1. Manny says

    flash mobs ARE choreographed. they hold meetings in different cities before they perform.

    and YES. you can definitely tell they had a lot of fun doing this.

    now, I want to visit Sydney too!

  2. Paul says

    I liked the choreography. Apart from the songs from Lady GaGa, I actually recognized some stuff I had on my own iPod (I need to get a Zune badly since Apple is like the Nazi Party of the tech world), like “Just Fine”. I want to see more of these damn flash mobs!

  3. John says

    This was great to see made my day. And yes all flash mobs I have seen are all choreographed. The only thing is it wasn’t very spontaneous like most others. Regardless I loved it. Thanks for posting.

  4. Eugene says

    THIS IS FANTASTIC! Those queens ROCKED ad the number of energetic volunteers involved is so incredible! Make-up, dance, costume and cinematography all combined into a FIERCE performance!!! They need to come to NEW YORK and teach our fabulous queens a thing or two, because aint nothing compared to that right now! WORK!!!

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