American Family Association Attacks 10-Year-Old Will Phillips and Fayetteville Mayor, for Supporting Equality

Ward 1, Position 1 Adella Gray (479) 442-4958 

Ward 1, Position 2 Brenda Thiel (479) 442-3095

Ward 2, Position 1 Kyle Cook (479) 521-7632

Ward 2, Position 2 Matthew Petty (479) 595-8303 (Email preferred) citycouncil (at) matthewpetty (dot) org

Mayor Lioneld Jordan (479) 575-8330

Ward 3, Position 1 Robert K. Rhoads (479) 973-5200

Ward 3, Position 2 Bobby Ferrell (479) 442-3535

Ward 4, Position 1 Shirley Lucas (479) 442-4612

Ward 4, Position 2 Sarah Lewis (479) 263-2087


  1. Chris says

    “It’s shameful that adults would abuse a brain-washed child in this way.”

    Talk about hypocrisy.

  2. Robin says

    If Wildmon truly believes that Will’s parents subject him to a form of child abuse then report it to the local child protection authorities, and if not, then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    Will Phillips has far more courage and intelligence than any of these hateful cretins!!!!!!

  3. says

    Writes Wildmon: “It’s shameful that adults would abuse a brain-washed child in this way. He’s obviously just parroting the nonsense he’s been told by manipulative adults.”

    Hey Wildmon. “Back at you ass-hole.”

  4. Sam says

    “It’s shameful that adults would abuse a brain-washed child in this way. He’s obviously just parroting the nonsense he’s been told by manipulative adults.”

    How ironic, as the same can be said about religion!

  5. Jack M says

    What’s a “radical sexualizing event”?

    Mr. Wildmon seems to think that any child we doesn’t agree with him has been brainwashed. It must be terrible to go through life with such a limited worldview.

  6. Fenrox says

    That really pisses me off, if you watch interviews with that kid anyone can tell he genuinely feels the way he does.

  7. walter says

    i just called the mayor’s office to tell him thankyou and showing all southerns are not red neck bigots.willphilips has more guts than all these homophobic preachers and zealots.and wildmon eat shit and die

  8. Disgusted American says

    Interesting aint it – that IF Will Phillips and his Parents WERE Brainwashed Religious NUTZ – standing on a corner with “God hates Gays”..and Yelling stuff like that with a Bullhorn….this Wildmon character would be ALL FOR THAT, and in that case Will wouldn’t be brainwashed…he would JUST be Expressing his “Religious Freedoms” ..??? Right…Mr Wildmon? See the Difference? LOL

  9. Skooter McGoo says

    In Arkansas you can still marry your first cousin legally. I bet Wildmon wouldn’t have a problem if the KKK wanted to hold a celebration march to promote the superiority of the agenda of White people against all others. Besides Christianity is the ULTIMATE manipulation by adults of children, just look to a Catholic priest.

  10. anon says

    Never call anyone “insane”. It’s like instant defamation. Pick a non-medical euphemism, like “disturbing” instead of “disturbed”.

  11. MrRoboto says

    Exactly what Disgusted American said. And, adding to that, where was the AFA’s outraged Action Alert when the pro-Prop 8 campaign used children in their campaign? When a bored child who was at her teacher’s wedding, which her parents were attending as well, had her image manipulated and used as if she were the poster child for the ill effects of marriage equality on kids. Like I said, her expression was of boredom — which you’ll see on the faces of kids at every straight marriage too. And what about the kid used in the “Mommy, I found out at school today that I can marry a princess!” Where was the AFA when that child was used to parrot the teachings of adults? Oh, right! They were probably writing at least part of the check that went into the making of that advertisement. So, f— off you hypocritical Nazis!

  12. clint says

    This comes as no surprise. My old friend and priest, Rev. Lowell Grisham, is the rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal up there, and he is a tireless (and traveling and letter-writing and speech-giving and protesting) advocate for gay rights within and outside of the Church. Fayetteville is a beautiful and welcoming town for GLBT folks; the torching of a gay bar there about 10 yrs ago really got some people shook up and thinking about this issue, and thanks to people like those listed above, churches like St. Paul’s, and the fact that it is a university town, it looks like Fayetteville will stay inclusive.

  13. Rocky says

    @ Fred

    That 10 year old boy is 8 times more mature than even the bitter hateful queens on Towleroad.Young Will is going to do great things in his future and rather if he turns out to be gay or str8,he’s gonna make someone very lucky.He has a brilliant mind at such a tender age.

  14. says

    Oh I was waiting for this when I first heard about Master Phillips reasons for refusing to say the ‘pledge of allegiance’ at his school.

    Took the religious zealots long enough. Was beginning to think they missed the ‘bleep’ on their ‘hate-dar’.

    And you took the words right out of my mouth Ichabod.

  15. Jerry6 says

    It is OK for religious bigot parents to brainwash their children about a non existent “GOD”, but normal, loving, parents who preach love and tolerance for everyone are to be castigated?