Gay Republican Group GOProud Schedules July Fundraiser at Prop 8 Supporter Doug Manchester’s Grand Hyatt


Gay Republican group GOProud has scheduled a July political fundraiser at Proposition 8 supporter Doug Manchester's Grand Hyatt in San Diego.

ManchesterManchester, you may recall, gave $125,000 to the campaign to pass Proposition 8 and is the target of an active boycott.

According to GOProud's event page, "GOProud's 'Don't Tread on Us' reception will feature Fox News Channel political analyst and national radio talk show personality Tammy Bruce as the program's MC. The event will benefit GOProud, the nation's only political organization for gay conservatives and their allies. (Program speakers will be announced as they are confirmed.)"

In January, hundreds protested outside the hotel in response to the American Historical Association's decision to hold its annual conference there.

UPDATE: GOProud tweets that they are making "new allies, not enemies" by holding their event at a venue owned by someone who hates them.



  1. Pissed-Off says

    SELF-HATER: An idiot with so great a self-esteem issue that he or she is bigoted against members of his or her own race, gender, national origin, religion, or culture.

  2. walter says

    gopproud must be the most stupid group on the face of the earth. this would be the same as jews for hitler. why would give money to a man who worked to take rights away from us. spend that money in this hotel and give more funds to help take away civil rights. i wonder how of gopproud are even gay. wouldn’t be embarassing if it is just a shill for the repuks. it is time to the entire LGBT community to stop supporting those that hate us.keep supporting the haters makes them stronger

  3. Roseann says

    HAA-HAA this is the kind of crap that just keeps me laughing!!
    Are there really gay republicans out there? Hilarious! Must be the funniest joke ever!!!

  4. Disgusted American says

    Really Gay republicans..? They make me sick. Interesting how on MOST gay dating sites…many men/and some owmen put in thier ads..”If you are a Gay republican,DO NOT ANSWER MY AD” Good for them! These Turn-coats are nitwits/selfish bastards who only care about $$$. They’d be bragging how the GOP likes us, while standing in Gas chamber lines….what sickos. Hey GoProud – here’s a hint for you, these are NOT Barry Goldwater Republicans!

  5. Ben says

    The article says, “GOProud, the nation’s only political organization for gay conservatives and their allies”…But aren’t the Log Cabin Republicans also a political organization for gay conservatives and their allies?

    Anybody can help explain the confusion?

  6. Zach says

    Can’t wait to hear the laughable excuses from gay Republican apologists on this one.

    Actually I know how it will go: they’ll go on about how Manchester’s no different from Obama, or how Obama’s doing more damage from his position, or how the Democrats are just as bad as the Republicans – worse even! they don’t support helping those who already have the means to help themselves – on and on it will go until how everyone else is bad, so that somehow makes this okay.

    Things get complicated in a civil-rights struggle. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish useless allies from active enemies. But it seems that the community as a whole made a collective decision not to support that hotel. Until Manchester supports marriage equality, no one who calls themselves an ally or part of the community should violate that.

  7. Zach says

    @ Ben

    GoProud thinks the LCR abandoned its conservative principles – by actually supporting legislation and judicial decisions that advanced civil rights. So essentially, they want to be the gays who are paraded around at Republican parties like exotic animals.

  8. Jon says

    The irony is that while the theme for the fundraiser is “Don’t Tread on Me,” the majority of the GOPround quislings will end the night by employing gay-for-pay escorts to walk all over them, spit on them, and call them the names they seem to believe they deserve.

  9. Doug says

    why do these morons continue to support those who wish we didn’t exist. Please do us a favour and go the Ted Haggard/George Rekers route and go get reparative therapy and live the rest of your lives as a “happy” heterosexual.

  10. says

    Their slogan is, “Don’t Tread On Me.” Really? Don’t tread on me? Unless you DO tread on me. Then that’s fine, we’ll still support your businesses and all. Just… Don’t tread on me! Unless you really want to. What morons. I hope they’re happy with their money.

  11. sophi says

    yeah i’m with the commenter who questions their sexual orientation.

    it’s the guys claiming they’re straight and campaigning against gay rights that turn out to be gay…. would only make sense that the gay republican organization is full of people who are bound to be outed as straight after heterosexual sex schandles.

  12. says

    These assholes make the Log Cabinettes look good. (Hell, they make the Teabaggers look sane!) With each new slap at out, proud, and self-respecting LGBTs, it’s impossible not to believe GOProud is a shill, a ringer, a front group for some radical anti-gay organization. If not that, they (is there more than one of them?) can only be the most deeply self-loathing homosexuals (homosexuals, because they’re as “gay” as a dining room table) who ever took a breath. It’s pathetic that they feel so compelled to drag anyone else down into their pit of misery and self-destruction. But I don’t believe for a minute they’re actually what they say they are.

  13. jamal49 says

    Maybe it’s some kind of co-dependent thing, like an abused wife or girlfriend who keeps coming back, knowing that she’s going to get beat up again. Otherwise, I just can’t understand GOProud or the LCR and their unhealthy obsession with their republicon masters. I mean, to consciously submit to a political party that has an anti-gay plank in its party’s platform in the hopes that they will like, really like you, is like dropping the soap in the shower at Rikers Island. I mean, you just know that you’re going to get f*cked in the ass sooner or later. I think the GOProud and LCR boys are in serious need of some psychiatric counseling.

  14. Ian says

    The illogical thought processes of these people is truly breath taking. I’ve always thought a Gay rebub is akin to a Jewish Nazi, so desperate to be accepted by their bullies. I truly believe that for the most part these are people who have still not moved on from trying to appease their high school bullies. They think if they can show how much the same they are by adopting and accepting their oppressors political and cultural values then in turn they’ll be accepted too. They just don’t understand they are debasing them selves and how that debasement makes their oppressors loathe them even more. No doubt the owner of the hotel is laughing all the way to the bank at these fools.

  15. Sammie says

    i’m not sure whats more amusing – that two or three of the “boycotters” or “union” peeps have posted all of these comments having conversations with themselves – or that those who have posted who pretend to be aware of all thats going on here in san diego or with manchester (dont worry, i think he’s a bigot too) are too short sighted to see how beneficial this first step toward bridging a gap is – and clearly most of you havent seen the news that manchester is stepping down (see if his document filing is passed

    speaking of short sighted, boycotting the manchester hyatt is slapping the face of a major (and long time) supporter of the gay community. way to go guys. and i dont want to hear that ridiculous union speech either – hyatt is not anti-gay. and no flier or greedy (damn right i said greedy, its all about the union putting dollars in their pockets by unionizing the largest hotel property on the western seaboard) union organizer or cleve jones (a paid union employee) will convince me otherwise

    but, i sincerely respect and appreciate all the views expressed here. well most anyway.

  16. MikeK says

    I look at it this way, a large group of Americans are very pliable (a polite way to say gullible fools) and can be made to believe anything a good PR firm wants them to believe. We should not be surprised that some of them are gay. Like most middle class republicans, the gay republicans have that low quality trait of being ignorant and arrogant at the same time.

    They are making friends with those who have no interest in being their friends and making enemies of those who do.

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