1. Henry Holland says

    But…but….same-sex kisses during musical performances will cause the downfall of Western Civilization! That’s what we were told during the Adam Lambert “controversy”, right?

  2. Andrew F says

    Poor girl. She looks so awkward during the entire performance, attempting to vamp it up with ‘sexy’ choreography and skimpy costumes. It just doesn’t work. Notice the audience, politely clapping along with the music. They feel just as awkward.

    When she starts talking at the end, it just highlights the entire affair: she’s a cute, innocent country girl that belongs nowhere near black feather neckpieces and fishnets. It’s almost as if someone like Taylor Swift or an early Jewel tried the same thing: go back to the clean-cut froth, please.

  3. Luminum says

    I’d roll my eyes if she didn’t already do the same concept in the actual music video. It just seems like an extension of the video like everything else about the performance. If it came out of nowhere, then I think she’d be “trying.” I am surprised to see that she can apparently sing live.

  4. says

    The Daily Mail would have complained about the length of her skirt if the kiss hadn’t happened – it’s one of the extremely negative newspapers that complains about anything it likes. None of the other media even mentioned it, and I haven’t heard a single complaint about the performance. I watched it with my parents and not an eyelid was even batted twice at it.

    Have to be honest, the Miley phenomenon appears to have completely passed me by, this was the first time I’ve ever seen her on TV – I found the entire performance a little freaky, as if they’d put a barbie doll on stage and tried to make it sexual. Who is buying this music? Yeech.

  5. says

    Some people seem to think that if they criticize everything that translates to having good taste.

    Anyway, she’s a teen that is a bit overly sexualized, but that isn’t something new in celebrity culture. She’s very gracious and not awkward at all. She’s sold 15 million records, so just let the people who enjoy her continue to do so.


  6. jaragon says

    The music video for this is more kinky- suggesting a bisexual orgy. Uncle Walt must be spinning in his grave. In his day Disney stars couldn’t even wear bikinis.

  7. sal says

    all of these haters….i wonder if there is a something at the mac cosmetics counter that can cover an ugly soul?i hope you guys get a discount…..or maybe yall like to show ya true self…DISGUSTING!

  8. sal says

    miley sounds way better than you hating queens,jeez what has this girl done to you?nothing,damn what kinda friends would you guys be?hmmm my guess the ones that hate for no reason on people who dont deserve it,SOUNDS APPEALING!!NOT!!bitter bitter FOR NO REASON,fine you’re not a fan no one wants u to be so why spread negativity??do you enjoy basking in negativity?cause i see no other reason…UGLY SOULSSS

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