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    Interesting. This tape was made for Belarusian media, and it looks like about half of the Russians participating are from Belarus (the whole gang at the end after the march, with Alexeev saying “we’ve all become one family and I can’t imagine organizing prides without you.”

    What’s interesting is that Alexeev seems to get more support from outside Russia than within. Moscow is the largest city in Europe. Thousands of people go to gay clubs and businesses. But most are afraid and think that gay prides will only increase homophobia, and the majority of people in the march are not from Russia.

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    PLEASE put up some of the photos and videos from Bratislava! They had 500 people at the rally in a much smaller country/city! They marched across their New Bridge with rainbow flags! Even if they did have part of the march route cut short, it was a success and the first ever in Slovakia.

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    And here’s how it was reported on the RUSSIAN news. “To call this a gay parade would be an exaggeration,” since it was so short and they spent most of the day hiding from the police.

    Most of the clip is a live interview with a “gay activist” whom no one has ever heard of and who disapproves of the parade, because “nothing changed” after it and what we really need is legal rights. The last part of the interview he is paired with clips from OTHER pride parades with drag queens and scantily clad boys (scary!).

    So that’s what Russians who weren’t there would see. It does show clips from the Arbat part of the demonstration.

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