Facebook Campaigns for Gay Kiss on ‘Modern Family’


A Facebook campaign urging producers of ABC's Modern Family to let gay couple Cam and Mitchell kiss on the show (which has never happened) is quickly gathering steam.

Because gays are fine, as long as you don't sexualize them.

The injustice was first brought to our attention by Jeremy Hooper at Good as You.


  1. NickC says

    “Because gays are fine, as long as you don’t sexualize them.”

    For this show, the de-sexualizing goes well beyond whether or not the gay couple kisses. It’s hard to imagine a more sexually neutered couple than Cam and Mitchell. Would anyone really want to see them getting physical?

    I actually like both the characters and the actors a lot, and I think it’s great that the show is including a gay couple as parents and part of a larger family. But they definitely decided to play it safe when it came to any hint of gay sex.

  2. Sasha says

    “Would anyone really want to see them getting physical?”

    Apparently NickC (and other gay men I’ve read commenting on this elsewhere) take the homophobes’ view of this, only with a slight twist – homophobes don’t want to see anyone gay being physical, NickC etc don’t want to see anyone that doesn’t meet their own personal standards of hotness getting physical. Because why should anyone ever be shown as a sexual human being unless it’s a turn-on to you personally?

    Love to know what you guys look like. Apparently you’re all flawless Adonises, and the existence of any ordinary-looking gay couples, as in Modern Family, is merely a figment of the writers’ imagination.

  3. walter says

    i agree with sasha not all gay bodies are perfect but those are not the ones we want to see unfortunately. believe me i am far from perfect but woulg rather watch someone
    who liked cheyenne jackson or john barrowman than me.

  4. Chris says

    I have such mixed feelings– Modern Family has represented a gay couple much better and more extensively than any other comedy on network tv. But they’ve clearly mishandled this. I don’t want to demonize them, but in this case they’re wrong about the decision they made.

    Does anyone know if Jay and Gloria have kissed and if so, how often? Because if they’re not really kissing either, then the situation is even worse: only conventional couples are allowed to kiss on TV. It’s not only anti-gay, but anti-everyone-who’s-not-cookie-cutter.

  5. jtaskw says

    My initial reaction also was to wonder why the heterosexual couple could kiss and the boys couldn’t. Then I thought it was a brilliant piece of juxtaposition to show how easily and unquestioningly Phil and Claire would kiss at their reunion in the airport, but Cam and Mitchell are more guarded. Maybe we haven’t all done it, but I know I have edited my behavior in public places to avoid the potential of becoming the target of some homophobic reaction. Showing that difference between the couples, side by side, I am sure was not lost on many, and if nothing else would make them consider why the difference exists.

  6. says

    I think the kiss should only appear if it’s right for the characters. ABC shows gay kissing all the time on Brothers & Sisters, so I don’t think that’s the issue here. For some reason, I see Mitchell (the redhead?) being the type who is not into PDA. #JustSayin

  7. Bud says

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson posted a link to the petition on his Twitter feed over the weekend, so he obviously wants it to happen : )

    And as others have noted, I think many gay couples do edit their displays of affection in public. I’ve been with my partner for over ten years, are we are still hesitant to even hold hands in public. Still, it’d be nice to see Mitch and Cam exchange a kiss or something in the privacy of their home.

  8. Smokey says

    Yeah, there is some major de-sexualization going on there.

    Recall that their very first hug occurred a few episodes ago when Mitchell thought there was a man lurking in Lily’s room (only to find that it was just their baby monitor, which was picking up on their neighbor’s phone calls). The hug being sign of relief when they realized that there was no one in the room and not necessarily a sign of love or affection.

    And isn’t it funny how the couple interviews with Phil and Claire / Jay and Gloria have them sitting intimately on sofas while Cam and Mitchell are always sitting on chairs? Definitely no accident.

  9. Sean R says

    The networks are probably inspired by that ‘wonderful’ film “Boys Beware”… LOL!

    Gave up watching it, as it was never as brave as Brothers & Sisters. I just loved Scotty’s Irish lament for the family as Ojai Foods closes… such a moving moment.

  10. jakeinlove says

    SRSLY? It would be amazing if people spent this much time campaigning for candidates that support legislation that could ACTUALLY make a change in our lives.

