Elton John To Perform At Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding

1That's what several news outlets are reporting. The extravagant wedding (it's number four for Rush) is apparently taking place at this very moment at the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach.

The New York Daily News reports:

"The conservative firebrand, 59, will exchange vows Saturday in Florida with Kathryn Rogers – a blond bombshell half his age – in a lavish Hawaiian-themed wedding bash headlined by none-other-than Sir Elton John."

"It's an odd pairing considering El Rushbo's history of anti-gay commentary on his conservative radio show and the openly gay "Tiny Dancer" singer's longtime commitment to gay rights."

So why would John perform at Limbaugh's wedding? Well, he'll reportedly net a million bucks for doing his part in today's celebration.


  1. Craig says

    That an the fact that Rush is a reportedly heavily closeted gay man. Amazing how those marriages keep failing, ain’t it? And no kids. Who woulda thunk a heapin’ pile of manhood like Rush would never sire kids. Just Google it: 1.9 million links.

  2. davidw says

    Ok so now what is going on here?
    This guy looks so much like he should be in that Truman Capote movie.
    Also the energy in that picture of the two love birds looks soooooo wrong.
    Maybe the Elton John thing means I should burn my Elton stuff asap……..but I will wait until the whole story comes out.
    This Rush man gives me the creeps even though I haven’t seen any stuff he does.

  3. telly says

    I hope not …. even it is a million dollar donation to a progressive cause.

    A traitor at the level of Rush should be scorned and ignored at all levels.

  4. aussieBum says

    He’s gay. He’s not having sex with that pretty girl. His ex-wives are forbidden to say a word about their marriage together. He’s a bitter closet-case. He looks it too.

  5. Danny says

    Remember a few years ago when Elton sang a duet with homophobic Eminame. He seems to enjoy hanging out with the enemies.

  6. smartman says

    If he plays the wedding, Elton will do something brilliant and very public with his salary. He can handle the press like a pro.

  7. GregV says

    I don’t know why the NY Daily News refers to Elton John’s “longtime commitment to gay rights.”
    I love me some Elton John music, but I can’t recall a single time he’s EVER lifted a finger for gay rights, from the time he was pretending to be straight and singing about (imaginary) female love interests to today. In fact, he’s said a few dumb things on the topic that have indicated that he really doesn’t even grasp the issues very well.

  8. HawaiiBill says

    The Elton John AIDS Foundation has raised over $200 Million since its inception in the early ’90s. Would that count as helping the gay community GregV?

  9. John in Boston says

    Limbaugh is IMO a closeted gay man. Yet he mocks gays and gay rights.

    Limbaugh was (is) a druggie….the world knows he at least had a serious addiction to synthetic heroin. He broke serious criminal laws in pursuit of his high. He never did one day in jail, let alone prison. He also mocks and ridicules drug addicts, saying they should be treated very harshly. He is also a classic law and order populist.

    Limbaugh presents himself as a conservative, God-loving, family guy…..yet he’s been married and divorced 4 times, and has no children-family. He also apparently loves vaca in places like the D.R. where customs once found viagra in his bag upon re-entering the U.S……let’s be honest folks: guys like Limbaugh vacation in places like the D.R., Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, for one reason.

    Elton John is an ahole. I think he’s a very talented guy,but an ahole human being.

  10. Mary Might says

    Unless Elton uses the all of the money, and I mean the whole million, for a gay cause this will make him like a common whore.

  11. Glynn Beck says

    Fat money grubbing pigs…I like fluffy dudes and pigs who swallow are pretty cool. Don’t defame my type!

  12. uflyguy says

    The extravagant wedding (it’s number four for Rush)

    Glad to see Rush (a right wing conservative family values type of guy) isnt making a mockery of marriage.

  13. says

    Yet another reason why I have a strong distaste for Elton John. It’s not like he needs the money. And any charity that would take money earned from that performance is a charity that puts money ahead of morality.

