Three People Wounded In ‘Pink Saturday’ Shooting

The shooting happened during San Francisco's "Pink Saturday" festivities in The Castro last night. What a way for some loony to ruin San Francisco's 40th anniversary Pride celebrations.

The Bay City News reports:

One man sustained life-threatening injuries and two others were wounded in a shooting in the Castro late last night during Pink Saturday celebrations, a San Francisco police spokesman said. Police responded to reports of multiple gunshots fired at Market and Castro streets about 11:30 p.m., San Francisco police Officer Samson Chan said.

Officers took the suspect, a 19-year-old male, into custody and recovered the handgun allegedly used in the shooting. The most-seriously injured victim, a 19-year-old male, was shot in the torso and transported to a local hospital, he said.

Also injured were a 19-year-old female and a 27-year-old male, who were each shot in the leg. They were transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, Chan said. The investigation is ongoing and police are still on the scene collecting information, Chan said.

The local Fox affiliate is reporting that the shooting reportedly occurred in front of The Cafe.

There's some raw video of The Castro post-shooting here.

Update: Sadly, the 19-year victim has succumbed to his wounds.


  1. pickles says

    This used to be a sweet, happy, small neighborhood event. Last night was nothing like that. The croud was largly mixed, very young, barfing, drunk and lame. Yeah- that was not ‘Lamé’… hell no. Quite the opposite. Pretty sad. Best wishes to the wounded. PS- Report lists ‘The Cafe’ but it seems to have been outside Pottery Barn (which is already rumored to be leaving the negborhood).

  2. Will says

    I live two blocks from where this happened and was out walking my dog at 11:30…. Fortunately, the opposite direction. I waiting as late as I could to walk her because it was so crazy outside our building; teens drinking and screaming, bottles broken everywhere…. I am so glad I stayed home all evening. I guarantee that most of them won’t be showing their pride today for anything. Just another excuse to get drunk.
    I know the police are limited with their resources but I saw so many underage people drinking and buying booze on the streets.
    Thanks, Pickles and my best too to the wounded.

  3. Jack says


    Just a little bit longer than it takes you to automatically assume that it IS a hate crime, apparently.

    Seriously, nothing in the article suggests that the shooter didn’t belong to the LGBT community himself.

    Paranoia, paranoia, everybody’s coming to get me…

  4. Don says

    This shooting hasn’t been classified as a hate crime yet but the article inspires another idea.

    Take video and photographic evidence from every recent, confirmed, anti-gay violent hate crime and play it/show it every time some conservative group claims they are the victims of gay violence.

  5. Jubal Harshaw says

    You get what you deserve.

    Pride these days is nothing more than drunken revelry and that’s nothing to be proud of. We’ve come to enjoy our victimization so much that we allow companies like Clear Channel to sponsor our Pride events while funneling the cash back to the homophobes. And then we even allow them to dictate to us who can be involved in our party! All in the name of “pride”. Being a gay person these days is humiliating and shameful.

    Good luck on your pride San Francisco. I’ll not attend one again.

  6. Spritey says

    In local news and comments:

    1) 11-SFPD officers were near the shooting resulting in the apprehension of the 19-year old with his gun.

    2) Early report claims the shooter and unruly uncouth partiers were the usual “bridge and tunnel” suburban ilk who – as usual – ruin City celebrations whether it’s the Bay to Breakers, Halloween, etc.

  7. Matt Smith says

    I was there. Gay people were out numbered by large groups of thugs with their girl friends looking to get drunk and cause trouble. Another “just for the local gays” event bites the dust. This event just like halloween has been taken over by non-gays with cameras looking to gawk at the gays. Pink Saturday as we knew it died a few years ago. Its now straight people from the East Bay looking to get wasted and cause violence.

  8. GGREEN says

    You can blame this on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence that force this “event” on the neighborhood each year. They don’t care about safety concerns of the residents and they are contemptuous of the police even being there.

  9. says

    Which sort of begs the question: if you do something spectacle-worthy in a public place, do you have the right to then refuse access to those coming to gawk at what you’re throwing down?

  10. Denis says

    I agree with Matt. I wasn’t there last night, but just walking by the Civic Center yesterday I saw a disproportionate number of skanky young women and their thuggish boyfriends looking for an excuse to drink in public. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed that. Has every formerly fun event created for and designed by SF locals been taken over by drunken douches and slutty chicks? It’s weird and sad…

  11. says

    So which is worse? Gay people opening fire on gay people or straight people opening fire on gay people?

