1. Ira says

    Sarah Jessica Parker should shut up. The decision to put oneself, and others, at risk of HIV is a personal choice, and nobody should criticize what anybody else does in bed. To do otherwise is to be both homophobic and sex-phobic.

  2. Derek says

    I think what she was trying to say was that some younger people don’t understand the consequences of their actions, b/c they don’t know what it was like in the past.

    After losing so many people in the 80’s and 90’s, she probably just can’t imagine why anyone would want to have to endure what her friends did.

  3. James N Philly says

    IRA, how is getting HIV a personal decision exactly, and what from SJP said thinks she’s speaking any ill will on anyone. Are you fucking crazy?? She simply stated a well known fact. 20 years ago gay men were dieing in droves because of this very misunderstood disease, my father being one of them. Watching his health fail, his lungs go, the sores and the weight. It’s nothing to do with being a personal decision. My father did not set out to contract this disease. SJP is simply saying that the gay men of this generation didn’t have to live through that. The gay men of our generation weren’t in the hospitals and bedsides of people as they withered away to nothing until the died!! What she is saying is true: With all the information out there, gay men need to be protected with condoms and knowledge. How is that wrong to say? She isn’t homophobic in the least, and if you got that from her interview that you my friend need to rewatch and stop projecting! She didn’t say don’t fuck, she said before you fuck know what you are getting into because unfortunately HIV/AIDS is still here and is still killing people.

    Have you watched someone who had so much life wither away to nothing? Have you seen the sunken in eye sockets, the sores. The sweats and the chills. The bones that stick out because of the weight that is lost because you can’t eat. Have you seen the breathing tubes that people have to use because their lungs don’t work anymore? I have! This was my father!! Most gay kids of this generation didn’t see that! They’ve been told that you won’t die from this disease. They aren’t scared, but damn it you should be!! Having HIV/AIDS isn’t pretty. Getting sick and being on the verge of death isn’t fun! Sarah Jessica Parker is saying what many in the gay community should be saying, and I for one applaud her! At least someone is saying it isn’t cool to contract this deadly disease! As for the homophobic and sex-phobic comments, really? She’s stating a fact, more and more gay men are getting HIV. Duh… Should the numbers be going down considering what knowledge we have, yes. Thanks SJP for being a true friend to gay men everywhere….

  4. jgm22 says

    @ira the decision to put yourself at risk is one thing, but to put others at risk is quite another.

    i think you are just trying to get a rise out of people so i’m going to pretend you’re joking.

  5. stephen says

    wow, 20 yrs… it’s like yesterday and forever ago.

    Youth thinks itself invincible. It was a horrible time and no one would want to re-live it.

    Having unsafe sex isn’t a political statement, it’s just foolish. Get tested, wear condoms, have tons of sex.

  6. Rob says

    Ira – shame on you. And let me remind you that the people who work tirelessly to denounce gays, to deny us basic civil rights, to maintain the illusion that we’re in some way less than what they are…they are also exercising a personal choice.

    To suggest that someone should feel they can infect someone with HIV with impunity – which is exactly what you just did – is beyond deplorable.

  7. tooboot says

    Put down the crack pipe/tina and wake the fuck up! If you want to get infected then great, go get infected. How the hell is a promotion of safe sex anti-sex????
    You have basically just spit in the face of all those that fought the good fight when there weren’t any of these drug cocktails around (to keep your sorry ass alive) and passed away from a disease that you clearly have no respect for.
    Fuck you, you little piece of shit!

  8. Jeff in NC says

    I was happy to comment to say how much I LOVE these LADIES and I get accosted by Ira’s inane message. These women spoke beautifully and it only made me love them even more. Ira, methinks it’s time to start exercising the little of what’s left of your mind and think before you speak.

    As far as SJP, she seemed a bit choked up about her friend not ineloquent in the least.

  9. James says

    Sarah is absolutely correct. There is a new generation of kids who didn’t see the dark ages of AIDS and think it’s OK to be reckless, as if HIV is strep throat.

  10. patrick nyc says

    Parker seemed really caught off guard by the question of her first gay friend, like she was taken back to when she lost him. Her answer was spot on. It’s a crime that so many do not know the true cost of HIV/AIDS.

    As for that little shit Ira, you are a douche bag.

  11. says

    Most young people in every generation think they’re invincible. That it ‘can’t happen to them’.

    This second generation are living with drugs that are prolonging their lives, something that those in the late 70’s/early 80’s didn’t have. In fact, research bares out that most will die of old age rather than of complications of the disease anymore. Nice, but who the hell wants to live on enough medication to kill a horse and run you into the poorhouse for years?

    I was 19 living in the Bay Area when it hit San Francisco back in ’79 and I tell everyone I can what it was like… and let me tell you… it brings me no friggin’ pleasure to do so. But like all atrocities, it must be remembered, lest we be damned to repeat it. The disease it’s self was bad enough… the friggin’ fear it generated though, that was a whole other ‘ugly’.

    But you’d be surprised at how much misconception is still out there. I remember it being called the “gay man’s” disease… and there are a whole hell of a lot who still think it is and would say to me… “But I’m not gay” or even “Who gets that anymore?” after one of my classes.

    The scariest thing I read from the CDC not to long ago, was that HIV was on the rise in the gay community… when for years, it kept declining.

    All this ‘closet shit’ has got to stop. Kids are not going to ‘abstain’… they need to be educated… BY THE EDUCATED!

