NYC Council Speaker Wants City Forced to Remind Gay Couples That It Does Not See Them as Equal Citizens

NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn is pushing for the city clerk to be forced to tell couples applying for domestic partnerships about other states and countries where their options include marriage.

QuinnThe NYDN reports:

"Quinn hopes her plan nudges state lawmakers into legalizing gay nuptials.

'It think it will speak volumes about the inequality in our state,' said Quinn. 'And the need for our state Senate to follow the lead of other states.'

The clerk's office began performing weddinglike domestic partnership ceremonies this month."

Watch: Christine Quinn Weeps at Presser After Marriage Decision [tr]


  1. 24play says

    Drop dead, Christine.

    You had a banner chance to take a principled stand and uphold the will of the people of New York by resisting Mayor Bloomberg’s desperate attempt to circumvent term limits. Instead you chose to further your own political career, allowing yourself to run for a third term in the hope that during those 4 years the taint of your multimillion-dollar slush-fund scandal would fade from the minds of New York voters who would then consider supporting your mayoral bid.

    It’s not gonna happen. You have shown yourself to be nothing but a craven, self-interested, two-faced, lying hack. We will not forget.

  2. James says

    Thanks for the entirely irrelevant rant 24Play. While on the topic I don’t think you can really state that she had a chance to uphold the will of the people when the people voted Bloomberg back in. If the will of the people wasn’t upheld, they would have responded by getting rid of Bloomberg.

    On this particularly topic her words ring true, but I’m not sure how you would even go about getting the city clerk to tell people to go somewhere else. Do people really not know they could go to another state and be married? Really?

  3. Bruce says

    How about they tell the straight couples applying for marriage licenses about the privledges they are receiving that same sex couples do not have? Wouldn’t that be more effective and less preaching to the choir?

  4. Dennis says

    This is a rather transparent political ploy to garner Quinn some GLBT support and while I’m not against all political theater, it should at least have some chance of helping people. I fail to see how Quinn’s plan would do anything but put a damper on the celebrations of people who are already well aware of the limits placed on their rights.

  5. jimstoic says

    I like Bruce’s suggestion.

    But it also makes sense to say that, while New York won’t recognize an in-state same-sex marriage license, it will recognize an out-of-state one.

    A printed sheet could explain this.

  6. thomas says

    Dennis, you would be shocked just how many apathetic New York gays have no clue at all what rights they have and do not have. You would be astounded at the number of apathetic New York gays who believe they can get married here…I mean after all, it IS New York, right?

    Any attempt to educate our own community on the inequalities we face should NEVER be shouted down.