Anne Rice Quits Christianity Over ‘Anti-Gay, Anti-Life’ Positions

AnnericeAnne Rice announced on Facebook yesterday that she's quitting Christianity as a matter of conscience.

Wrote the author:

"For those who care, and I understand if you don't: Today I quit being a Christian. I'm out. I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being 'Christian' or to being part of Christianity. It's simply impossible for me to 'belong' to this quarrelsome, hostile, disputatious, and deservedly infamous group. For ten years, I've tried. I've failed. I'm an outsider. My conscience will allow nothing else."

She followed that up with another message:

"As I said below, I quit being a Christian. I'm out. In the name of Christ, I refuse to be anti-gay. I refuse to be anti-feminist. I refuse to be anti-artificial birth control. I refuse to be anti-Democrat. I refuse to be anti-secular humanism. I refuse to be anti-science. I refuse to be anti-life. In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian. Amen."


  1. stolidog says

    For whatever reason, that’s the best news I’ve heard in a while. I’ve always been dissapointed that the freak evangelicals managed to get their bitter, hate-filled claws into her.

    Thanks Anne, that made my day.

  2. DarrellT says

    I could not agree more Anne Rice. In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity a long time ago.

  3. TANK says

    I’d much rather her quit writing. By the power of grayskull, I quit this sentence.

  4. Randy says

    Way to go Anne! WooHoo. Maybe we’ll get some more books or movies soon! Yeeehaw!

  5. David says

    She forgot to say Anti-Vampire. I’m so tired of the Christian persecution of vampires, it just sickens me. Also gays. Anne, I’ve loved you since I fell in love with Louis when I was 12, and you don’t disappiont.

  6. JauntyJohn says

    And on a deeper level, a strong rebuke to the people who claim to act in Christ’s name but who spew nothing but hate and lies.
    Thank you, Ms. Rice, for speaking up and speaking out and following your conscience and your personal commitment to a god who’s message seems very different from most who claim him.

  7. DR says

    She quit Catholicism, not “Christianity”. Not all Christians believe the same way the Catholic Church does. Her lumping all Christians into one group is intellectually lazy and spiritually dishonest, and quite frankly offensive to thinking Christians everywhere who are pro-gay, pro-woman, pro-science, etc.

  8. Joel says

    Actually, it sounds like she would make a good Episcopalian. Fact is, of course, most American Catholics do not believe all that silly stuff they are told to believe by that idiotic church.

  9. TANK says

    Not all catholics believe the same way as the catholic church does, DR. Your lumping of all catholics into one group is intellectually lazy and spiritually dishonest, and quite frankly offensive to thinking catholics everywhere who are progay, pro woman, pro science, etc.

    Oh, btw…here’s that tall frosty glass of shut the fuck up you ordered, dr.

  10. TampaZeke says

    I finally broke down and did the same thing a month ago. I just couldn’t let go of the “Christian” identity. My final step was identifying as a Buddhist-Christian, but I just got tired of trying to deny what Christianity HAS become. I got tired of having to spend 15 minutes explaining that I wasn’t “THAT” kind of Christian every time I called myself one and I got tired of pretending that MOST Christians aren’t like “THOSE” Christians.

    A month ago I sounded like DR. Although I don’t get where DR claims that the things she finds deplorable about Christianity are “Catholic”; they’re NOT! They’ve become part and parcel of the Christian faith. Those who DON’T follow the homophobic version of Christianity are a very small minority and MANY, like I was, are only moments away from walking away. Hopefully DR will take a step back and look with fresh eyes at what he’s defending. It’s REALLY hard to do when you have been so marinated in the idea that Christianity is in your DNA and is a critical part of your social, cultural and familial identity. For some people, it’s harder than quitting crack.

    I’m amazed at how liberating it has been to throw off the shackles of Christianity.

  11. Dave says

    DR: Christianity may not be some monolithic religion that we can paint with broad strokes, but when it comes to PR, only the bigots care enough to make themselves heard. So right now, the only message the public hears from today’s “Christianity” is about intolerance for gays, for Muslims, for women, for Democrats, for Obama…

    If the “thinking Christians” you speak of were doing more to active reclaim the message of Christ from the media-friendly far right, then we wouldn’t have this problem, would we?

  12. DR says

    We do work in our communities, Dave, but gay blogs find it much simpler to denounce LGBT Christians than to say anything positive about them.

    The UCC has been publicly denouncing the actions of the far right for decades, but no one reports that, it’s not sensational. The UCC has been publicly involved in the fight to end DADT and secure equal rights for LGBT Americans, publicly denounced the Arizona immigration law, and is regularly at the forefront on many progressive social battles.

    Don’t blame us for not stomping our feet and demanding attention like a bunch of spoiled children.

  13. Pekemo says

    Seems like lazy thinking to me, but if it makes her sleep easier at night, more power to her.

