1. Maxcor says

    As was succinctly said on Pam’s House Blend,

    What he, Perkins, and some others want to forget (and subsequently wants everyone else to forget) is that our lgbt identities encompass more than sex acts. We have lives, relationships, and families; none of which we should have to hide to suit the mindsets of ignorant folks who think that homosexuality is encompassed by a mere sex act that one takes care of in a secluded place between going to the grocery store and picking up the laundry.

    The lgbt community has evolved beyond that nonsense.And if an lgbt wants to put a picture of his/her partner or his family on his/her desk, there should be no fear of reprisal. If an lgbt wants to talk about his/her partner, there should be no fear of reprisal. No lgbt should have to worry about reprisal for doing the same thing that many heterosexuals do on the job.

    You see that’s what it’s about – the ability to be open about our lives and our families without fear, just like everybody else.

  2. borisg says

    Finally a solution to bigotry. If black people would wear white face, if Jews all had nose jobs and died their hair blond and if Latinos…. etc. etc. than narrow minded ersatz christian leaders would not have to go through the horrifying experience of discriminating against them. Oh the things we gay people do to fine upstanding people like Tony Perkins and Steve King who have not a malicious bone in their body. Who simply want decency and discreet access to prostitutes. I am so ashamed for tempting them to be hateful sons-of-bitches and ruining their chances for eternal life.

  3. TampaZeke says

    ROBERT, VERY good point.

    It always infuriates me when a person with a Jesus fish on the back of her car asks why gay people have to “advertise” their sexual orientation with rainbow flag or HRC bumper stickers.

  4. Jonathan says

    If Representative King is serious about not flaunting one’s sexuality in the face of voters, perhaps he should remove mention of his wife and son (of whom I assume he had a hand in the biological production) from his official biography.

  5. Houndentenor says

    The ignorance is astounding. I have had plenty of jobs where I was not technically “out”. I was a contractor in many companies and never felt a need to talk about my personal business in most of those places. However, had I wanted to progress I would have needed to bring a date to social events and engage in “what did you do over the weekend” type talk and that would have involved either lying (whether by making things up or leaving important details out) or coming out.

    If all we did at work was show up, work and go home, King would be right. But there’s more to it than that, especially for those who expect to have a career, not just a job. For those whose ambitions include management or becoming partners in their firm, they cannot hide their personal life. Those omissions of facts are far too obvious. Does any straight person ever use sexually ambiguous language to talk about their romantic partner?

  6. James Stone says

    Yea..just stay in the closet and everything will be fine. If you have a partner just call him your “roommate!” Better yet..don’t do that..marry a woman and just fool around on her on the side-just don’t let anyone know!
    OMG!!!! Sometimes I have to look at the calendar and make sure that this actually is 2010 and not 1950!!!

  7. David says

    And yet they want to out Kagen and she is clearly not, “wearing it on her sleve”. So which is it? They are clearly trying to out her to discriminate.

  8. jamal49 says

    The same for republicons: if they don’t want people to think they’re a bunch of bigoted, ignorant, broom-stick-up-their-asses dick-brains, then they shouldn’t open their mouths.

  9. Joe L says

    He doesn’t wear his sexuality on his sleeve- he wears it on HIS RING FINGER.

    And he flaunts his sexuality on the US Congressional website– his bio proclaims his heterosexual relationship with his wife of 38 years.

  10. DN says

    And a serious thought about the content of his little anecdote about not being able to tell at first sight if someone is gay.

    I challenge Mr. King to work side by side with someone for a year and to keep yourself in such a silo that you know *nothing* about that person. I guarantee he knows the marital status of his coworkers. It just comes up.

    But in his world, gay people shoud – what, make up fake women they’re dating? What a load of BS.

  11. says

    Since when can a “KING” be a QUEEN? Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! There is an old adage…
    “IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE!” King is jealous, because he has nothing to ADVERTISE, except an old tired hate message… and thankfully only he is buying it…

  12. Lez says

    Never thought that me talking about my partner of 16 years to my family, friends and work colleagues was “flaunting” who I am – still good to know that I can learn something new everyday.

    Now I must try and remember not to ask anybody anything about their personal life for fear of them “flaunting” themselves.

    Mr. King … nah I just can’t be bothered wasting any energy on him.

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