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News: Mary Glasspool, George Rekers, Google, Madonna

 road Mary Glasspool is the first openly lesbian bishop in the Episcopal Church. Follow the ordination on Twitter.


 road Heroes dies a less than heroic death.

 road Madonna about photog Tom Munro: "To have your picture taken by Munro is kind of like smoking a bubblegum cigarette."

 road The Wachowskis will apparently next make a gay-themed film about a US soldier who falls in love with an Iraqi civilian.

 road Lena Horne, who died earlier this week, is laid to rest.

 road Openly gay Christian singer Ray Boltz: “I don’t believe God hates me anymore. I always thought if people knew the true me, they’d be disgusted, and that included God. But for all the doubts, there’s this new belief that God accepts me and created me, and there’s peace.”

 road Does anyone care about Lady Sovereign's coming out?

 road Ian McKellen to a crowd of 1,000 supporters of marriage equality in Melbourne: "Establishing the rights for gay people to be married would cost the Australian Government nothing financially and would gain for you worldwide respect from people like us and of course would change lives enormously - the lives of gay people and of their friends and of their families and therefore of Australia as a whole."

 road Google may have mistakenly spied on you. 222

 road The questioning of Elena Kagan's sexuality: "It’s a slippery slope if members of the Senate Judiciary Committee start asking Kagan whether she prefers men or women. What’s next? Forcing every job applicant to open their bedroom door? Having gays wear pink badges, as required by the Nazis?"

 road The Dallas Voice on "Shaping Your Child's Sexual Identity" written by George Rekers: "Published in 1983, this is one of several anti-gay books written by Rekers over the years but appears to be the only one listed on that includes cover art. The title and photo are especially troubling given that Rekers, 61, was caught hiring a 20-year-old male prostitute."

 road The roommate of the guy who found the prototype iPhone tattled on him to Apple.

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  1. re: the Wachowski Brothers film - really ugly article, whoever wrote it

    Posted by: neverstops | May 15, 2010 7:19:24 PM

  2. re: the Wachowski "brothers". Considering that 1) this is a GLBT news blog and 2) Lana Wachowski is in the process of transitioning (or has already transitioned), shouldn't we now call them simply "the Wachowskis"?

    Posted by: Bryan Irrera | May 15, 2010 10:31:30 PM

  3. @ Neverstops

    Wow, you're right. That article on the Wachowskis is really out-of-line. Like this quote:

    "We can already see the art-imitating-life plot point involving the soldier dressing up his lover as Lady Gaga as they surreptitiously gallivant around Afghani war zones, dodging artillery fire in the name of the love that dare not speak its name."

    Yeah, try to work in another outdated stereotype there, bud.

    As to the Dallas Voice on the Rekers book, I hate saying anything that could sound like it's defending Rekers since I think the man is scum, but Rekers' prostitute was at 20, an adult, so I'm not sure what the Dallas Voice is implying by getting all "troubling" over the fact that there's kids on the cover of Rekers' book. It sounds dangerously close to playing into the old gay = pedophile slander. Rekers is a horrible hypocrite, but unless there's real evidence other than pure conjecture that the man has any pedophiliac tendencies, it's really playing too close to a common anti-gay meme and that's not helpful to anyone.

    Posted by: bobbyjoe | May 16, 2010 2:53:30 AM

  4. @Bobbyjoe - fully agreed. The only creepy thing about Rekers is his internalized homophobia and the psychological damage he did to other struggling gays. To imply that he's a pedophile because he hired a..what, 20-year-old prostitute? just silly.

    And, not surprisingly, it's homophobia at work.

    Posted by: Dave | May 16, 2010 2:59:31 AM

  5. Steve / Andy, that Wachowski article is ridiculously offensive. Check it out.

    Posted by: Woodstock | May 16, 2010 4:14:56 AM

  6. The Wachowski article is hella offensive. They pulled stereotypes out that I thought had long been buried in the deep end of the cesspool.

    Posted by: Derek Washington | May 16, 2010 11:16:50 AM

  7. That article on the Wachowski's was on Movieline. Read some of the other articles. It's snarky and tongue-in-cheek...written by a bunch of gay guys. You can be offended if you want, but why?

    Posted by: jesse | May 16, 2010 2:18:58 PM

  8. RE The effort to "out" Kagan: What a hysterical over-reaction. Saying that you're a Lesbian is not the equivalent of throwing open the bedroom door and letting everybody see who's inside. Elena Kagan could put the speculation to rest right now, as easily as Janet Reno did years ago: Just say "yea" or "nay". It need not come up in a confirmation hearing, but I don't think it's wrong for a Senator to ask. After all, she would be ruling on Gay Rights cases.

    Posted by: Stuffed Animal | May 16, 2010 4:03:50 PM

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