CBS Poll: 77 Percent of Americans Know Someone Gay or Lesbian


As gay visibility increases, disapproval of homosexuality drops.

Not altogether surprising, but great to see:

"Seventy-seven percent of Americans now say they know someone who is gay or lesbian, a new CBS News poll finds – an increase of 35 percentage points since 1992, when a majority of Americans said they did not.
More than six in ten Americans say they have a close friend, work colleague or relative who is gay or lesbian. Just 22 percent say they do not know anyone at all who falls into that category.

The increasing visibility of gay and lesbian Americans appears to have contributed toward more positive perceptions of homosexual relations. Forty-three percent of Americans currently see homosexual relations between consenting adults as "wrong" – a drop of 19 percentage points from a Gallup poll taken in 1978.

There has been a slight decrease in the percentage of Americans who do not object to homosexual relations compared to January of last year, when 54 percent said they are not wrong. But nearly half (48 percent) still say they see nothing wrong with homosexual relations, an increase of 23 points from the 1978 poll."

Read the complete poll HERE (PDF).


  1. Mike in the Tundra says

    The percentage is probably well over 90%. It’s just that they don’t know they have relatives, friends, or coworkers who are gay or lesbian but closeted. The more people that come out of the closet, the better for all of us.

  2. Walter says

    Yet more proof that the true enemies of equality are the those who stay in the closet.

    Especially those who are out in private but in the closet to the public for their own personal career / monetary gains.

    Celebrity and High Profile closet cases are the worst — and should never be forgiven.

    Especially when they are named Ricky Martin, Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, Sean Hayes and Lance Bass.

  3. Bryan Irrera says

    Walter: Neil Patrick Harris? He’s been out and proud for YEARS. He never tried to hide his sexuality. Also, his playing Barney Stinson (as well as the fictional version of himself in the Harold/Kumar movies) is proof that out gay men can play heterosexual characters easily/believably (though I think his greatness heterosexual role in recent years was probably Dr. Horrible).

  4. stephen says

    Why are people asking if they think homosexuality/relations betwn adults is wrong?! Who the fcuk cares?!!

    No one ever asked me to weigh-in on the private life of another…

    The poll itself, further perpetuates the idea that people’s disapproval is relevant or presents some kind of justifiable reason for furthering second-class status.

    Pisses me off… however, keep comin’ out of the closet & raise your voice. It’s the only way.

  5. rafi says

    “Forty-three percent of Americans currently see homosexual relations between consenting adults as ‘wrong’…”

    This explains the 21% who begin every sentence with, “I have gay friends, but…”

  6. rjp3 says

    To the tool that wrote “Neil Patrick Harris? He’s been out and proud for YEARS. He never tried to hide his sexuality.”

    How old are you ???
    How oblivious??

    You obviously think YEARS more than 4 — he has been out less than 5 years…. and he did not come out willingly.

    Do know that he was FORCED out the professional closet by Perez Hilton who was sick of seeing him party it up as a gay guy while not being out to the American public.

    His manager even released a DENIAL that he was gay.

    Only then did he start to PROFIT off being out and gay … after he was FORCED to do so.

    He cared more about his career and bank account than equality for OTHERS.

    GAY RIGHTS should not be about YOURSELF it is about fighting for others.

    He was FORCED to be out.

    Perez also outed Lance Bass for being a pathetic self-focus hypocrite — as he did to Ricky Martin.

  7. Rocky says

    I love how a bunch of nobody fags are talking shit about public figures who are not out right away.I guess when we are born we are suppose to say “Im gay” the second we start speaking one syllable words.Gay people make me sick sometimes.Belittling each other helps no one in this case.And you old bitter queens are totally out of touch with reality.You not only embarrass me,you disgust me.To hell with all of you stupid cunts

  8. Junior says

    I’ve never believed the common idea that only 10% of the population is gay, and this poll definitely conflicts with that old idea, unless every few thousands of people know the same gay person, which is not likely.

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