Lutheran Pastor Brad Schmeling and His Partner to Be Reinstated


The Reverend Bradley Schmeling and his partner Revernd Darin Easler will be reinstated by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the AP reports:

"A gay Atlanta pastor and his partner who have been at the center of a battle over the treatment of gay clergy by the nation's largest Lutheran denomination are being reinstated to the denomination's clergy roster, church officials announced Tuesday.

The Rev. Bradley Schmeling and his partner, the Rev. Darin Easler, have been approved for reinstatement, the Chicago-based Evangelical Lutheran Church in America said in a news release. The approval came roughly eight months after the denomination voted to allow gays and lesbians in committed relationships to serve as clergy, and just weeks after the ELCA's church council officially revised the church's policy on gay ministers."


  1. Bucky says

    And we are supposed to think this is a good thing? Happy with the crumbs we are offered?

    So as long as we queers are “in a committed relationship” we can serve as clergy?

    Do the straights have the same restriction?

    Fuck NO!

    So you can’t serve until you find that special someone. Too bad for you if you don’t happen to be so lucky. Or if you break up or get divorced. Or if your husband/wife dies.

    If you are clergy and gay and your spouse dies do you loose your job? Or perhaps you are required to find another “special someone” immediately after the funeral so you can keep your church.

    Why anyone would want to be a member of an organization that treats them like shit is beyond me. Let’s not pretend that this is in any way a good thing.

  2. says

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