Iowa GOP Rejects Major Anti-Gay Bigot Bob Vander Plaats in Favor of Governor Who Signed Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Rabid anti-gay bigot Bob Vander Plaats Iowa gubernatorial campaign was extinguished last night by Iowa voters who realize that marriage equality is not affecting anyone and there are bigger issues to worry about. Vander Plaats lost the primary to former Iowa governor Terry Branstad, who still may pose a threat to same-sex marriage in the state if elected.

Vanderplaats Vander Plaats campaign was largely built around getting rid of the state's marriage equality law.

Said Vander Plaats in April: "The definition of marriage is also going to be an issue in the campaign, and in particular where the incumbent governor and the Democrat-controlled legislature is saying, 'We don't even want to hear from the people on this issue. The courts have said it so therefore we're going to back away and wash our hands of it.' I think that's going to be a major in the 2010 campaign."

The NYT reported on Monday:

"With Iowans going to polls on Tuesday, same-sex marriage has been a matter of debate among the Republican candidates for governor, but the issue appears to have been overtaken by voters’ worries about jobs, the economy and the state’s budget misery.

'Too many other things are upsetting people,' said David A. Yepsen, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University and a former political reporter for The Des Moines Register."

Iowa Governor Chet Culver, who has supported the Supreme Court's decision upholding marriage equality in the state, will now face Branstad, who served 16 years as Iowa's governor and left office in January 1999.

Vander Plaats wanted three of those Supreme Court justices removed. He says he's planning a meeting with Branstad.

Branstad signed the law banning same-sex marriage in the state which was struck down by the court. He also supports a vote on a constitutional amendment banning it. But he has made no threats to the court.


  1. Patric says

    I’m not so sure that I’d interpret yesterday’s result in the Iowa Republican primary for governor as a signal that Iowa Republicans, a notoriously culturally conservative lot, care more about jobs and the economy than marriage rights for gay people. Palin endorsed the vile Branstad and I think that many wingnuts simply recognized that their chances of unseating the pro-equality incumbent in November are much better with the anti-gay Branstad than with the anti-gay Vander Plaats.

  2. Astute Observer says

    Yes in some ways the defeat of the crackpot candidates at the primary level gives the less crazy Republicans a better chance at office in the November elections. As for me, I would prefer that the fringe candidates be weeded out as soon as possible. After all, it ain’t over till its over. Bush/Cheney did occupy the White House for 2 terms.

    I’m wondering if this whole Tea Party, Rand Paul, “taking our country back” thing isn’t just a few malcontents with a lot of media access. Protests and such do make for good television.

  3. says

    Hey Astute Observer, your observations are dead-on. The Tea Party movement is pretty much all over the place and they don’t have a unified voice. While they are still a threat to career Republican politicians, it’s hard for them to join forces when there is no centralized voice or organization. Yes, it’s possible for them to make some inroads, but at the end of the day, they’ll be crushed by the GOP money machine.

  4. LincolnLounger says

    Who do you think appointed most of the Supreme Court justices that enabled gay marriage in Iowa? Gov. Terry Branstad. And he will beat Chet Culver like a drum in Nov.

  5. anon says

    Rand Paul is weak-at-the-knees pro-gay rights (libertarian if there is no regulatory enforcement), though anti-abortion, which is generally against libertarian ideals (they are pro-choice). The general approach of the Tea Party seems to be to get rid of incumbents rather than maintain ideological purity.

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