Gay Teen Savagely Murdered in Scotland

Very savagely. Jack Frew and a friend were attacked and slashed with a knife in Glasgow while walking home Thursday night. The Scotsman reports:

15627887"The 16-year-old was stabbed on a cycle path in East Kilbride's Mossneuk area on Thursday night.

Frew, who stated his sexuality as "gay" on his MySpace profile, was a pupil at Duncanrig Secondary in East Kilbride and was described as a gifted actor who was well liked and respected in the school.

Another schoolboy is understood to have been hurt in the incident. Fellow pupils were told about the murder on Friday."

Frew died soon after the violent assault and the other victim, 17-year-old Craig Roy, remains hospitalized.

Police are still seeking a motive, but at least one news source claims that "it's been suggested this was a homophobic attack."


  1. Tone says

    Every such incidence hurts us all. My warmest condolences to the grieving family. This is why we march and picket and fight for our rights. We’re fighting for our very lives.

  2. Stan James says

    Well, in his 2008 Xmas message the German Pope said that gender theory, by reducing the difference between male and female, would lead to the end of mankind.

    Gender theory is the research into understanding why some people are gay, most are str8, and some people are trans.

    The Popes words are a call to murder of gay people. What else would one expect from a Pope who was born in Nazi Germany, and served in Hitlers army. BTW, Hitler threw Germany’s gays into the ovens with the Jews as well as others.

    And in 2009, the pope UNexcommunicated a Bishop Williamson, who is a Holocaust denier. to bring this monster and his 600000 mad followers and their money back into the church. At least Argentina, discovering he was living there, threw him out of the country.

    The Pope is supposed to visit England this year. He should be thrown in chains, and taken to the International criminal court for not just this murder, but for the mass murder of gay people over the ages, etc etc. EG the thousands of gay kids who are driven to suicide every year by this apparition of the Hitlerite regime.

  3. robertmalcolm says

    Having a hard time understanding the continued brutality that we continue to see and read about — condolences to both young men’s families — and will this ever end?

  4. says


    Unfortunately not. We are nothing more than a casualty in big religion’s war. A scapegoat for all that is wrong with the world.

    It hurts my heart, and I’m not that easy to hurt. :(

  5. TANK says

    This is a real tragedy. 16…what a waste. If only justice existed as it should (in a way I believe it should)…most people would never even be tempted to kill others–the loss to themselves and those they care about would be too great. One day.

  6. Bill says

    Seeing these ignorant and cowardly comments makes this situation so much worse. HETEROSEXUALS are to blame for this brutal murder. With or without religions murders like this would still happen. Get that threw your head! This murder is the result of hatred toward gay people and heterosexual supremacist beliefs. Heterosexuals don’t think you are worthy of living, they want a heterosexual-only world.

    As gay people you need to prepare youself for possible attacks. Unfortunately, Jason Frew was too young and naive to have learned in time. If a group of heterosexuals asks if you are gay and you have no weapons then you should deny being gay. You should carry a cell phone on you at all times. Try to go out with friends. Heterosexual killers like to gang up on one or two gay victims, they want the situation to be so stacked against gay people (they know you probably don’t carry weapons and have no fighting experience) that it’s next to impossible for you to overcome. We see this same mindset with voter referendums. Heterosexuals ganging up against gay people and our rights.

  7. nic says

    as more and more people live their lives openly, more and more haters will scratch and claw in a futile attempt to retain an empty dream of what life is about. god rest ye, gentle soldier. in your truncated life, you have done more than your killer will ever do in his wasted years in jail.

  8. Rowan says

    Wow, no comment.

    America will keep on breeding this hate if you guys don’t fight some kind of equality and reach out to young gays in a HUGE way.

    So sad.

  9. yaaah69 says

    Ever since the first Cave Man decided to redo his woman-friend’s hair and the other men snifes his butt , there has been those who kill the one thats different. We have been around since the beginning . With at least a 1000 genicide pograms to wipe us out . And that was before the nazi’s. And the present day homophobe’s.It will take something drastic to correct it if it can be corrected. We need to start being more defensive in our thinking and actions . This basturdly person wielding a knife , will be caught and I hope hanged by his pecker.But it seems to be getting worse , with the pressure we are putting on the heteros , we have got to strike back. To the families of the two boys I say that I hope you can deal with this insane killing, and when they catch the one who did it cry-out for death.

  10. g_whiz says

    Hate crimes send a message to other members of the status group they share. While that message to me is that people are cowards who will go out of the way to diminish the importance of all life…it makes me deeply sad what this sick sad world is capable of doing to children.

  11. New Jersey Girl says

    This is where I usually post my repetative mantra; Bash Back!

    Peace does not work. they see it as weakness. If they learn to be afraid of us, they will think twice about acting on their ignorance.

    Sorry to suggest stooping to their level.

