NOM Wants Maine to Dismiss Investigation into Anti-Gay Fundraising

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has asked Maine's ethics commission to end its investigation of NOM's fundraising tactics, the Kennebec Journal reports:

Nom_maine "The group believes the commission does not have the authority to conduct the investigation, said Barry Bostrom, an attorney with the Indiana law firm Bopp, Coleson & Bostrom…NOM has sued the state in federal and state court. On June 10, Kennebec County Superior Court Justice Donald Marden granted a stay to NOM that prevents the ethics commission from continuing with the investigation until another court hearing can be held, said Kate Simmons, spokeswoman for the Maine Office of the Attorney General.

Because of numerous court actions, the state hasn't been able to complete the discovery phase of the investigation, she said.

'This is just to set the rules to play the football game,' Simmons said.

The state wants the names of donors so it can determine how the money was raised for the election, she said. That's the only way to find out if the National Organization for Marriage followed Maine law, she said.

Jonathan Wayne, executive director of the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices, recommended in writing that the commission reject NOM's request for dismissal.

He believes that Maine law 'clearly authorizes an investigation into whether the raising or spending of funds on a ballot question campaign by a particular entity such as NOM means it must register and file as a (ballot question committee.)'"


  1. Steve says

    So they want this investigation blocked because donors to NOM “fear harrassment”? I’m afraid of the queers so you should protect me from them?

    Donations that obtain tax-favorable status must be public information. Why do these people think they’re immune to that rule?

  2. says

    NOM doesn’t want the fact that it’s a front for the Mormon Church investigated, becuase such an investigation would logically lead to the Mormons being registered as a political origanization and taxed as such.

    I don’t think there should be any discrimination against the Mormons.


  3. ravewulf says

    “The group believes the commission does not have the authority to conduct the investigation…”

    Of course they have the authority! They’re the ethics commission for god’s sake!

  4. Anon says

    Maybe they could take the money they’ve been using for this nuisance lawsuit campaign and spend it on counseling for the hundreds of thousands “real marriages” in trouble… and leave our stable relationships alone. Nah, won’t happen.

  5. Jerry12 says

    ALL Religions are founded on BIGOTRY. Each one preaches hatred for one or more aspects of normal human activities. Having been brought up by a strict Catholic mother, I was forbidden to associate with any Jew as a child because the Jews killed Jesus, who was God. The Protestants hate Catholics because the Pope didn’t like Divorce, and the Muslims broke from associating with Catholics when the Pope declared that Jesus was God along with the Holy Goaust(sp?). And the Mormons? They just hate everyone.

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