    In the end it really doesn’t matter if this turns out to be a hate crime or drunken gays with guns and something to prove. Three people were shot last night. One is fighting for his life. We shouldn’t concern ourselves so much with whether it’s a hate crime or not and instead put our focus on why it happened. Once we figure out why it happened we can take preventative measures so it never happens again. Period.

  12. GGREEN says

    This started out as an organic after though of the Dyke March years ago. It was fun small-ish neighborhood affair and everyone had a good time. Then the Sisters took over and it became this “event”. And every step of the way it was their way or nothing and they put every bit of their political power behind making sure no one not even the police had input into Pink Saturday.

  13. z0rt says

    “One of three victims of a shooting in San Francisco’s Castro District late Saturday night has died from his injuries, according to the medical examiner’s office.

    Stephen Powell, 19, was shot in the torso about 11:30 p.m. at Market and Castro streets during the city’s “Pink Saturday” celebrations, police said.”

  14. Jack says

    So what I’m gleaning from these comments is:

    1) We can tell who the gays are and who the “invading straights” are just by looking at them. This is not noteworthy, because clearly one can tell someone’s sexual orientation by their outward appearance (and I’ve seen gay guys hang out with skanky females who could easily be confused for girlfriends, so don’t even go there).

    2) If there were a large number of straight people there, it MUST have been them who did the shooting, because clearly a gay person would NEVER do anything like that.

    Sometimes you people really just astonish me.

  15. TANK says

    Jack, I dunno know what your specific agenda is, just that you have one and it’s kind of shady. It’s pretty well established that violence at assumed straight “adult” events is a regular feature…it’s a relatively new phenom that it occurs at gay events which have been infiltrated by straight people.

  16. says

    I don’t like thugs any more than anyone else, but I’ve seen plenty of blind drunk gay guys getting violent and aggressive at bar closing time. I don’t mind straight people at gay pride events as long as they’re there to have fun and not cause trouble. Isn’t that kind of inclusion the whole reason we have pride week in the first place?

  17. Tranquilo says

    A perfect opportunity for the NIMBYs and the always vigilant Ladies of the Temperance Movement to grouse and shut this one down, too. Having had their fun some decades ago, they bitch and moan about any of the three big fairs in the ‘hood. Because, you know, it’s always a surprise that it gets a noisy in the gay district of the second most densely populated city in the country.

    And blaming the Sisters is such utter bullshit.

  18. Dennis says

    Do straight people have to ruin EVERYTHING? Of course, some of my best friends are straight ;-> but Goddamnit, SOME fucking breeders have no class, no manners, and NO CLUE on how to behave in public.

    Honestly, it pisses me off that WE have to pay for their stupidity and assholery. Ruining Halloween, now Pink Saturday…fuck them.

    Yeah, “we’re” the threat to society.

  19. stephen says

    No one knows who’s straight or gay- besides it’s irrelevant. It’s a party celebrating GAYNESS & everyone’s welcome.

    The problem is youth & guns & immaturity that denies them the ability to see a bigger & long-range world, which unfortunately 1 will never see, another will see from a jail-cell.

    This will now need to be ONLY a daytime event & no drinking allowed- otherwise, it’s the same sh*t expecting a different result.

  20. Rich in the Castro says

    Oh Milkman you make me chuckle. Such naivete! You so clearly were not there last night, so therefore have no grasp of that which you speak of. Let me paint for you a little picture of what it was like. Just from me to you.
    Milkman, picture yourself in the middle of a city street, perhaps at an intersection. now fill that street for five blocks in each direction full, and I mean PACKED FULL as a ruch hour subway car FULL of fat ghetto latinas and blacks with faces full of shrapnel and bad tattoos, their monotonous numbers broken only by their nearly equal number of slouching, baseball cap to-the-side wearing, droopy drawers thug boyfriends. On occasion, as you survey this thugaskankapalooza, you see the rare other homosexual. as you then hurry to escape this Richmond-in-the-city nightmare, you notice that many of the female blobs of goo and hair are actually mocking the gays, grabbing each other’s hands and sneering ” look at us, we’z gay now” and laughing.
    got it?