  14. RJ says

    I think the title should read Anne Rice Quits Christianity so she can start making money again.

    Her Books on Jesus Christ have flopped and Vampires are so hot these days I’m sure she just wants some of that pie!

    Don;t get me wrong I am a huge fan but that fact that she dumped her fans for Jesus was so wrong!

  15. TANK says

    “Don’t blame us”

    Pass. UCC accounts for what percentage of identifying christians in the u.s.? Less than 2%…no, a lot less than that. 2% just represents the number of gay affirming christian denomination in the u.s.

  16. JauntyJohn says

    @ DAVE re DR —
    “If the “thinking Christians” you speak of were doing more to active reclaim the message of Christ from the media-friendly far right, then we wouldn’t have this problem, would we?”

    Well said.

  17. Rin says

    I feel the same. I like Jesus, but his managers and fans suck. So I do my own thing. Jesus was the last person to hate on folks.

    Gays, straights, etc…its just a label we give each other. The reality is that if God created the entire universe and everything in it that being is so beyond caring where you put your privates, and is really a smack in the ethereal face of a superbeing.

    But then I don’t think these people think. They really want to be Jewish and like all those laws. Too bad, so sad for them.

  18. EmboG says

    If Jesus was a real person instead of a fictional character, I’m sure we would have smoked up together at the very least.. Yawn..

  19. Justin Parran says

    And Christianity’s slow, painful death continues. It’s beautiful to see.

  20. nikole says

    I’m sorry to hear that. I’m a Christian. And I am proudly none of those things.

  21. Mike says

    @Dan…I am so glad I’m finally seeing someone else say what I’ve been telling my friends and family for the last few years.

    All I ever hear are people saying how they are not like “those” christians, but I never see them out speaking against the views of “those” christians.

    It’s hard to not lump them all together when one side is silent in their dissent and the other is taking everything they can and calling it their own.

    I say to you good Christians to fight back and let the world know that you are not the minority. Put these devil speakers in their place and call them what they are, mouthpieces of Satan in all his glory.

    Otherwise you will wake to find that they are in control and even you good christians will be put down for not being good enough.

  22. Hue-Man says

    As Paul Krugman said on his blog yesterday “We’re Number One.” That the USA is home to the megachurch hate industry – and has exported this toxic waste to mostly poor, uneducated countries – is surprising given its founding as a refuge for religious dissenters! While countries like Spain and Portugal are reducing the grip of the homophobic misogynistic child-molesters based in Rome, the US seems to be headed in a more dictatorial 17th century direction: How long before ultra-orthodox ideologues rewrite the statutes to criminalize blasphemy, working on Sunday, and witches? Killing the gays won’t be enough for them.

  23. lmo says

    I believe in God but don’t adhere to some of the “rules.” Those “rules” were made so long ago that they aren’t relevant now. I don’t think I am going to hell for it
    Instead of complaining about Christianity, she should focus more on her writing skills because they disappeared. I used to be such a fan and then she started putting out crap. Really boring crap! And this was before she became a Christian.

  24. dattexas says

    The only thing that is transparent is you, RJ. A “christian” decides to reject hatred, and all you can do is come up with (along with some others) is a bitchy queen attitude. We need more people to realize what Anne has. But then again, with some you people, you hate what religion signifies, then when someone gets the message, you still hate. You’re no better than a religious bigot. You’re a gay bigot. Fuck you guys.

  25. Elangay says

    Is Ms. Rice in need of publicity? Yawn. I’m perfectly happy in the United Church of Christ, a Christian communion that Ms. Rice says the church is not, and more.

  26. Elangay says

    My previous comment should have read: …I’m perfectly happy in the United Church of Christ, a Christian communion that is everything Ms. Rice says the church is not, and more.

  27. DR says

    Not just UCC, Elangay, lets add the Episcopals, Lutherans,MCC and UUs to the mix of progressive Christians. Of course, the UCC was the first organization to ordain women, blacks, and gays. My small-town Pride celebration is always attended by local Methodists, UCC, UU, and the MCC.

    Sadly, it’s just easier for many people to lump all Christians together. It makes you realize that some of these “progressives” are no smarter or progressive than the right wing zealots who all think gays are a bunch of sex-crazed pedophiles who can’t keep their dicks in their pants. They just call their stereotypes something else. Too bad they’re still just as ignorant.

  28. Rae says

    She gives up Christ because of the actions of man?

    She’s an idiot

    An idiot who is too much into her own fame again. If she’s not happy with the Catholic Church, there are PLENTY of churches (Unitarian Universalist for example, whose advertisements are in gay newsletters all over the US) who have the same pro-gay, pro BC beliefs.

    She’s just fishing for an excuse for some reason. I guess the books she wrote about Jesus did not make her as much money as she thought.

