit will hit the fan. Because it is always about the cover up.

    Already if she says yes she is a lesbian there is a problem. Because they White House denied she was. The White House as already vetted her for Solicitor General and now this so usually past relationships come up in the vetting process. So then you will have the White House having to say they knew but lied. OR Kagan saying she withheld the information from the vetting process which would call into question her honesty for the position.

  6. Homo Sapiens says

    They even got Eliot Spitzer, the kinky prostitute-patronizing ex-New York governor, to state on the record that he knows she’s straight but “it’s not his place to say more!” When you have “Client 9″ Spitzer vouching for your sex life, you’re golden.

  7. Mike says

    My guess is that she is straight. Based on the fact that the WH was so direct when they commented on it weeks ago, I’m sure they had that discussion with her.

    I don’t care that she is straight (or gay). I’m just worried about how she feels about gay issues.

  8. shane says

    For GOD’s sake! She’s a heterosexual, lefty, overweight, unmarried, unpretty, super-smart, intellectual, Jewish lady. There’s a lot of them in NYC, people. You just don’t notice them, until one of them gets nominated for the Supreme F*%$ing Court.
    She’s your goddam fag-hag you abandoned a decade ago when you got cute and started getting boyfriends. She still exists. And now you’re pummelling her with weird comments when she, unbeknowst to you, went and sunk herself into her work, slightly sadly while tacitly acknowledging that wifedom and motherhood might not be hers. She’s supposed to say all that to make you feel better? She’s a spinster. An old maid. That’s all, people. Leave it be.
    It’s as if the fear-bating and rumor-mongering of the right wing is seeping into the psyche of our side…

  9. says

    There IS another sexual orientation…..
    could she identify as bisexual?

    Too often I hear debates about “either/or”, but rarely – if ever – do I hear of the possibility of a person being bisexual. I have actually met real people who have fallen in love with people of either gender……ironically…I have a bisexual nurse-friend in S.C. who could be Kagan’s little sister.

  10. says

    Shane, please. You make her life sound like a Broadway musical. What’s next? The big makeover and reveal that she’s actually really super hot? Gosh! who knew?!! Grow up. If she is not a lesbian, all she has to do is say so, herself. There is something really strange about the fact that she doesn’t. It’s not a privacy issue at all. And if you don’t find it pertinent to her possibly becoming a SC Justice, I don’t think you care that much about how it affects our community.

  11. HawaiiBill says

    Thanks Shane…a tad theatrical, but thanks. And the rest of you that so confidently proclaim that she IS gay? Unless you’re female and have slept with her, STFU. You’re playing right into the right wing’s whisper game.

  12. TANK says

    Nah, she shouldn’t be obligated to answer any questions about her sexual orientation. I don’t think she’s a lesbian, and it can only serve her to distance herself from this, and evade the question or answer it dishonestly (if she is) in this country.

  13. Nickysix says

    I find it kind of ironic that people are saying she’s either closeted or ashamed at being labelled a lesbian, and that if she just declared herself straight, gay or bi, the problems would go away. Is it not possible that she’s not addressing the rumours because she thinks it’s irrelevant to the position she’s nominated for?

    If she came forward and said she was not gay, there would be just as many people attacking her for insinuating that there is something wrong with being gay and feeling the need to declare her heteorsexuality. When the WH issued that statement that she was straight (which was totally innappropriate, granted – it seems very strange for an organization to speak on an individual’s behalf about something so personal) , everyone was (rightfully) upset because they were acting like gay = a bad thing. I think she’s in a really tough position now, and there’s really nothing she can do that isn’t going to piss somebody off.

    I tend to think that Shane is probably closest to the truth of the situation, but for god’s sake, can we please stop with the Spinster/Old Maid labels? It’s not every straight woman’s dream to marry and have kids, just like it’s not every man’s dream to do either of those things. She’s the Attorney General of the US for god’s sake – it’s entirely possible that she’s not crying herself to sleep every night after pouring her heart out to her diary.

  14. Nora says

    Justice Kagan is a smart, lovely woman, attorney, professor, administrator, and judge. Who cares about anything else? How many of us can claim all her accomplishments in life? And she has likely never abused or bullied anyone in her life, including in the workplace, where many of us have suffered so much harm that we can never forget.

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