    Rush Limbaugh (really could care less if he’s a closet case or not – at least until he’s caught lifting luggage, then I’m all about it) is a known and sworn enemy of gay rights in this country. At least that’s what gets him the big bucks. If you ask me most of the right wing conservative wingnuts out there that actually make a decent living at being right wing conservative wingnuts are mostly in it for the money it brings. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many right wing conservative wingnuts caught doing the very thing they so vehemently rally against whenever a microphone is shoved in their face.

    Which brings me back to my first point. Elton John doesn’t need the money. He’s got more money than God. I could care less about Rush getting married and so should Elton. Even if he donates his entire salary to the most progressive left wing liberal charity out there, to me it’s still blood money. And it makes me sick.

  14. Perry says

    Elton John can peddle his piano where he wishes. I, likewise, can purchase what I wish on iTunes.

  15. Roy says


    I don’t give a shit what you do with the filthy money you got from this pig. It’s not like you can’t just write a million-dollar check to your own charities… He’s laughing at you (and the gay world) by having you perform like a trained seal at his here-we-go-again wedding.

    “See? I can make anyone do anything by waving a stack of bills!”

    Elton, you just lost what little respect I might have had for you thirty years ago. I hope your NOT LEGALLY RECOGNIZED husband never sucks your shriveled dick again.

  16. PeteP says

    Let’s be honest. Young, attractive women who marry fat, unattractive yet rich men are basically whores. She is only marrying him (and letting him have sex with her) because he has money. That is disgusting and amoral.

  17. walter says

    another right wing closet doing his best for protection marriage. they feel the more they have the better it is protected. i wonder if she has to wear a strap on when they have sex, these women are all the same.
    ted haggard’s wife was on tv and said their marriage was never better. some people will do anything for money. i am disappointed in elton. iddin’t think he would sing for such a piece of shit like rush the pill popper.

  18. TANK says

    that would make a lot of humanity whores. Women can negotiate physical imperfection better than men can. And, there are a lot of good people out there who leave a lot to be desired physically… I think there’s truth to that–it’s less of a priority. But that’s superficial fluff compared to the kind of person who would marry limbaugh–whose sole purpose on this planet is to make the case irrelevant for profit. Elton is someone who responds to money. I prefer people like that…they are predictable, and can be easily controlled. Trust the man who can be bought, and trust no one else. I don’t fault him…he’s merely an entertainer–and he’s done a lot for the gay community in terms of aids charity work.

  19. g_whiz says

    I don’t know if its true, but if there’s truth to this senario…all I can say is there’s nothing more disturbing than a man performing at a wedding for a couple who activley sought to disalow that man from enjoying a wedding of his own. Elton should be thankful he lives in a more socially accepting climate than the one Rush Limbaugh helps to maintain. This idea is reprehensible. I’m hoping its a hoax.

  20. stephen says

    I had actually never heard that Limbagg is gay…

    Do you think his ‘bride’ is a chic with a dick?

  21. Hadassah Weinreb says

    So that’s the reason why he sold that fagalicious penthouse in NYC?
    Parhaps Rush can hook up some of his ladies w Lyndsey Graham & Mark Kirk. They’re both single & ……
    Isn’t Rush supposed to be living in Costa Rica now that Obama-Care passed Congress?

    Hey don’t dump on Elton. He’s a shopaholic & he has wicked-huge florist bills.

  22. says

    You know she is marrying him for the money!!!

    From Elton’s hit “Bennie and the Jets”…

    We’ll kill the fatted calf tonight, so stick around,
    you’re gonna hear electric music, solid walls of sound.

    I had a little fun with Limbaugh (Tom Cruise and Oprah too!)

  23. AlexInBoston says

    If we are lucky just as Rush Kisses his New Bride good-nite, she’ll Cross her legs and Strangle him by accident! If that fails let’s Pray he bangs her until he strokes out…..

  24. Alz says

    I’ve listened to Rush’s show for years, not very often, but for years and he is not anti-gay. He’s anti-Leftist. It doesn’t matter if they’re gay, straight, green, blue, etc, the only issue is the Leftism/Liberalism.

    The notion that he spills out anti-gay rhetoric is just big lie.