  21. Jack says


    My agenda is one against stupidity and rank hypocrisy. Everyone bitches and moans when people make unwarranted assumptions about gays, and then turns around and assumes that violence that broke out at a GAY event MUST be perpetrated by straights. If you think that drunken violence is new to the gay community, you are deluding yourself. I agree with The Milkman, I’ve seen PLENTY of violent behavior by gays.


    You have NO IDEA whether the shooter was gay or straight. But then again, your use of the word “breeder” really tells me all I need to know about you. You’re an ignorant jackass.

  22. Jack says


    I especially enjoy how you don’t even attempt to hide your racism. Good work.

    Also, I’m curious as to how YOU know exactly who is gay and who is straight.

  23. TANK says

    “My agenda is one against stupidity and rank hypocrisy. Everyone bitches and moans when people make unwarranted assumptions about gays, and then turns around and assumes that violence that broke out at a GAY event MUST be perpetrated by straights. If you think that drunken violence is new to the gay community, you are deluding yourself. I agree with The Milkman, I’ve seen PLENTY of violent behavior by gays.”

    Yeah…unwarranted. Since we’ll rely on anecdotes (useless), a few questions. Have you ever been in a bar fight? Ever witnessed a bar fight in person where people got seriously injured and the police were called? Inside the bar…not a little lesbian or gay catfight outside, but a knockdown drag out bar fight. Now was it a gay bar or a straight bar with lotsa a blood and lotsa teeth? I wouldn’t put it past you to lie…

    Whenever large groups of straight people gather and alcohol is involved, there’s a high probability of violence…of course, this isn’t all straight people.

    How many pride events where large numbers of lgbt people congregate and where alcohol is introduced…is there violence perpetrated by the gays who are there (not the straight homophobes)?

  24. Jack says


    Not that I suspect you’ll believe me seeing as you’ve made up your mind (not that anyone around here believes YOU about anything), but yea, I actually have been in a bar fight (albeit trying to break it up, not really a participant) in a GAY BAR in Chicago.

    Guess what, humans are humans whether gay or straight, and humans are predisposed to violence. Listen to you, you sound like all the religious folk that deny that their religion could never do anything wrong.

    I’m done responding to you, you’re not worth my time. People like you make me sick.

  25. Paul R says

    Well, I’m definitely glad I skipped this and went to Goldfrapp instead. It’s sad to see events like this spoiled, and there doesn’t seem to be a solution other than canceling them. I used to feel like there was another solution, but my mind has changed. If you can’t feel safe being gay at an event in the Castro, it’s not worth having the event. Increasing the police presence to massive levels just feels creepy.

    I just fail to understand why the bridge and tunnel crowd would have the slightest interest in these events. As for who’s causing the violence, the shooter at Halloween a couple years ago (hitting 8 or 9 people) was a straight guy. Not many San Franciscans own guns, and shootings are rare in the city. Outside the city, not so much. And the number of gay 19 year olds owning guns in the Bay Area is minuscule.

  26. TANK says

    LOL! Yeah…I’m sure it was just TURBLE BAD!…didja get your skull fractured? Because that’s what can happen when you try to break up a fight between two or more straight men at a bar…oh, and I’m sure it was just between two people…not the whole bar, right? hahaha…usually, intervention should be reserved for the staff, but hey, they involve you…talking it through is the last thing you should be doing if you have an ounce of self preservation.

    Did they shake hands/hug after your helpful, “hey fellas, can’t we all just get along? I mean, is it really worth resorting to FISTICUFFS to resolve our differences?!” palaver…to break up the slap and scream fest between two twinks in a parking lot outside.

    Look princess, I’m not saying that there aren’t violent gay people who occasionally do violent things at gay venues…but as a percentage, if you were to compare the violence that occurs at straight venues to those at gay venues, you’d see that straight venue violence would break the scale.

  27. AdamN says

    I didn’t go but did walk nearby Church and Market. The crowd was really young. There did *seem* to be a lot of straight kids too. Many of the kids looked super sketchy: thugs and gang kids. Lots of these young kids have embraced this culture of violence related to gangsta rap and the result is shit like this happening. Its not about race as there were plenty of white thugs there too, or even sexuality as I am sure some were gay, it’s about a group of douchebags ruining an event for everybody with one of them killing someone in the process.

