1. Terrance says

    Wow. The difference a hairstyle makes…!

    ..I have to say, he’s developing into a muscular-masculine pretty-boy (sort of an early Brad Pitt) — me likey..!

    Towleroad had pictures of him a few months ago and he looked quite a bit different; while quite muscular and rather hot, in those pictures, they styled him into a skeevy-looking hustler, like he’d slash a throat and snatch a wallet for a dime-bag of meth…

    …those other pictures came as quite a shock to those used to his earlier twink look; at least here I can see a logical progression…

  2. says

    you can bet that alex pettyfer doesn’t have the nerve to “slash a throat.”anyway the only reason i googled:alex pettyfer gay is to see if any of yall’ have any EVIDENCE.if you do you can email it only thing that makes me think that there may be any truth to the gay rumors is that there’s a burberry video (burberry behind the scenes) where alex pettyfer escorts another male model off camera.alex is smiling while the male model looks uo at the camera with an ominous expression on his face.then the same male model looks like alex really hurt his feelings with his/her insinuating behavior.

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