  12. sal says

    oh ira that comment makes u sound soooo un attractive…..damn straight immature….look at the facts hun,our community needs to get serious on this stuff

  13. TANK says

    Oh, I can’t wait to see this movie! I’ve got two of my fattest hags lined up to go with me, and we’re going to get really drunk beforehand, and make obscene and disruptive noises braying either our approval or disapproval at whatever these dried up old harpies are clucking about on the screen. Then, we’re going to some restaurant afterward to “process” the experience, dissecting every outfit, tragically unfunny line, and queef masquerading as insight that occurred! It’s just too bad I won’t have a bladder infection to help pass the time while I’m at the theater.

    Hmm, HIV is still the tragedy today it was twenty years ago. You will live dramatically less. It’s not a personal choice, or even a choice when someone willfully misleads you, and while it does “take two,” that fact alone doesn’t automatically exonerate the pozzer from responsibility for infecting his partner…he is responsible.

  14. kate says

    fantastic film!!!! Just saw it today(early) and its best to watch early to avoid the crowds!!! It was good from start to finish and unlike the 1st even the semi sad moments were funny!! GO SEE THIS FILM!!

  15. MarkDC says

    This is relevant how?

    Shhhhh…listen very closely. Sounds like agents and publicists working overtime to quell the backlash of Gay stereotypes in her movie.

    Huvane, Levine & Treciokas have some work to do. Were they sleeping? Or high? Who could look at those characters and not be embarrassed?

    They should be ashamed of pimping AIDS to sell a movie. A piece of shit movie at that.

  16. MarkDC says

    Funny how Parker and King steer clear of equally offensive lesbian stereotypes.

    Guess they’re comfortable turning Garson and Cantone into clowns for a Gayface minstrel show…

    …but they wouldn’t dare piss off Cynthia Nixon.

  17. MarkDC says

    Stupid faggots miss the point entirely…AGAIN.

    Parker and publicists are pimping AIDS for a piece of shit movie.

    But don’t worry yourselves about more important issues. Because eviscerating one another is much more important. Keep those iPods on and the appletinis flowing.

    We wouldn’t want you to be relevant.

  18. nic says


    you and tank are quite the pair. are you his partner in grime, or just another sad sack of shit who thinks making snarky remarks on an otherwise innocuous thread makes you sound smart or clever? you and he are colorless peacocks, feckless popinjays, hapless dunces, barren mules who would bray at the darkness while blowing out candles. god, how i loathe self-satisfied, preening jackasses.

  19. TANK says

    Self loathing is so unbecoming, nic. Let’s go grab a beer and discuss your issues–but only if your promise not to letch it up by commenting on how much you want to bone every piece of tail that walks by. But self control and self loathing are odd bedfellows.

  20. TANK says

    Nic, I really hope it can be appreciated how uncomfortable having a seedy old pervert like you refer to any part of my body–and shoving things into it–makes me. BRRRR, sketchy and gross! BTW, if you know what I look like, you wouldn’t be sayin’ stuff like that. Now go be fat old and bitter somewhere else.

  21. nic says


    gross? yes you are. seedy? sketchy? ahhaha! are you describing your stay at the ‘we-no-tell motel’ and your fuzzy recollection of the experience? were you home-schooled, fool? swim faster in that barrel. you are easy pickings.

    let’s make a deal: you stfu and leave me alone, and i’ll donate money to the rehabilitation of crazy, shit-flinging chimps fund. your brethren will be so proud of you.

  22. TANK says

    Ya know, nicy, I would leave you alone, but you’re just too much fun. And, you continually engage me. I have no real use for you. As to the we no tell motel bit, that’s hilarious. No…I’m not your average whore…you know, the kind you pay to pretend really hard to enjoy your company while you slobber all over them.

  23. nic says

    hardy har, har, tank. i agree, you are not the typical strumpet. the reality is that you keep proving yourself to be much less than an average hooker in every respect. why is it that you keep dogging me? is it a weird s/m relationship you’re looking for. i don’t mind spanking and pwning you on line, but i hope you don’t expect that it will happen in real time. please, please leave me alone! i don’t like you. and, i certainly don’t care what you think of me. your disgrace is my delight. but, seriously, i am quite content. i will no longer respond to your jejune, puerile silliness.

  24. TANK says

    Oh nic, you ugly flatulent old whore mongering pervert…that was so weak. And this “leave me alone” bit is weird given that you’re always bringing me up. I’d love to, disgusting old man, but if you’re gonna talk behind mah back, I’m gonna talk about your jaundiced, withered old body, and pee stained clothing…and that you have to pay for sex with people who find you as disgusting looking as I do.

  25. MarkDC says

    @ Nic et al

    Parker’s recollections might be appropriate while doing press for a Gay non-profit or an AIDS benefit…

    …but pimping AIDS and her ONE official Dead Gay Friend is neither appropriate nor relevant on a press junket. A press junket for a bad movie containing a Gay Face minstrel show of clownish, buffoonish, mincing, prancing, gushing stereotypes. That this egregious “coincidence” escapes you is remarkable.

    You are an embarrassing faggot. Attacking those calling out homophibia? Dismissing reality as “snarky remarks”. Faggotry like this is precisely what holds back the progress of “Gay” rights.

    Sarah Jessica Parker was WORKING. That question, and every question, was the diligent work of a highly paid publicist who controls the content of every interview.

    Don’t believe that? Two questions:

    1) Why hasn’t anyone ever asked Parker about this before now?
    2) Why wasn’t Cynthia Nixon, an “out” lesbian, asked the same question?

    Answer: Because that question was planted BY Parker’s publicist FOR Parker WITH a Gay interviewer.

    As if something that happened 20 or 30 years ago having nothing to do with the film is at all relevant? Parker has had SEVERAL YEARS to bring this up… but is coincidentally “asked” about it by a “reporter” NOW?

    I find anyone pimping AIDS and their ONE official Dead Gay Friend reprehensible.

    You are so naive. What is that like?

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