  28. John says

    But as soon as the words “East Bay thugs” and “bridge and tunnel crowd” are uttered, you know race is going to come up sooner or later. Those are code words in San Francisco for blacks and Mexicans. And the media will run with it because they love to stir up trouble. As if there wasn’t already enough mistrust and suspicion between these communities in California.

  29. B says

    Adamn: Blaming rap now are we? What about rock, heavy metal, punk, ska and I forgot the name of the music where u just yell/scream and garble over industrial music.

    I listen to a variety of genre and rap on occasion, yet I have seemed to resist the urge to pop a cap in some ass and slap up my bitch/hoe.

    I like how you tried to pretend to be not generalizing and discriminatory yet that is exactly what you did.

    As for sTANK (I thought that was clever), what are your overall statistics? Age, physical profile, place of residence. I mean, I want to know what makes up the entity that is you? and also so I can say, “of course”.

    As for being fully on topic, I don’t know who was there @ the event and what the circumstances were, so I’m not going to assume one way or the other, but I hope the two living victims recover fully, and as for the guy who died. R.I.P.

  30. John says

    The SFPD has just held a press conference on this incident. A department spokesman declared that this was “definitely not a hate crime” and reiterated that tourists in town for gay pride are completely safe. They refused to elaborate when asked for details, citing that the investigation is ongoing, but it was implied that the gunman and victims knew each other.

    So, there you go.

    Read into that what you may.

  31. TANK says

    Lookee blood belching cunt (B-I thought that was clever), this is clearly about a war of personal observation…but, if you dispute my statement from no experience (clearly), it’s an empirical PROPOSITION and DOES HAVE AN ANSWER. I would bet and win.

  32. Gavin says

    A few facts/thoughts from someone who worked Pink Saturday and saw a lot of the crowd:

    There were plenty of young (and some older) gays and lesbians enjoying Pride like they always have. It wasn’t all “undesirables”. Were there “sketchy” people or “East Bay thugs” there? There were some “sketchy” people there of all colors — white, black, Latino, Asian (this is SF, after all), but no more or less than when I was in Union Square the other day. I can certainly verify there were a LOT of “bridge and tunnel” kids, most often white, who were obviously young, unsophisticated, weirdly dressed, and drunk in various stages. In other words, the kind of stuff ones does and is when they’re 17 -21 and awkwardly trying to have a good time. Our group suspected they were mostly kids from Walnut Creek or Livermore in the East Bay, yes. But young and stupid is as young and stupid does.

    And most of the breeders who’ve moved into the Castro who complain probably have forgotten they did that then, too. Same with the local queens who “tut-tut” at the event in “their” neighborhood, who WERE that crowd when they moved to SF 30 years ago. NIMBY, for sure. Just because you’re “so over” pride doesn’t mean everyone else has to be. I think 18 year old East Bay kids celebrating Pride is a good thing. Better than them bashing gays with baseball bats instead.

    Finally, don’t forget, the Sisters raise tens of thousands of very much needed dollars for local charities at these events. The “East Bay thugs” and “bridge and tunnel crowd” paid a suggested donation of $7 for the right to be there. While it does need to be safer (move it to daytime?), don’t throw out the baby with the holy bathwater.

  33. GGREEN says

    I’m tired of excusing every ill conceived thing the Sisters do because they raise money for charity. They owned this event because they wanted to. Now they should own the disastrous aftermath. They were not prepared for this event and it showed. I didn’t see the Sisters working with the SFPD at all and I know they didn’t work with the residents. I tried to call them 6 times to get information about what they planned to do with no response. As a matter of fact the Sisters did exactly the opposite of what they claimed they were going to do in statements made to the Bay Area Reporter in May.

  34. Charles Lemos says

    I work on Market Street near Noe so a block away. I was there until 10 PM.

    This was a disaster and another mismanaged event by the Sisters of Perpetual Incompetence. This Pink Saturday Block Party is a new event – this is the second annual and with luck the final one. Last year was a security disaster with street fights, unclear rules (many people didn’t enter the “secure” area because no back packs were allowed but the Sisters failed to tell anyone in advance so the mess just spread down Market St) and just general mayhem. The Sisters may be good at bingo games, they are not so good at these events which have become an excuse for outsiders to come rampage in the Castro.

    I wonder how many news reports will state that this was a straight on straight crime? But I know this, homophobia will rear its ugly head across America with this crime being tagged some gay cat fight gone awry.

