1. JusticeontheRocks says

    Carly’s enough to turn a lot of straight men gay.

    And did she get her haircut at a truck stop?

  2. says

    Mark’s right. I think after W we should be very wary of electing someone whose only claim to legitimacy is a history of failure as a corporate CEO.

  3. DireFates says

    >>We should all be very afraid of Carly Fiorina.

    She’s got lots of HP parachute money to spend on her campaign and a very good political marketing machine.

  4. g_whiz says

    Exactly what we need in leadership. Catty, pithy behavior. She’s an out lesbian homocon against gay marriage, correct? If thats the case its funny how the NOM presidents press gloating about her win goes out of its way not to mention that.

  5. says

    @milkman I think after W we should be very wary of electing someone whose only claim to legitimacy is a history of failure as a corporate CEO.

    Thanks for taking the words right off my keyboard!

    Hey Carly, invoking cat fights is soooo junior high. BTW, who cut your hair? Your girlfriend?

  6. Dback says

    I could not care less what she thinks of Boxer’s hair. I care more about the friends I have who worked at HP during her reign, and absolutely loathe her as one of the most incompetent CEO’s of the past 15 years. And after ruining the company’s prestige, destroying morale and laying off thousands of people, she jumps ship and takes a golden parachute of some $50-70 million. She is the embodiment of the OTHER side of the Republican party–not the xenophobic, homophobic born-agains, but the keep-failing-upwards-while-lining-your-pockets bunch, a la George W. Bush. California thinks life under Arnie was problematic? This woman will reduce the state to rubble–but either she or friends or hers will make a mint doing so. I hope Boxer K.O.’s her in November.

  7. david says

    U may not like her positions, but this was a joke. She is a cancer survivor and was bald at the start of her campaign as she was doing both radiation and chemo for her breast cancer.

  8. William says

    Hello! I find it odd that Andy is letting Carly run ads on his site! I know money drives everything here – which is a great thing – but thats almost pushing it in my book! (carly has ads on on here ripping on boxer!)

  9. Chad says

    Boxer is older and looks much much better. Carly is a homophobic incompetent bitch and must be defeated for many reasons. Boxer’s hair looks much better,just saying.

  10. Peter says

    Carly Fiorina demonstrates that her overinflated sense of entitlement comes with a huge bag of Meow Mix.

  11. Interested Bystander says

    I am planning to work for the Boxer campaign. She is my favorite member of Congress by far.

    I don’t know what Fiorina can bring to the job.

    These candidates (Farina, Whitman) are all variations on Sarah Palin. Let’s hope the ignorant stay home on election day.

  12. Reno says

    She was being ironic, she was talking about her hair in the sense that she said people talk about her hair. Like a fat girl calling a skinny girl fat, it’s a joke.

  13. alguien says

    failorina may be in remission from cancer but that doesn’t get her off the hook from being a big ole metastesizing cancer herself.

  14. patrick nyc says

    She sent jobs overseas and has the nerve to talk about creating jobs? What a stupid bitch.

  15. jakeinlove says

    6 years as a CEO is not an accomplishment no matter how she tries to put a glossy shine on it. I love the way in one sentence she talks about making the hard decisions to cut jobs in once sentence then turns around and says in another that less taxation, regulation, etc…will create jobs. Isn’t it for those reasons that jobs have been lost and sent overseas?

    Which is it Fiorina?

  16. says

    I absolutely don’t give her any pass just because she’s a cancer survivor. That’s nice, but one would assume that surviving cancer would have provided her with a much more sanguine perspective on things, and it hasn’t. As far as I can tell, she hasn’t learned a thing.

  17. Matt says

    Suggestion: when these candidates are mentioned, “Prop 8 supporter” or “antigay leader” should always be in front of their name to remind people of where they stood in November of 2008. I feel strongly we should hold Fiorina, Whitman et al accountable for their anti-gay stance.

  18. tacotaco says

    how many jokes have been made about palin’s hair over the past two years?

    just wondering…….

  19. Jacknasty says

    I recall, near the end of her reign of terror at HP, when Ms. Failorina had changed the company’s slogan to “Innovate” (richly ironic as you’ll soon see). HP’s boldest move at that time, besides firing half their employees and outsourcing customer service to untrained and unintelligible foreigners, was to release for sale an HP-branded version of Apple’s iPod. Yes, that’s right folks – HP had just “innovated” by repackaging and selling someone else’s product.

    This is pretty much all you need to know about Carly. Her picture should be featured beside the word “incompetent” in the dictionary. She makes George Bush look like Bill Gates.

  20. Paul says

    “U may not like her positions, but this was a joke. She is a cancer survivor and was bald at the start of her campaign as she was doing both radiation and chemo for her breast cancer.”
    Posted by: david | Jun 10, 2010 11:37:34 AM

    What does this have to do with anything? There are a lot of cancer survivors. Is this influencing your political view? If so CA is in trouble. Look at her objectively and you will see the incompetence and ignorance that is Ms. Fiorina. CA Dems need to vote and bring a friend!

  21. pickles says

    Google up a pic of the Wicked Witch of the West (Margaret Hamilton) then compare to the above pic of Carly… I think we have a budding ‘separated at birth’

  22. Mark says

    It just seems wrong for a woman wearing one of Mamie Eisenhower’s old dresses to criticize Barbara Boxer’s 90’s do.

  23. Jeff Dunivant says

    She has some nerve talking about Ms. Boxer’s hair, when she needs to look in the mirror from time to time. Ms.Fiorina looks like a butch lesbian with her hair-do, oh I’m sorry have I said too much?

  24. jp monroe says

    What chutzpah! Carly, your hairdo looks like Olive Oyl’s —- sooo last century!
    As a matter of fact, you yourself look a lot like Olive Oyl.

  25. Shackles of Big Gov't says

    California is suffering the biggest debt problem of all the states of the union. It’s representative, Nancy Pelosi, is taking this nation towards a similar course of bankruptcy. With an increase in unemployment from 6.5% to 10% nationally, an ineffective 787 Billion dollar stimulus bill that matches the cost of a 7 year war with Iraq, and the only issue that concerns the left is the comment of Barbra Boxers hair. Is the left THIS out-of-touch with reality? Let’s return to a SOUND limited government that’s built upon a nation taking and assuming personal responsibility, over selfish entitlements policies.