1. Daniel says

    Here’s a quick transcript for those not bored enough to watch the videos:

    GRASSLEY: What do you think of gay marriage, Elena? Is it a State issue?

    KAGAN: Oh, that’s a very delicate issue, etc.

    GRASSLEY: Don’t wanna answer? Ok, we won’t make you answer. Here’s another question that you don’t have to answer but I’ll ask anyway because the cameras are on and the American people need to think that we are getting paid for actually doing things: What do you think of Baker vs. Nelson?

    KAGAN: I can say with absolute certainty that a decision was made and it’s my personal opinion that it’s most likely that some people maybe think that there was precedent for that decision, but not as much precedent as there has been in other decisions made in other cases throughout the history of man.

    GRAHAM: Since this hearing has moved to such obviously profound levels, let’s pretend we have a time machine. Elena, how would you rate the hearings thus far? Two thumbs up?

    KAGAN: -Typical, ass-licking response-

  2. SteveMD2 says

    Sen Lindsey Graham:

    A “pretty boy” whose speach even I would pick up as someone with a lisp that is not uncommon among some gay people. And I heard him on Cspan a couple days ago, and it was instantly obvious.

    And something I’ve noticed about gay people from my being friends with a number of them. Graham used the word Fabulous 2 or maybe 3 times within a minute. And that word has I am told become almost a trademark of gay people, and I’ve heard it used by them.

    Its nice that he added a little laughter, and I wonder how many people realized his slip of the tongue about “suck”. Bet it takes him a good 10 min to scrub his teeth sometimes

  3. Kyle says

    Senator Graham IS a big ‘mo! That is obvious. Dogs know he is gay. It is that obvioius. WHY doesn’t he come out? Or better yet, WHY Hasn’t there been some sort of sordid scandal? It’s all been hushed up, I’m sure.

    Are the people of South Carolina REALLY that dumb? Can they not see that he’s a big, flaming nelly?

  4. nic says

    the little tea-cup poodle, jeff sessions, is the one i find most laughable. kagan can easily crush his shriveled balls. in fact, she is much smarter than any of her detractors.

  5. Jim says

    “Fabulous” almost a trademark of gay people? I don’t think i have ever used the word (except for now). Lisping – I don’t think I do. I do have a neighbor who said I am the ungayest gay man he has ever known. Steve – you’re stereotyping way too much. There is as much variability among gays as there as among straights.

    As for Graham – cut him some slack. What would replace him if he were to go? Probably some right wingnut.

  6. james Brown says

    I am REALLY turned off by the stereo-typing and gay bashing language used by some of these readers! Lisping, “gay face”, “tea cup poodle”… wow… these are the terms we HATE when straight people use against us! It is also unacceptable to use them against others. Fine, be mad at them if they are closeted, or perceived closeted. Out them! But not in this manner!

  7. TomJ says

    TO James Brown, above:

    I agree. And thanks for saying it. And there is just as much variability one way as there is another.

    Where did the homophobic hillbillies posting come from all of a sudden. Yeesh!

    Oh, sorry, I meant Faaaabulouth!

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