1. says

    As much as I hated Bush, I have to agree with you ‘CYD’. This is a non-issue, and now the NAACP wants to get involved? This won’t bode well for the NAACP, jumping to conclusions. Bigots will jump all over this, justifying it by saying that since Obama is black it is racial, but that it was alright for those to burn white Presidents in effigy. If the NAACP and other black leaders take this course, civil rights will take a couple steps backwards. The effigy bit has happened with Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Nixon, Carter, Johnson, and probably other Presidents.

  2. jeff in la says

    1. The increase of Justin Bieber content on this site is kind of creepy.
    2. People DID complain about Bush being burned in effigy. In fact the media was quite effective in stigmatizing descent of Bush policies. Remember how anyone who questioned Bush war policies were labeled traitorous and Anti-American, 9-11 apologists? The fury from the right was deafening. Because of this stigma I believe many on the left remained silent and allowed Bush to get elected for real in 2004.

  3. Carlie says

    In my reading of American history, there aren’t many instances of black men lynching and torching white men.

    That might be the difference?

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