1. David says

    Kendell one of the generals in the No on 8 campaign who was responsible for arguably the worst political campaign in California history? They out raised the Yes on 8 people by election day but failed to put together a coherent messaging strategy or effective ground war that has led to where we are today. Thank you, but I shall not be listening to her views.

  2. gr8guyca says

    I am not really worried about the outcome of this case. What concerns me more is the ultimate goal of getting to the Supreme Court. The Roberts court has turned out to an Conservative activist court with a strong conservative as Chief Justice. The decision may hinge on Justice Kennedy. Olsen and Boies may be a dream team, but dream teams can lose.

  3. JeffinSF says

    I was going to say something just like GR8GUYCA did. This supreme court has a very good chance of upholding Prop 8 and scuttling all of the progress of the last quarter-century. Maybe that is part of our path to civil rights, but the following decade will really suck.

  4. Chris Daley says

    @David – if you haven’t already, you should check out the articles on TR and elsewhere about Egan’s analysis of the last decade’s worth of polling data on marriage equality. You’ll see that, at least according to that analysis, voters largely made up their minds irregardless of the campaigns on either side of Prop 8.

    What Kate and others did was move the small number of people who were movable on this issue to get us closer than nearly any other state to defeating one of these crazy initiatives.

    She is far and away one of the best advocates our community has.

  5. CaliLuke says

    @David – I totally understand your frustration with the Prop 8 folks. I will just say that Kate has admitted on numerous occasions that she (a) chose not to be involved in the political decision-making because she’s an attorney and not a political whiz, and (b) is downright apologetic at every turn for what happened in 2008 and any role she had in it. Frankly, given the hubris of most of our community’s “leaders” in that effort (during the campaign and since), Kate has been far and away the most self-deprecating and down-to-earth even though she is the least-implicated by the bungled campaign to defeat Prop 8.

    I have talked to her one-on-one about this and seen her speak to a number of audiences. She’s been the most willing of anyone to talk about Prop 8 and the most visible member of our community in the legal fight for marriage equality. When Olsen and Boies announced their intent to take this fight to federal court, she was one of the first to confront them as she was concerned about a tactic which would ultimately lead to a conservative activist Supreme Court, and she was also one of the first to sign onto their effort when she realized the skill and passion they brought to this effort.

    I know Kate is implicated in the losing Prop 8 effort by virtue of her place in our community, and, frankly, there’s a lot more to this story than that. On balance, she has been one of our community’s most steadfast and compelling leaders, and her passion and brilliance on so many issues have gone a long way in securing more and more rights for our community.

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