  11. says

    Thank you jakeinlove, I was wondering when Debbie Downer would show up. It’s just a TV show, we are just fans, and it is merely a Facebook page that to join, you need only press a button.

  12. TANK says

    Wow, this show sucks and anyone entertained by it sucks, too. It’s like the SNL fans…they’ll laugh at anything…easily entertained people are the greatest audiences, though.

    And no, I wouldn’t want to watch these beasts bump uglies (and really, ugly isn’t a figure of speech).

  13. NickC says

    To poster who said:

    “NickC etc don’t want to see anyone that doesn’t meet their own personal standards of hotness getting physical.”

    I think you misunderstood me. I myself am late-50s, bald, and overweight. I think it’s great that these two characters don’t fit the gym-bunny gay stereotype. I’d be thrilled to see some televised gay passion between two normal looking middle-aged guys.

    But does anyone feel that there is ANY slight degree of sexual chemistry between those two characters? They seem very fond of each other, but I cannot for a minute imagine them actually having sex.

    Chubby guys can be sexy. Nerdy-looking red heads with beards can be sexy. But I feel these characters have been deliberately de-sexed to make them safer for tv.

  14. TANK says

    “I myself am late-50s, bald, and overweight”

    Annnnnd you’re gone. David Copperfield couldn’t disappear more convincingly than you.

  15. Eugene says


    “SRSLY? It would be amazing if people spent this much time campaigning for candidates that support legislation that could ACTUALLY make a change in our lives. ”

    Actually, a change in public perception of homosexuality CAN lead to change in our lives.

  16. Kathleen says

    Did you ever think the best actors got the job and had nothing to do with their looks. My disclaimer is that I am a heterosexual woman, so maybe that is why I can’t see the injustice, but I love how Cam and Mitchell sit in chairs. It says so much about their personalities. Also how they get to use body language. Cam is very physical when he is interviewed. Maybe it didn’t work on the couch.

    I am sorry that they didn’t kiss at the airport, if that is what you think would have worked better for the scene. If you remember Claire is already drunk at this point.

    I do however have to agree with @jackinlove about spending this much time campaigning for candidates who can make a difference in the legislation. I campaign for marriage equality. I join any organization I can to help the process along. I have my white knot and wear it proudly. I make sure I vote for the candidate who commits to G&L rights.

    Yes, making sure that the media portrays gays in a light that is true, and reaching into the homes of those who still don’t know, does help the cause. However, you run the risk of the message stopping at someone’s couch.

    How many gays are there in our prejudice United States of America? More than there are haters I believe. Stand together. And I hope you are heard. In the mean time, I will do what I can.

  17. Spike says

    I am Mitchell and I do have a Cameron-esque man in my life. I like that Modern Family shows this, because there are a million different kinds of gay men. The more diversity in characterizations, the better.

    Tank: Fuck right off. Wow, being a bitchy, hateful cunt for no reason….that’s cutting edge. Right from Boys in the Band circa 1970. You don’t speak for everyone.

  18. Brian says

    I’m the one who created the FB fan page, and, for the record, I am also politically active and do spend time campaigning for candidates and agendas that I believe in. But politics isn’t the only thing that can make change. We can open people’s minds through many avenues, and this is one of them.

    As for Mitchell not being into PDA, we often see him and Cam alone in their apartment. Sharing a brief peck in the privacy of their home is hardly PDA, and it’s not really “sexual” either.

    Thank you all for your support!

  19. Travis says

    NickC is exactly right. The gay couple on this show is cast more for laughs. Neither actor is textbook “hot”.
    If it was a lesbian couple you can bet at least one of the actresses would be “hot”.

    Typical double standard.

    I swear though, some of the people who post on the comments section here are idiots…

  20. jtaskw says

    People suck because they enjoy a particular program? We are talking about a TV show where there is no accounting for taste, so you would have to have a personality disorder to take it so personally that other people are entertained.

  21. TANK says

    There’s always accounting for taste, even for those who clearly don’t have any. Taste is like humor; some people are funny, some aren’t, and many are somewhere in between. But taste is a very good insight into someone’s personality.

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