  29. Richard says

    “I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being ‘Christian’ or to being part of Christianity.”

    Someone’s an idiot. Hint: it’s Anne Rice.

  30. TheSeer says

    Christianity (the one from the Bible) is intellectually, emotionally and spiritually shallow totalitarian ideology whose main purpose is oppression. It has prevented so many people from reaching their God-given potential. God hates it. Welcome to liberation Mrs. Rice.

  31. Missanthrope says

    Where is the part where she quit “christianity”? She’s still a follower of christ and seems to believe in the bible along with all of the parts that are homophobic and promote hatred or genocide.

    This is just a cop-out to confronting homophobia among christians, or followers of christ if you want to be called that.

    If you’re going to believe in a book that promotes homophobia and arrange your metaphysical views around it, then you mind as well own up to it.

  32. Use your brain says

    I say hurray for decent, non-homophobic Christians.

    But you know, it’s also valuable and affirming to just dump the Christian/Christ thing lock, stock, and barrel. You can be a great and moral person without believing in Christ. And a lot freer.

    To any still-Christians I invite you to test your faith by going to YouTube and watching the video “The Top 10 Reasons Why the Bible is Repulsive”:

  33. sal says

    amen miss rice….and to the haters(here of alllll places,jeez you guys really are bitter for bitter sake)bite(vampire)me

  34. Lane says

    I have never believed in God much to the dismay of my dear mother. I refuse to let some book (bible) tell me how I should treat people or live. Any time she brings it up I tell her I don’t believe in ghost, witches, vampires, and werewolves but at least when I read about them I get entertainment. Where I grew up in 10th grade they had part of a month set aside for reading stories from the bible that we had to bring to class from home. My simple protest was to cover the book with a cover filled cartoon characters which pissed the teacher off because she was one of the true crazies. Also wrote a paper in psychology that religion was the root of all evil in the world that drove my crazy Christian teacher up the wall.

  35. daws says

    Woot! Now write some more vampire books. Show these upstart authors how it’s done.

  36. GregV says

    “If you’re going to believe in a book that promotes homophobia and arrange your metaphysical views around it, then you mind as well own up to it.”

    She didn’t say that she believes in a book; she said that she is committed to Christ (the person). His ideals were very different than a lot of the ideas written (in some cases centuries after his time) in “the Bible,” and he never said a word on record against gay people.

  37. Jess says

    You know being a christian doesn’t preclude you from being a feminist, democrat, or supporting gay rights or birth control or any number of things,

    The cynic in me says Anne wants to capitalize on the vampire book craze.

  38. Zach says

    Good for her… I guess.

    I’ve never been a fan of her writing (her son’s 10 times the writer she is), but she was a great supporter of the gay community. I know she was looking for some meaning to her life after her husband’s death, and I know that religion is one of the easiest ways to provide that, since it (and Christianity, particularly) promotes easy, ritualistic answers to difficult questions. But in retrospect, it looks as if she was deluding herself into thinking she had found truth.

    Hopefully, one day she’ll learn to let go of her beliefs in the supernatural entirely, and learn to respect Christ just as a teacher, but not as a deity.

  39. TANK says

    Yes, gregv…only silly christians get their knowledge of christ from the bible…the rest just make it up as they go along…wait a minute…they do that, too. There’s nothing inconsistent with being a christian and…anything.

  40. LG Wilson says

    I love this woman. When she first rejoined the Catholic Church 10 years ago, I wrote her a letter asking why and she answered me 18 hrs later. Now she is done. This woman knows more about the Catholic Church than anyone and I hope she writes an exhaustive expose.

  41. LG Wilson says

    RJ, stfu! there is nothing lazy about this woman. She does relentless and exhaustive research and it is difficult to let go of your original indoctrination and if anyone tried to get to the inside of the Catholic Church it is Anne Rice. And she never dropped her fans. She is on a spiritual journey.

  42. TampaZeke says

    @JESS, ANN RICE wants to capitalize on the Vampire craze?

    Are you fucking serious? How old are you?

    Ann Rice STARTED the vampire craze, probably when you were still in diapers.

    I do give props to the UCC. Even though I no longer identify as a Christian I am still a member of my local UCC. In fact I’m still the Moderator of my church. They know I’m no long a Christian and they don’t care. I stay there because of what they DO to promote Peace through Justice. I will support ANY organization, under ANY banner that does that.

  43. Myles Miller says

    I also am surprised she did not mention her son who is gay. I believe that also must of been a huge chunk in the decision making to renounce Christianity. I agree, there have been a lot of zealots who do not practice the true Christian Faith. I am sad for this, but i pray that she and her son will receive “Peace of Mind>”

    Thank You,

  44. Scrufff says

    As a proud Atheist, I’m always amused how the various Christians denominations try to argue that theirs is different/better/truer than the other Christians cults. In the end, they all worship a made up angry sky god with daddy issues. All they these denominations, and for that matter all religions are just “the opiate for the masses.

