1. Matt26 says

    It is an awful act from world known player, shouldn’t have happened. The pic showing it must the worst pic I’ve seen of Cristiano Ronaldo. I understand it was very bad moment for him but nevertheless no excuse for such behaviour. There are other places and times to get over the game. It is good it got attention in the media.
    Still, other than that moment I find him handsome, McDreamy and McSteamy for me. Stupid, perhaps, but he is so good looking.

  2. says

    This is also someone who reportedly threw a hissy fit when he found out his rival Drogba was going to be on the Vanity Fair cover with him. Also, he has a bad reputation for those fake dives to try and draw a foul to opponents, and the Portuguese team seemed to follow his lead…they were the worst play actors I’ve seen in the tournament so far. Just because he’s pretty on the outside doesn’t make him pretty on the inside.

  3. Mark says

    What is Towleroad’s obsession with Cristiano Ronaldo anyway?? He’s cute and all but he ain’t all that.

  4. crispy says

    Umm, ok, I can’t stand him. I think he’s a prima donna, a diver, and an all-around unpleasant person. But anyone who’s ever run for 90 minutes knows that saliva collects in your mouth when you exercise. Ergo, spit.

    Not to mention, I seriously doubt he feels much shame over the loss considering he barely touched the ball in the second half and seemed like he had far better things to do. Like count his Armani money.

  5. chris says

    uuuhhh..the worst actors on the pitch were the Italians who got knocked out early. Ronaldo certainly is a prima donna and the spitting was disgusting but the cameraman also crossed a line…instead of watching him go off, as he should have, he continued on in front of him a second time to try and provoke a reaction. He got one.

  6. MitchNYC says

    Most underwhelming player on the pitch. I expected a lot from him the entire tournament and was nothing but disappointed. The spit thing was repulsive, just like his attitude. He might look good on the outside but he showed he’s nothing but the color of his ill-timed loogie inside.

  7. Derek Washington says

    I’ve got an idea on a punishment for him and it involves spit, a cheap motel room. …….oh, wait, sorry, just thinking out loud. No more dark alley videos before bed. ….

  8. Rikard says

    seems like a restrained demonstration of his disgust for the way the cameraman was doing his job. considering the way fans and paparazos mob him i’d describe it as elegant and eloquent.

  9. Lee says

    Yeah, I was watching the game and saw this, rewound the dvr to watch again because I couldn’t believe how deliberate this was. Very poor sport.

  10. huhwhat says

    All this righteous indignation. As if any one of you would kick Ronaldo out of bed.
    Fine, more for me!

  11. yeehaw says

    I dislike Ronaldo but I don’t think he spat on the camera, he just spat on the ground, it’s not very uncommon.

  12. Massimo N says

    Man, it’s such a turn on to see a man spit like that!!

    I wish I were the cameraman!