1. Luke says

    Apparently they can pose for a photoshoot better than they can play soccer. Still bitter about their loss this weekend…

  2. jamal49 says

    Yeah, I’m a little disappointed, too. No excuses and just a general comment, but the officiating at the 2010 World Cup is very, very bad. The US is still a “baby” in terms of World Cup experience, but we’re getting there.

  3. chris says

    it’ll be a long time before they win the World Cup…but if they keep on looking like Benny Feilhaber it’ll be fun watching!!!

  4. virgoboy says

    Our team of sexy footballers did a good job though, as are many others, i am dissapointed at both their performance this past weekend AND the crap officiating overall at the World Cup. I miss our boys already :(

  5. Cory says

    Alright, I’ve never really noticed Oguchi before but that still pic has him easily rivaling Boca for hottest player on the team. The expression on his face plus that body is too much hottest for one man.

    I also hear he’s very supportive of gay rights which only adds to his appeal.

  6. huh? says

    I like that they don’t totally get rid of all of their chest hair, although 5 mm stubble is kinda rough to cuddle next to.

  7. crispy says

    Cory, where did you hear that Gooch is supportive of gay rights? I’ve been following his career as well as most of the other U.S. players for about 5 years now, and I’ve never read anything like that. Though it’s certainly possible I’ve missed it.

    It’s something I’d definitely welcome hearing.

  8. Mark says

    These guys are hot, no doubt. But this video is crap. I would have liked to enjoy looking at the players for a second or three, but with the fast cuts and jumpiness of the montage, that was impossible. This is another example of video production style that is “affected”. IMHO this is typical “Interview” quality. They seem to think they are more effective than they really are. Andy Warhol would roll over in his (fabulously decorated) grave.