  45. David says

    If she still believes in Christ, by definition she’s a Christian. She may have quit a particular denomination, but the belief in J.C. is what defines Christians.

  46. Dr. Jeffyll says

    Ann’s post is so poignant and in a couple of paragraphs explains why so many of us have left Christianity. Yes, there are the Quakers, Episcopalians, UCC, MCC, some Lutherans and others who are throwing off the ancient shackles of ignorance, but they truly are in the minority. It’s the foaming-at-the-mouth, FOX News loving, gay-hating, 700 Club-watching, Palin-worshipping whack jobs who hold the real power and influence in American Christianity. Goddess bless, Ann Rice!

  47. Ryon T.A. says

    finally, I’ve been waiting for her to wake up, maybe now she’ll write about homoerotic vampires again!

  48. TANK says

    “If she still believes in Christ, by definition she’s a Christian. She may have quit a particular denomination, but the belief in J.C. is what defines Christians.”

    I bet you could come up with a denomination of christianity which didn’t believe in the divinity of christ…all it takes is a revelation.

  49. rickg says

    Interesting comments. Too argumentative for me. I am glad She has said what she said. It is needed to be heard no matter the “reason.” Radical, fundamental, evangelical christianity has moved so far from the truths of the teaching of Jesus that words cannot describe the heresy. I will remain a Jesusite, or simply a follow of Jesus. He stood against the social and religious right of his day and was finally murdered for his teachings. Were he here today, these “christians” would be screaming “crucify him” all over again. I have found a relationship with Jesus all over through the affirming and loving, but small denominaton of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion. 95% of my congregation is gay. My priest is gay and married. We follow the teaching of early tradition with no oversite of Rome. Sadly, i was a closeted evangelical for 30 yrs holding onto the belief that God would “heal” me. Well, we know the answer to that one. After all those years of having had a “successful” ministry with them, I was tossed out after “speaking the truth in love” as a piece of garbage. I was told that GOD hated me and would never allow me eternal life… What godly loving people! SO, Anne Rice is right for finally speaking up and telling it like it is.. and has been for years…

  50. natalie says

    Ok I agree with her a hundred percent Christianity is not what it seems. I think if a person lives a good life and tries to make the right decisions the a forgivin all mistakes well that’s my opinion.

  51. AP says


    If I could meet her in person, I would
    love to say “Thank you Anne Rice –
    for so very articulately stating what
    I have felt in my heart for years” !!!!

    One’s ‘Faith-in-Christ’ should IN NO WAY
    be tied into the man-controlled ‘Religion’
    that so many refer to as “Christianity”
    (especially that apostate, psuedo-religious
    political-movement called ‘evangelicalism’)

    It took me forever to realize that my
    relationship with God (as established
    through Christ Jesus, God The Son) was
    IN NO WAY dependent on the apostate
    psuedo-religious movement sweeping
    America in the name of the “church”.

    If Christ were walking the earth today,
    a lot of these same “religious” types
    would be the first to demand that He
    be ‘crucified’ — and based merely on
    who He chose as FRIENDS (women,
    gays, foreigners, immigrants, the poor,
    the rejected, the downtrodden, the rich,
    men, old, young, happy, sad, and so on).

    The “evangelicals” (not to be mistaken
    for TRUE FOLLOWERS of Christ) and
    other “church” types have essentially
    hijacked the Christian ‘Faith’ in order to
    turn it into a mammon-worshipping,
    power-mongering, “Religion” of hate.

    These people are more akin to a system of
    ANTI-CHRIST (i.e. “against”-Christ) than
    to anything tied into WHO CHRIST IS.

    Their evil has reached such profound levels
    that even people who know and love Christ
    are turned off from them and their words
    (again proving these “church” types are
    really nothing more than anti-Christ,
    self-righteous Pharisees and are not
    even remotely related to Jesus Christ).

    Never again will I waste my time stepping
    into the psuedo-religious social-club that
    is known as “church” or associate myself
    with the political-clique that is known as
    ‘christianity’ — because FROM NOW ON
    — I realize that I do NOT “need” either
    in order to have a relationship with MY
    LORD JESUS CHRIST (in fact, those
    two entities were actually ‘interfering’
    with my relationship with God)

    (no matter if rich, poor, gay, straight, male,
    female, sickly, healthy and so on) — AND
    CHRIST (not the so-called”church”) IS
    ‘THE DOOR’ and ‘THE WAY’ TO GOD!!





    “For God did NOT send His Son
    into the world – to condemn
    the world, BUT that the world,
    THROUGH HIM, might be SAVED !!!!”

    JESUS CHIST – and *not* the institution known
    as “the church” or the religion called “christianity”