  25. says

    Obviously none of you are church musicians. We’ve performed at the weddings of homophobic fucktards for centuries. It happens every freaking weekend. The only difference here is the amount of money involved. This is why I don’t sing at weddings anymore. Maybe Elton will someday come to the same conclusion.

    However, given Elton’s many years of charitable work for our community, I’m willing to cut him some slack on this one even if it does leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  26. says

    And ALZ, Mr. Ehrenstein is correct. Maybe you should try some quiet meditation instead of listening to that show. It’ll help you see things a bit more clearly.

  27. Conflicted says

    This post has served its purpose. I didn’t think it was possible, but I now find Rush Limbough even more repugnant.

  28. Diogenes says

    I don’t think Rush actually believes most of what he says. He’s lived in Manhattan, not a very conservative place.

    I think he just makes it up as he goes along and he knows what his target audience wants to hear.

    The problem is when the words hurt other people. Then you have to wonder, where is his conscience, or is there one?

  29. romeo says

    Look at how dead her eyes are. LOL

    As for Elton, if this is true, then that bitch needs to wake up. Limbaugh is only hiring him to show that gays will be subservient to him no matter what he says about them.

    Main thing to remember here is how the whole internet lit up with joy and jubilation when Limbaugh had that cardiac episode. LMAO!

  30. says

    Please, Rush Limbaugh is hardly anti-gay. He wrote in his book that he though homosexuality was biologically determined and also said he supports civil unions for same-sex couples. I think that’s pretty progressive for a right wing talk radio host.

    I challenge you homos to find one commment ever made that was anti-gay.

  31. B-rod says

    I dunno, but this doesn’t sound plausible to me. I just don’t believe Elton is going to play at his wedding. Until I see the video, I’ll withhold judgment.

  32. patrick nyc says

    Bill Maher had a great line Friday Night on HBO.

    “Instead of rice, the guests will be throwing Oxycotin”.

  33. FunMe says

    JP40798: I challenge you to get your mouth out of the dick and come out of the closet. In Iran!

  34. GregV says

    “The Elton John AIDS Foundation has raised over $200 Million since its inception in the early ’90s. Would that count as helping the gay community GregV

    HawaiiBill, it’s a great contribution to the improvement of healthcare in the world and I applaud him for that. It’s NOT an example of someone demonstrating that he understands, believes in, and champions equal rights for gay people.

  35. Tom says

    What’s the problem here? It’s not like there isn’t precedent here. I’m certain that Sir Elton will respectfully restrain himself to using the rear entrance and to maintaining a tasteful decorum with the gentry.

  36. says

    Elton John can drop dead for all I care after this. He may have some snotty-cute-PR-whore idea for the million, but even giving it away to gay causes does NOT negate that he brightened the WEDDING day of one of the most harmful, anti-gay (anti-black, anti-progressive, misogynistic) men in the world. Why? Because Elton John has plenty of millions he could donate to those causes without selling out in this way. What a bastard!

  37. johnosahon says

    forget elton john, what is more upsetting is that someone would actually marry such a horrible creature.

    NO AMOUNT of money would make me marry that idiot, even if someone from the future tells me that he would die 1 second after we exchange vows, i still would NOT marry him.


  38. HawaiiBill says

    @GREGV: Elton is not Nelson Mandela and he frustrates me no end on many issues, but he is an entertainer, not a politician (oh damn…Tank and I agree on something!). Yet he raises huge money for AIDS and a simple Google search turns up areas where he HAS spoken out. Just an example:


    I have no desire to be his defender on here at all, and I can’t stand Limbaugh, but I just think people are a tad judgemental when we all have our skeletons. And none of us (well maybe Michael what’s his face) can live up to the PC police and their self-appointed role as the supreme judge and jury.

    One last thing, I just wonder how many of the self-righteous “defenders of gay morality” on here would suck off Rush for $1 Million? Just wondering…

  39. stranded says

    It’s not just a question of Limbaugh’s opinion of gay people. His racism and disgust for poor people make it unacceptable that Elton John could support that. If EJ is looking for places to find money for his charity, he could start by selling off (again) some of his swag. He doesn’t need the money, he just needs the attention because he’s a sick and sickening fame whore. He’s going to lose more donations in the long run.

