1. Aaron says

    “It’d be pretty cool to teach high school history. My favorite period is the Roman times. Just real rugged and manly men. You know, ripping meat apart with their teeth.”

    …..and rampant sodomy….

    sorry just had to add it.

  2. jamal49 says

    Reasons #25-29 on Why I Love Soccer.

    I love thighs. I love a man with great thighs. I’ve been in 7th Heaven watching the FIFA World Cup Championship! What a game!

  3. Paul R says

    Did they all roll around in dirt before the shoot, or did someone get to apply it?

  4. Matt Lock says

    i LOVE the play of light and shadows in the first makes Carlos’ tool look like it’s 10 inches..I know I’m sick, but I have to get my kicks somehow!