1. GGREEN says

    They may be welcoming but they still pay for the pope’s prada and finance the entire Catholic organization to demonize gays and work to strip us of our civil rights.

  2. stephen says

    I’m glad. This makes more sense to me.

    Why gay people continue an association with an organization SOooo against their own interests is beyond my understanding.

    Inclusion of anti-gay churches on a day celebrating gay-freedoms only confuses people into thinking that “maybe they’re not so bad.”


  3. Eugene says

    “A gay-welcoming Catholic church”?

    Is it like a cow-welcoming meat factory?

    I guess they would marry you and your partner if NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan let them. But no, the Archbishop is more important than you…

  4. Rainbowcatholic says

    I don’t see why so many gays are attackig other gays for their belief in a higher power. If you want to hate the catholic church go ahead but it’s their right just as much as yours to believe what they want. Also, the catholic church needs to be changed from the inside. Don’t hate gay Catholics just because youdont like the church, and don’t hte the church if you don’t support those trying to change it.

  5. John says

    The Catholic Church is not a democracy. People who attend a Catholic church are not “trying to change it.” They are sadly mistaken if they imagine their mere presence is going to change anything.

  6. Eugene says


    “Don’t hate gay Catholics just because youdont like the church, and don’t hte the church if you don’t support those trying to change it.”

    Are they trying to change it with a blank banner?

  7. Jonathan OZ says

    Within the context of American Catholicism, I thought Saint Xavier’s parish’s response was an imaginative approach to the Archbishop’s ban.

  8. Patrick says

    Good for them. I think it makes an even more powerful statement than had the church’s name been on the banner. Changing THEIR church from inside is their right.

    Also: do the few anti-christians who post vitriol here REALLY think that spouting your anti-christian message is helping gay people in the USA? It’s not. Your words will be copied and quoted as evidence that the “gay agenda” is “anti-christian”. You are stupid, stupid, stupid.

  9. Bart says

    Good for Father Costantino, good for all the gay people of Catholic faith, embarrass the ridiculous Timmy Dolan. All you have to do is look at the frilly frocks and headwear, that still tells everyone who the Catholic heirarcy are and what concerns them. Sad.

    One day maybe they’re follow the lead of the leaders of St. Francis Xavier.

  10. jrex says

    St. Francis Xavier has had a long history of supporting the gay community in NYC and was for several years the meeting place for the gay Catholic group Dignity. It was pressure from a previous NY Cardinal that ended Dignity’s use of the space, but St. Francis Xavier has remained a welcoming environment and a welcome addition to NYC Pride parade.

  11. TANK says

    Yeah, gay christians and christian allies (about two to three per cent of all denominations in the u.s., and a tiny fraction of the christian population of the u.s.)…are wasting their time. Institutions don’t change from within…you play by their rules, or you don’t play at all–and these people are definitely by their rules. And when you play by the rules of those oppressing you (actively in the case of the catholic church), you are participating in their game, not changing it.

  12. says

    I’m a Gay person of faith, and I look upon the Catholic Church as the seat of Satan. It is hardly enough for a Gay-affirming parish to defy Rome in this impotent way. They must have the courage to be true Christians and separate themselves from the Church of Babylon. They can affirm Jesus Christ’s LGBT children by affirming Jesus Christ’s teachings! As long as they remain part of that WICKED institution, it’s impossible.

  13. TANK says

    “I’m a gay person of faith, and I look upon the Catholic Church as the seat of Satan.”

    You’re a joke. Your “grudge” with the catholic church has nothing to do with its treatment of gays or any other scandal other than it’s just not your fairytale flavor…you don’t reserve that kind of condemnation for southern baptists, for example.

    But why not participate? To all non-catholics out there, how does it feel to not be christian? Catholics seem to be the only authentic christians around (longest extant denomination)…everyone else is just an immitation christian…faux christianity founded by lunatics, on divorce, and greed.


  14. johnny says

    The catholic church is nothing more than a money making organization. The only reason they welcome us in any sense is they welcome our MONEY and nothing else… don’t be fooled!

  15. walter says

    who the fuck nis dolan to say what can go on a banner. the church has bigger problems than who marches with what name. the belgian government right is about to nail a couple of archbishops to the wall and over half the hierarchy in ireland has resigned.
    but who marches with a church name of the banner is their priority. god help them they are too stupid for their own good. this goes right up their with the cover of the catholic magazine in new hampshire

  16. James says

    The Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality is very clear. However some gay people are so brainwashed by CCD class that they remain even though they aren’t wanted. They fell for the doctrine if they leave the church they will go to hell, Catholics are the only true Christians, blah blah blah. I find that most Catholics are scared of their church more than they believe in their church.

  17. TANK says

    While I agree that there’s no such thing as a true christian…and that the catholic church is an awful institution (as is christianity an awful religion…but all religions are awful)…it just seems that of all christians in the united states, catholics are better educated…smarter…quicker. Baptists aren’t all that quick. Of course, calvinists are pretty good to argue with…but if you’re going to have a theological debate in a christian nation, I’d say have it with either a calvinist or a catholic, as a rule of thumb. They’ve got higher IQ’s for some reason. Of course, they’re all idiots…it’s always like shooting fish in a barrel no matter how far the pretzel logic goes.

  18. Contrarian says

    Tank must be the acronym for total a-hole, no knowledge. Did that other queer website, you know the one with the awful graphics of dried mud and leaky engine oil as the primary color scheme, ban you? You were once the loudmouth there and now like a rash, you infect this once readable site. I will now join “Derrick in Philly” and many other former regulars as an ex-reader of Mr. Towle who, in failing to ban you obviously thinks your comments are worthy additions to his news blog.

  19. walter says

    the catholic chould remember the fundies don’t like catholics so when the yellow stars and purple triangles, watch for the silver crosses. because your christian bretheren hate you too.

  20. says

    Ha-ha, “clue phone” — haven’t heard that in a while. Speaking of clue phones, gay people are real and equally human as anyone else, while god is a fairy tale and subject to interpretation. Gays win, case closed.

  21. Stan James says

    The evil grip of the church on minds seems to be as follows

    Confess your sins so we can judge you and tell you that hell awaits if you dont do as you are told.

    Do as you are told, and death is just a new life forthcoming. Based on stories about one good Jewish rabbia a few people who came back from the dead. stories in an age of almost total ignorance and superstition.

    The church has had nearly 2000 years to embellish their stories and brainwashing techniques, while also giving us the dark ages, the crusades against the muslims – no wonder some hate us – and giving hitler hatred of Jesus own people, the Jews. Which hitler twised into his election and 55 million died. And he has yet to Be EXcommunicated.

    I know people who left the church. Some of them said it took 10 years to feel free of the threats and anxieties the church built into their minds.

    So the journey begins now for everyone of you who still has ties to the church.

    And if you look just at how the church’s hatred of Jews gave hitler that tool to leverage his election, you will realize there is Zero hope of change.

    Any more then there was zero hope of change of the nazi regime. Except its total physical destruction

    Same re the church, and its leader who was born in 1928 in Nazi germany and learned his lessons well.

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