    BTW: For Nic:
    “god rest ye, gentle soldier…”

    You invoke GOD? Yeah, that’ll work!

  12. Adam says

    The taking of any life by violence is a sadness. The taking of one so young is a sadness that cuts the heart and soul. Rest in peace, Jack.

  13. says

    So sad and terrible. My sympathies to his family and friends.
    It seems this is where hate speech, homophobia, religious extremism, bullying, and discrimination lead.

    Last week many blogers posted to defend hate speech on the basis of the First amendment. Even DADT is a form of encouragement of hatred in that it legitimises discrimination.

    But enough pulpit speech; I’m gutted, heart scalded by this terrible crime.

  14. B says

    Bill: Why should anyone need to carry a weapon? Does one feel threatened 24/7 they need to be protected? I’m sure most people aren’t afraid when they walk out their front doors and think they’re going to need to fight for their life.
    And what good would a weapon do if you’re shot/stabbed/attacked from behind? Absolutely nothing.

    NJGirl: You’re just a complete idiot, no way in saying that kindly for you. These attacks on gay or percieved gay people are at a small percentage compared to those who are left alone. Why would we start a war? Who would you even bash? Random people you think are straight? I’m assuming you’re not even gay, just some crazy troll posting…everyday.

  15. John in Boston says

    A 17 year old boy has been arrested.

    It takes A LOT of guts to live openly gay for most adults let alone a 16 year old kid, especially under the conditions and places most people live. It’s incredibly tragic Jack Frew lost his life at 16, and I feel terribly sad for his mom,family, friends he left behind. Especially his mom, she’ll never get over it


    I know how to fight, have been in fights, and know how to protect myself. Not all gay/bi men are un-aggressive.

  16. John in Boston says


    Are you seriously implying gays or anyone else shouldn’t bother learning how to protect themselves from assault or God forbid fight back? If I was being jumped or assaulted, carjacked, having my home broken into while I’m home, etc., I want to be able to defend myself, not just give myself passively up to fate. It’s one reason why I legally own firearms and know how to use them. And I’d have no problem using them to defend myself. It amazes me the number of people, especially homosexuals, who passively accept assaults, robberies, whatever.

  17. B says

    John: I’m going to politely ask you to re-read what I had previously posted and tell me where I said people shouldn’t protect themselves? Thanks!

  18. John in Boston says


    You CLEARLY state:

    ‘Why should anyone need to carry a weapon?’……
    ‘…what good would a weapon do if you’re shot/stabbed/attacked from behind?’……


    You are CLEARLY against carrying a ‘Weapon’ for self-defense: NEWSFLASH! Criminals and people wanting to harm you carry WEAPONS most of the time. Firearms can’t be wished away anymore than the splitting of the atom. Ditto knives. People shouldn’t be afraid or scared by a gun. They should learn how they work and how to properly use them. They are excellent for self defense. It’s why police in most of the world carry them.

    2 sociopathic teenage boys from Vermont teamed up to kill a husband/wife college professors at Dartmouth College,New Hampshire a few years back. They wanted money to run away to Australia, but it was really basically a thrill kill. They attempted a dry run so-to-speak by going to an isolated Vermont cottage where a father and his teenage son from NYC were staying the weekend and bonding. They knocked on the front door and said through the door to the father that their car broke down and could he come out to help them. The father said he was immediately uneasy, but luckily he had a handgun with him and flashed it to the boys. They took off. He called the police, but being a rural area they took a long time. In the morning they found what was described as a freshly dug shallow grave behind the cottage. Later, after the infamous murders, the father,son recognized from tv the 2 boys as the same boys from that night. The boys intended to kill whoever they found in that cottage and bury them in a pre-dug shallow grave. The gun saved both the father and his son from this fate. Unfortunately, the 2 college professors weren’t able to defend themselves.

  19. shelley goodman says

    Another senceless disgusting murder,a beautiful,talented young man, like so many senceless other gay men murdered because of ignorance,stupidity,bigotry,when will it end? ill tell you when,when we go in groups and carry weapons to defend and protect..and beat them senceless when they attack…i know we can work to change legislation laws but ive been around since Harvey Milk,and not much has changed! I have a 16 year old son,who is an actor an musician and gay…when i gave birth to him 16 years ago i thought things would have the time he grew up….thay have not! so what are the answers? violence against violence…shelley from Oregon..usa

  20. mv says

    queers are led by people who are concerned about racism, the death penalty and everything else that does not affect queers.

    these kinds of murders are going to continue to happen and even increase as police agencies are going financially broke from mideast wars.

    the queers have to get rid of the baggage who are holding queers back who are using queers to defame religions and racists while doing nothing for the queers. this baggage does not even want queers to start carrying weapons.

    if a racial minority was murdered something would be done but since queers are murdered nothing is done. why do queers aid racial minorities when they do not aid queers?

    the more you stupidly blame these murders on religion the more they will occur. this is a straight crime not a religious crime.

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