1. Terrance says

    I don’t get it…

    A few months back, he had a butch, boxer looking photo-shoot: soiled, “bruised” and hairy- and sweaty-faced but a slick-as-a-dolphin shiny shaved chest….

    Now he has the pancake-make-up, be-lipsticked femme look, but with sprigs of chest-hair showing (in the first photo)…

    …it’s like he doesn’t *really* want to “commit” to either look…! 😉

  2. JimmyD says

    Terrance: In most cases it’s the photographer who dictates the theme of the shoot.
    [Ruiz said he was inspired by early 80’s new wave, ala Spandau Ballet and Gary Numan.]
    The model just goes along for the ride.
    I think the pics are fun!

  3. hughman says

    yeah, riding the Lambert train much? difference is Adam Lambert actually has this thing called, what’s that word again? oh right – a singing career. Bass has just straight up traded his in for traipsing around as Once Pertinent Gay Boy. despite their hackneyed retread, these pics might be slightly interesting if Bass actually did something.

  4. David says

    Ever since you added that twitter widget thing at the bottom of every page it completely ties up my system while it loads. This happens on every page and really limits my desire to browse your otherwise fantastic website. Am I the only one having this problem?

  5. Jerry says

    I was just thinking that, too, “Does Lance Bass actually do anything anymore”?

    I mean, Joey at least has TV work now and again, and is marginally fuckable (which I say as a bear).

  6. says

    Ugh, of course he “sent over” the photos. He’s still clinging on to that last scrap of so-called “fame” that he so desperately craves where every near boyfriend is a photo op and every photo shoot is for nothing other than his own vanity. This man is just not interesting.

  7. andre says

    Mike Ruiz doesn’t count as a legitimate photographer. Too many appearances on Tyra Banks presents America’s Trashiest Top Model, starring Tyra Banks and produced and directed by Tyra Banks.



  8. JusticeontheRocks says

    To David, no you are not the only one having that problem.

    To Lance: your day in the sun is over. Maybe if there was some talent here instead of a mediocre looking boy working hard at being a celebrity . . .

  9. SteveDenver says

    What a knockout! Lance has this reputation of being squeaky clean all-American, and this is a great challenge to that expectation. This is a great photo shoot.

  10. Zell says

    Where the hell does all the Lance Bass bashing come from on here every time he’s mentioned? Ok… I get it, he’s only semi-famous for once having been slighly more famous. He doesn’t sing anymore. But he’s gay, he’s not an asshole (that I’m aware of), and he’s well-known enough to be mentioned from time to time by the mainstream media without everyone saying “Who?” And he’s most likely better looking than 90% of the people who come onto this site and bash his looks.

    I’m really not of fan of the androgynous look he’s got going on in these pictures, but there’s no reason to turn into a catty little bitch every time Andy brings him up. Some of us genuinely like him.

  11. says

    I’d rather Lance Bass than that guy who raped Janet Jackson and left her to die at the 2004 Super Bowl, a.k.a. Justin Timberlake. Cut Lance some slack. It’s hard for a former boy-band singer to get work, especially if the boy-band was built as a mere jumping-off point for someone else. At least Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams and LeToya Luckett have found steady work while that overrated monstrosity of questionable background known as Beyonce “Sasha Fierce/Mrs. Shawn “Jay-Z/Izzohova” Carter” Knowles is trying to ride Lady GaGa’s coat-tails. It’s harder in the male component of things. Hopefully, Lance will eventually find his niche and make a good living from it. In the meantime, he’s just finding his way through the world. And if it includes these rather gorgeous pictures, so be it.

  12. Gigi says

    Since everyone else seems to have an opinion I guess I’ll chime in as well. I met him once about 10 years ago when he was in town with ‘N Sync. Chatted with him and Justin. He was beautiful and super nice. He looked good then and I think he looks amazing in these pictures. To me he always looks great. Almost as cute as my boyfriend. :)

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