  35. Charles Lemos says

    I just spoke to the beat officer of the Castro Merchants Patrol. Both the victim and the assailant live in the Bay View area of SF. The assailant is black. Not sure about the dead victim. The other two wounded were innocent bystanders.

    The shooting is gang related and the police are looking for other assailants.

  36. Nate Dawg says

    I was right there, and you are being trolled.

    It wasn’t wall-to-wall with “ghetto trash”. Pretty mixed crowd. Mostly gay, and the occasional gawking straight person. Most of the girls were having fun with gay friends.

    That doesn’t mean the shooter wasn’t a thug, as he probably was a straight guy, just statistically, but it wasn’t full of gansta rapper wanna bes as some of the racists on this thread seem to believe. (They lie or are very, very hypersensitive to diversity.)

  37. Bill says

    Haterosexuals ruin everything. Of course, we have gay appologists and cowards who will try to deflect any acknowledgement that this is a pattern of haterosexual behavior. Haterosexuals bring their violence to gay events. How many times have you heard of a gay person being beaten up by a gang of haterosexuals while walking home from a gay pride event? I’ve heard way too many times. I’ve been around haterosexuals my entire life as has every gay person, I know their behavior. Haterosexuals do NOT have the same experience with gay people. Haterosexuals are outsiders with prejudices to homosexuality.

  38. Eric says

    I was there when this happened, and it was terrifying. My friends and I were standing about 40 yards away from where the shooting took place. We heard the gunshots and then everyone just started running and tons of police came running in. We could see the guy’s body laying in the middle of the street.

    It wasn’t a hate crime. It was a personal beef between two people that turned violent.

    Things like this are why I hate when tons of outsiders come into the community. It was a really crowded event, and the vast majority were people that are from outside the community (I mean the usual Castro community, not just the LGBT community). They come in at Halloween and Pride and get drunk and rowdy. They are not what the Castro is about, and I wish they would stop coming into our community and causing trouble.

    Pride itself has turned into a big joke. It’s not about celebrating the LGBT community anymore. It’s just about stupid people getting drunk and causing trouble.

    Saturday was just a very scary night.

  39. AdamN says

    Not blaming rap B, some of which I like and listen to as well, but the specific culture of gangsta rap and gang culture in SF. Again, its not about race but about gang culture which includes people of every race here in SF really.I really hate that we have to resort to calling each other racists when bringing up gangs.
    The shooter was a gang member from Bayview.

  40. Mark Hutchinsonn says

    It’s time to end the whole Pride thing. It’s nothing but a money machine. As we (and i say that without including myself) want to become assimilated and believe that we should be able to marry and have children we should be moving away from the seperation that is Pride. If “we” want to be more like them – accepted as ‘they’ are Pride is a hinderance. It has indeed become an excuse to drink, do drugs and dance naked (not that it’s a bad thing – but i can do that any weekend i want).

  41. TANK says

    shaddup your goddamn mouth goddamnit, mark hutchinsonn. Go be fat and bitter somewhere else. You don’t have to stop being fat and enraged, but you can’t do it here! ha ha…you don’t really believe that by stopping pride, we’ll gain greater acceptance, do you? People that hate us will hate us no matter what.

  42. Surfy says

    Obviously, if this had happened on their home turf in the Black slums, none of you would care, or have ever heard about it.

    But most important is that the (dis)organizers, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, should take some responsibility for creating an environment that welcomes violence and mob chaos.

    It took gay Supe. Bevan Dufty to finally grow some cajones and cancel Halloween after nine people were shot in 2007. Since then, without the Sisters of Self-Indulgence, the Castro streets, with car traffic, have been fun and safe.

    Now that there’s a death, what did the Sisters do? After taking buckets of completely unaccountable cash for other causes (allegedly), they issue a vague two-paragraph press statement about peace and love, without saying anything about their massive negligence in not hiring proper security, then disappear in a cloud of pot smoke and black tulle.

    While they do a great job at private indoor event fundraisers, they still remain unaccountable in their fundraising and disorganization.

    It takes violent shootings to shut their chaotic “events” down, which is what should happen. Pink Saturday hasn’t been a “gay” event in years. It, like Halloween, is a sloppy, creepy mess ready-made for unrelated and homophobic violence.

    Don’t blame the rats when you serve up a cheese buffet.

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