1. Toni says

    Great — what we learn here is that Republican woman will allow their men to trash minority groups and stay quite while their men-folk are fighting for power, and MONEY.

    Then they speak up.

    F-ing whores one and all – that includes the McCain bunch, this Witch and her mother-in-law.

    Social climbing, power and money seeking elitists.

  2. acoop says

    Really? Laura Bush was elected into the presidential office; unlike the previous poster, she has learned the civilized concept of agreeing to disagree.

    I have to say, that Toni’s comments help illustrate the problem with why gays have such problems achieving equality rights. On the one hand, we have righteous gay dems steadfast in their belief that they should have equal rights, etc. oblivious of the reality of the situation. On the flip, we have righteous conservative repubs steadfast in their belief that gay people will destroy the world, also oblivious to the reality of the situation.

    We should really be embracing the middle ground, because that’s where change will happen—and that includes these “republican women” and “social climbing, power, and money seeking elitists”

  3. Joseph L. says

    Wow. So someone who was previously silent now says, you know what, I’m not going to be silent on this issue anymore, I’m going to be your ally — and you call her a cunt?

    With friends like these…

    Sure, she could have had a lot more pull had she opened her mouth years ago but she’s opening her mouth now, and the only way we can move is forward. Some of you more vindictive queens need to be a little more accepting of help for the cause, even if that help isn’t as huge as it could have been.

  4. walter says

    it took a lot for to say something positive about gay marriage.and the more people like her that say positive things about marriage the more likely it will happen.she waited until after her husband was because like most first ladies sherespected her husband.i don’t see hillary saying anything positive about marriage equality. and michelle obama hasn’t spoke out for it either

  5. Jason says


    You are a nasty, nasty person; I would most certainly rather have dinner with Mrs. Bush over your judgmental ass. She could not nor would not undermine her Husband’s Presidency regardless of her views. It wasn’t her place. I don’t actually believe GW was for or against DODT; gay marriage etc. His stated views tied to his constituency; he was doing what he had to do to keep his job. You want an idealist for POTUS; you will have to find that in your dreams at night.

    When I voted for Clinton as a candidate; he promised he would punish the Chinese for Tienanmen; he certainly did something; he gave them our weapon tech, he gave them most favored nation status and more. They all say whatever they have to, to get their constituents to vote for them. In Bush’s case 60% of America didn’t want us to even have Civil Unions; be quiet and we will tolerate you. If you want to use the C word; yell it at America; not some lady who finally is telling you her true beliefs for the first time in her life.

    How’s that Hope and Change working for you? I know I have a lot of hope for a job and getting down to less and less change in my pocket.

  6. peterparker says

    Who are these George and Laura Bush excusing, Pollyanna queers who’ve infected towleroad with their idiotic “he was just representing the views of his constituency when he advocated writing discrimination against us into the federal constitution” viewpoints?! And what is with this notion of “Oh, well, she didn’t speak up for us when they were in power, but she was just standing by her man and that’s what First Ladies must do”?! JASON, WALTER, and JOSEPH L.–are you people serious?! You must all be trolls from gaypatriot.

    The reality of the situation is that when George W. Bush was in power Laura Bush did *nothing* to help us. She was to W what Eva Braun was to Hitler. Seriously. She didn’t do a goddamn thing to change the discourse and the rhetoric against GLBT Americans. And we suffered (and, to be fair, we continue to suffer under Barack and Michelle Obama’s neglect).

    And finally, to those of you who think Laura Bush is now our ally–she is *not* our ally, not even now. In the interview with Larry King she said that she thinks it should be debated whether or not queers should be treated equally under the laws of this country. Debated!!! In this interview with Mike Wallace she parrots that Republican bromide that marriage between a man and a woman is a fundamental part of our civic life and then goes on to say again that our basic civil rights should be debated!!! She then concludes by saying (in reference to marriage equality) “I think that gay marriage will come…and I’m okay with that.” Her support is tepid at best. I’ll say it again: Laura Bush is not our ally.

  7. JusticeontheRocks says

    Jeez, some of the hate-mongering on here is worthy of Karl Rove. So far she’s the only former first lady I know of who has even said she is “OK” with gay marriage. I could understand the animosity directed toward her husband and his posse. Not toward her. Our all or nothing advocates need to step back and breathe deeply.

  8. Toto says

    Please Laura. Are you telling me that in the year 2001 the woman’s movement had not come far enough for you to voice a separate opinion from that of your husband’s??? I swear even Eleanor Roosevelt could use her voice almost 30 years before bra burning! Go do what you do best, telling Rosario to bake you some cookies.

  9. Miles says

    @Jason–I couldn’t care less who you would like to have dinner with.

    She is only doing damage control to her image and has NOTHING to do with furthering gay equality.

    I would NEVER marry someone who had such deplorable ideas that gays deserve less than equal rights (as she did). She married the man, so fuck her that she had to keep her mouth shut. She could have spoken up but didn’t so she could “stand by her man”. Again, fuck her. He is not someone worth standing by or supporting.

  10. BobN says

    Notice the similarity to what Cheney says?

    Almost word-for-word repetition of a position that SEEMS to be in favor of gay rights but really isn’t. Civil rights up for debate. Second class solutions sort of promoted but not explicitly.

    Karl Rove is at it still.

  11. Billy says

    This kind of reminds me of how athletes come out after their career is over. It’s nice that she’s speaking up, but it would have had more impact if it happened 3 years ago.

  12. mattgmd says

    The Bushes were rather civil in re: gay issues. If it wasn’t for taking us into the longest war ever…