1. Rascal says

    I’m still sort of baffled by the anti gay marriage arguments. What exactly do they gain if they win that would not otherwise exist if they lost? I mean, what is it exactly that they are preserving that would be lost if gays could marry? The answer is “nothing.” There are no practical, measurable, definable gains for anyone in “preserving” the “traditional definition” of marriage.

  2. JoeyO'H says

    It’s amazing to me this fight for gays non – existence of simple human rights in society continues in the manner it does. Considering “marriage” is a word by all civil definitions. I say, let these groups and whoever is against “gay marriage” have their term “marriage.” All I want is the “right.” It seems we get lost in the term marriage, where we should actually concentrate our efforts on the rights that come with marriage. I particularly don’t want gay marriage to be called “marriage,” however, I want those same rights for my partner and I.

    I don’t want any part of a belief that hates me (and many) with so much vigor.
    I feel these flaming heterosexual and religious groups are defending something they have so successfully f*cked up with betrayal, deception, and lies = divorce.

    I understand divorce happens, but straights seem to have used the divorce card way too often and are the reason, plain and simple, for their own demise of the sanctuary of marriage. Gays won’t take it down any further than they already have.

    Keep marriage and I’ll take my simple civil rights!

  3. rovex says

    Rascal. We are not dealing with rational human beings here. In their bizarre minds denying us marriage curries favour with there god. While there is no gain in this world, they will be rewarded in the next. The fact that they break other biblical rules all the time is immaterial to them, since they aren’t rational and only follow the rules they want to, or that fir their particular brand of bigotry.

  4. says

    Joey, NOM doesn’t want us to have the word “marriage” but they also don’t want us to have the rights that come with marriage equality. And, as was evidenced by HI, where the governor spoke out against CUs that would give the same rights as marriage, they’re getting hung up on the idea of gay people being full citizens.

    If, as gay people, we want full equality, then there is no rational argument for separating our relationships into a separate category other than to reinforce straight superiority. Organizations like NOM will fight us no matter what we call it. But we don’t need to buy their propaganda about who owns the word “marriage.”

  5. says

    Stop hating them and start demanding that Gay Inc replicate their tactics. WE have given quite a bit of $$$ to groups that have not been as effective as these twerps have in just about 4-5 yrs. They have gotten their agenda on the front burner through some amazing strategic , long range planning. They are brilliant at what they do. Gay Inc sucks at what they do.

  6. Olive Yurdich says

    With $320,000 in salaries and benefits paid to NOM employees in 2008 (up from less than $60K in 2007, who knows how much higher in 2009), it appears there is big money to be made in the hate business.

  7. Bryan says

    God, I hope Rascal reads my comment:

    Dude– Best. Comment. EVER. You eliminated any need for me to express my views. You said it all– and with grace and intelligence, too. If Maggie had heard you say that, all she could have done is sputter.

  8. JFE says

    @Derek Not that I’m a big fan of Gay Inc., but I think NOM and other groups have built-in prejudice of most of America working in their favor.

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