NH GOP Congressional Candidate Bob Giuda Compares Gay Marriage to Marrying ‘Men and Sheep’, ‘Women and Dogs’


New Hampshire Republican Congressional candidate Bob Giuda compared gay marriage to bestiality in a discussion following a speech to college students on Monday:

"Giuda had just spoken at Rivier College when he was approached by a small group of people challenging his position on gay rights.
'During that period of time, I was asked a question about gay marriage, which, of course, I oppose, because I believe marriage is strictly between a man and a woman,' Giuda said.
But in making his point on what he believes are the boundaries within the definition of marriage, Giuda reportedly said: 'What's going to happen next? Men and sheep? Women and dogs?' … 'That comment was made in the context of a discussion about institutionalizing marriage,' Giuda said…'The point was, it's not to our good as a nation or society to institutionalize relationships that do not involve a man and a woman for the protection of a family,' he said.
Giuda admitted his comments could be considered offensive to same-sex couples.
'I see where it could be taken out of context and people could take offense at it,' he said."

Giuda, who says he supports civil unions, is also against repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

According to WMUR, "Giuda is running for the Republican nomination for the state's 2nd District seat, which will be open as U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes runs for Senate."

Watch their interview with Giuda about his remarks, here.


  1. Rob says

    The seemingly never ending published anti-GLBT positions of so many GOP politicians is turning me into a “birther”. I mean just where do they “birth” these incredibly self-righteous, 18th century-thinking bigots? On what planet are they born and raised and fed such hate-filled pablum? I’m continually amazed at how diametrically opposed GOPers/Tea Baggers are to the thinking of most of the rest of us. However, since the “fierce advocacy” of the current administration is doing so little to help our civil rights struggles (and, in fact, vigorously defending existing laws and positions AGAINST us), I guess we’ll have to depend on the courts to right the wrongs still in place against our community.

  2. walter says

    why is it all these repuks think about gay sex, sex with animals, sex with everybody and everything but they are protecting marriage. the repuks could keep young baggage handlers and rent boys busy for years. they seem more interested in who is doing what with whom than curing the country”s problems.

  3. David in Houston says

    How exactly does excluding gay couples from marriage, protect the family? If Bill and Ted get married, how does that impact John and Jennifer’s marriage or family? Right now there ARE gay couples that are raising children in this country. They need those same “protections” too. What Mr. Giuda is promoting is 100% discrimination wrapped in a convenient blanket of “Christian family values”. I have no doubt that 60 years ago he would have used these same excuses to disenfranchise interracial couples from getting married: “If a black man marries a white woman, what’s next, men with sheep?!”

    Homophobic asshole!

  4. lessthan says

    I love the ‘taken out of context’ bit. No, Mr. Giuda. Your quote was offensive in context too. Even with leaving out the sexual component, you basically compared our love to the fondness we have for pets. That’s offensive.

  5. Dan says


    This is what they do? They love to address these issues with dramatic one-liners like, “What’s next? Will a man marry his dog?” – It’s an absurd idea and most people see it as being absurd.

    What we need to stop doing is giving air time to idiots that insist on this lowbrow way of discussing the issues.

    In any case, does it even surprise you?

  6. says

    So, since NH already has marriage equality, he must be busy attending all those man/sheep woman/dog marriages among his constituents. It’s such an intellectually vacant comment it’s a wonder anyone that dumb could even put on his own shoes in the morning.

  7. CKNJ says

    Steve, he is all of the above: an ignorant, stupid, bigoted, posturing, fucking asshole… pandering to the fools in his party that side with his hate. In and out of context his comment was highly offensive. Just as well for him there is no law against morons getting married, so at least he gets a shot at it!

    What a disgusting bigot!!!

  8. john simpson says

    Ya know…these fuckers are just obsessed with men marrying animals…I think it’s really their secret desire that they project onto us.

  9. Marc says

    If a man can marry a woman then why not let a man marry an aborted fetus then?

    We need to stop this abomination called heterosexual marriage and save society now in de name of Jeesus.

  10. latebrosus says

    @Dan: I hope, too, that people realize that the absurdity of such statements stems from the idea of consent. You cannot ask a dog or a cow or fish or a goat or a toaster for consent. That’s what should make people laugh out loud and *plonk* these idiots.

  11. Jerry6 says

    Any Gay or Lesbian (Even the stupid Log Cabin Republicans) that votes for any Republican is just helping to put off the day when we are all equal. For the children of us that have married and borne gay children of our own, your votes are helping to put off the day that they can breath free in a USA we can only dream of.

  12. Michael says

    Okay, Bob f**cked up. The comment was outrageous to say the least. The saddest part is that this is just a big distraction. Whatever his personal ethical position is on the subject, the bottom line is that Bob is a Constitutionalist and believes in Equal Protection under the law.

    To many of us straight people, we don’t care if gay marriage is called marriage or civil union. I don’t care if my own marriage is called marriage or civil union: I was married by a judge, not in a church, so what’s the difference? We need to come to some consensus here, people, some compromise. Gay people need to accept that, at least for now, legal recognition of their commitments to each other (and rights ensuing from that legal recognition)is enough and not push for the marriage moniker. Straight people need to drop the ridiculous notion that there should be a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage.

    The bottom line: Bob Giuda is NOT a hater. He believes in the 10th Amendment, that the federal government has no Constitutional Power to decide this matter: that it should be left up to the states, and that all workers, all citizens should have equal protections under the LAW and receive equal pay for equal work.

  13. says

    “You have to understand that this is no ordinary road: it is like building on very lumpy soup, so boggy and uneven is the land. Walking across it to the isolated little hill lochs up there is almost impossible – a six-year-old child will suddenly disappear before you as though in a quicksand, sucked down by its wellies, only its surprised head remaining above the reeds. Indeed, the walk was in many ways like a good spa – mud bath, plunge pool, mudbath – so the idea of a road leading to the loch seemed brilliant. The real men had blown up whole mountains into cushion-sized pieces, which they scooped into huge diggers and dumped in the bog, again and again, until after perhaps 40 days and nights the waters receded. If trees or rocks stood in their path, they ripped them out with metal monsters or their bare hands, and tossed them hundreds of feet away. Then they covered the road with mesh and crushed rock, and rolled it again, all the while singing along to Radio 2 in their glass cabs. There was hail, there was rain, there was weak sun, yet they lived by sandwich alone, and drove a 60-mile round trip to work. In these brutal conditions, you understand why sweeties are still one of the major food groups in the Scottish diet, and why Irn-Bru and Fanta are safer to drink than fertiliser and ecoli-polluted hill water, in the (dead) lambing season.

  14. says

    “Same-sex marriage (also known as gay marriage)[1] is marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or social gender. Supporters of legal recognition for same-sex marriage typically refer to such recognition as marriage equality.[2]

    Since 2001, ten countries have begun allowing same-sex couples to marry nationwide: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and Sweden. Same-sex marriages are also performed and recognized in Mexico City and parts of the United States. Some jurisdictions that do not perform same-sex marriages recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere: Israel, the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, parts of the United States, and all states of Mexico.

    The introduction of same-sex marriage has varied by jurisdiction, resulting from legislative changes to marriage laws, court challenges based on constitutional guarantees of equality, or a combination of the two. In some countries, allowing same-sex couples to marry replaced a previous system of civil unions or registered partnerships.”

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