1. Wes says

    I am not a fan of most of the Glee performances, I often find them cheesy/digitally over-manipulated. I watch the show mainly for the drama and Jane Lynch. But this performance was one of the exceptions. Not just the singing, but the way it was filmed and fit into the storyline. Chris Colfer did a great job, and it just all around worked.

    I also actually enjoyed “The Boy Is Mine” last night too.

  2. says

    I’m not a huge fan of GLEE, but, I fell into last night’s show and was hooked. I will be watching again.

    The simple fact that a Gay student is portrayed so perfectly is beyond my 40something mind! The line where he asked his fake girlfriend, “what do boys lips taste like?” was so amazing that it’s still in my head.

  3. says

    They went to huge effort and expense to give him his name in lights. Now could they give “Kurt” what he…or at least the audience….REALLY needs in goddamn 2010 for Christ’s sake:

    the realization that being gay doesn’t mean he’s an “honorary girl” and all the other lines and situations (trying to use the girls bathroom, trying to get in line with the girls when Mr. Shuster divides the group by gender, etc., etc.) they give him that are right out of 1950?

    There are light years between being nelly and thinking you ARE a girl. If they want to include a transgender character, go for it. But to further confuse the two identities in the viewers’ minds undercuts all the other good the show does.

  4. Lee says

    Am I the only one that thinks that Kurt is kinda creepy? There was a moment or two last night that I saw “serial killer” in his eyes…

  5. says

    HIs number and the moment with has (adorable) dad afterward were great. His dad made the point that it was his job to adjust to and support Kurt’s truth.

  6. GregV says

    I can’t decide who my favorite Glee character is. Three weeks ago, I said it was the hilariously evil Sue Sylvester. Then Kurt Hummel sang “A House Is Not a Home” and I realized what a well-trained voice he has (I did wonder if the Mellancamp song last night was really him, as it didn’t sound like him (which was really part of the point of the story). But when April Rhodes came back to visit Mr. Sheuster last week, both her character and her voice left me speechless. I can’t think of any guest star in any series more desrving of an Emmy than Kristin Chenoweth.g

  7. Dback says

    Ladies and gentleman, 2010’s Best Supporting Actor Emmy Winner, right there. And deservedly so.

  8. Toto says

    I know this is off topic but doesn’t anyone else notice how absent Rachel’s parents are? I mean she and Finn are the central characters yet we never see her dad’s at all. Last night’s episode was her personal crisis and still no show. I’m starting to think that the producer’s have cold feet about showing gay parents, maybe because of the insinuation to same sex marriage. Anyway I think John Borrowman and Taye Diggs would be perfect as her dads.

  9. Paul R says

    I’m glad to hear that Rachel’s dads are being introduced soon, because I’ve also been wondering where they’ve been.

    Kurt’s scene with his father was great. I kinda doubt most Midwestern mechanics would be so supportive and know exactly what to say, but entertainment is supposed to be escapist.

  10. androjai says


    He had better get an Emmy! He is the only one on the show taht truly shows any dramatic acting chops in a believable way. I am very very impressed

  11. says

    I think his Emmy chances are compromised by having to compete with supporting actors from mini-series as well…? I think usually they give them to famous big-screen actors who happen to be in tony TV dramas. But he’s deserving, as is Sue Sylvester.

  12. mak136 says

    I think hand’s down..the best supporting actor is going to go to Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet (Cam).

  13. richard s says

    Gypsy tune was cute, I was channel surfing and happened on this part, my first Glee, but grew bored after it was over. Jury is still out for me for a thumbs up on Glee.

  14. gleeboy says

    rascall loves him some chris colfer? omg, i’m shocked. haha. not really. this is the same creep who lusted after david archulleta from american idol when he was like 12. or he looked it anyway. rascall has some serious perversions when it comes to little gay boys.

  15. aussie says

    What an opportunity for an actor to go from Mellencamp to Mama Rose in one episode. Colfer is an amazing talent. He seems to know exactly how far over the top to go and how exactly to underplay a moment. I hope we get years and years more from him.

    Those scenes with the father are played with such honesty by both actors. Of course, I want desperately for those to be part of my story, but, so what; these actors are probably making that story more possible for more people.

  16. Alexander says

    This guy’s so talented. When Glee ends, he (and Amber Riley) are going to get whatever work they want. They are clearly the stand out stars.

  17. Giovanni says

    He’s great and that number made my heart swell but I am all about Mercedes.

  18. Jon says

    Christine Jorgensen: Kurt’s a little femmy, but he doesn’t think he’s a girl nor does he give any sign of thinking that being gay means being a girl. He is just really alienated from boys his age, having been mercilessly bullied for probably his entire life. So he’s more comfortable with girls, and freaks out at the idea of spending time with just boys with no female buffer. And that’s squarely within the experience of at least some of us.

    If viewers thought that every gay kid was like Kurt, that would be disappointing. But I think we’re beyond that now — I think viewers look at him as Kurt, not as some cipher representing every gay kid out there.

  19. Chad Smith says

    I think having Kurt on Glee is great, I finally feel like there’s a ME on tv, not some over worked-out pseudo straight guy who just happens to sleep with men. Why are people so scared of “dandys”?