  40. mcQuaidLA says

    Can someone please explain to me why so many of us are so desperate to see our most despicable enemies outed as Gay? Has it occurred to any of you that if Rush is a homosexual, and he’s outed, it’s bad publicity for US?
    When something like that happens, mainstream media and its viewers – neither of whom deal in nuance much – don’t see “closet case” or “self-hating homosexual” “or psychotic” they see only “GAY”. So, if you know anything about Rush’ “gay antics” do us all a favor and keep it to yourself. I’d rather not claim him, thanks.

    Now for Sir Elton of Twat. Really? Entertaining at Rush’s fourth wedding? Really? And your reasoning? Because he waved a million dollars in front of you? Then, by all means, go tap dance for the Man. Do your best Swish’n’Fetchit, while the Rich White People laugh at you and the Rich Gay People Who Value Money More Than Self-Respect swoon. I hope that million makes it just a bit easier to feed your Shopping Addiction.

    In line with the first paragraph of this post, do us all a favor, would you? Go back in the Closet. Just pretend you’re still at the height of your career and that coming out would cost you potentially million$. Tell yourself you’ll come out later, when you’re well past your prime and Coming Out will be a boost to a flagging career instead of a risk. And then don’t come out. Ever. Go back in the Closet and stay there, because the face you present to the world, the tragic “I’ll do anything for money, even now, when my lifestyle is already an overblown, cancerous example of excess” example you’re setting is shit. It makes us look bad. It makes us look pathetic. Because of your celebrity, what you do erases all the efforts of decent queers out there who are true to themselves and risk their necks every day because of it. Disgrace yourself if you must, but please, don’t drag the rest of us down into your pathetic, gold-plated cesspool. Go back in the closet.

  41. Mark Hutchinson says

    Elton John..it was obvoiuse from the minute the boy toy said yes – it’s sad.

  42. says

    Rush Limbaugh’s biographer, Zev Chafets, author of Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One, talked to Mr. Media Radio on June 3, 2010, about El Rushbo’s new bride, Kathryn Rogers, and much more. Check it out by clicking here!

  43. towlinthemouth says

    So asshole, you wont publish my comment. I hope that Rush Limbaugh comes and rapes you with his big Republican dick, while Elton John sings and then makes you pay for it!

  44. DH says

    Does Elton suffer from Best-Llittle-Boy-in-the-World Syndrome? When he does duets with homophobes like Eminem and Axel Rose, it looks like he desperately wants straight people to like him. Seems almost pathetic.

  45. MarkDC says

    Limptard is homosexual.

    Apparently the only fools left who don’t know that are the fat, dumb, lazy, Americans who listen to his radio show.

  46. Bill Perdue says

    How many times can 30 pieces of silver be divided into a million bucks?

    One denarius – one piece of silver – was worth about $20.00 in current currency or about $600.00. 30 denari was more than enough to purchase a slave for a 7 year term of servitude.

    Limbaugh paid way, way too much for his lickspittle slave.

  47. Daya says

    I thought about this and it is actually a great tactic: (1) Take the $1 million out of the hands of a right-wing-nut; (2) Have a very liberal gay man perform at the “wedding” of a right-wing-nut completely undermining the credibility of the right-wing-nut…
    Seems like a great plan to me… plus all the food you can eat and we know Elton likes to eat… :-)

  48. donsnyc says

    Elton John only cares about himself. Should ever he gets attacked personally (over the air) by Rush himself, Elton John will run to the LGBT community for help.

    F*ck Elton John!

  49. says

    Elton John is disgusting. It’d be one thing if he were a poor struggling artist but when you’re filthy rich already, selling your soul?


  50. MattB says

    Elton hurts gay rights more than he helps. He’ll whore himself for whoever pays the most. Sad.

  51. Paul says

    I wonder how much SIR Elton would want for his soul? As for Rush, he is a poor excuse for a human being, and he is a bigot among many other egregious things.