1. JimmyDj says

    I guess her “Bible beliefs” stop when all the Bile stuff against women come up.
    Aren’t women, in the Bible, suppose to be pretty much quiet and uneducated?

  2. Jason (the commenter) says

    I think her real issue is that she doesn’t want to accept that other people accept homosexuality.

    I wonder though, if the school ever intervenes in this manner with students who express anti-Christian views. If anything this should be a discrimination law suit, not one about the first amendment.

  3. James says

    I go to ASU and it’s not exactly the liberal bastion Ms. Keaton (and a lot of local buffoon online newspaper commenters) think it is, but I’m kind of proud of my school for putting her in this remediation plan. There have been other local reports that she believes in gay conversion and other typical fundamentalist beliefs about homosexuality, but I look forward to her one day marrying some ex-gay, along with eating shellfish, or working on the Sabbath or anything else the Bible says we’re not supposed to do.

  4. CJT says

    As a counselor, I’m horrified that she was even accepted into a program. The foundation of counseling is about helping people from an unbiased viewpoint. Personal values and beliefs should NEVER enter into a session. As a counselor you have to do what is best for the CLIENT or STUDENT…that includes NOT imposing your moral code or beliefs. Ethically, if you can not do this, you must refer them to someone who can help from a neutral standpoint and who has the best interest for the client/student. The fact that she does not understand these basic counseling concepts is terrifying, and I hope that she is never a practicing counselor.

  5. MJ says

    Why did she take the course knowing that she has to fulfill the requirements to pass the course. She should enroll at Glenn Beck Univ.

  6. Bobbie says

    The fact that she is on a ‘remediation plan’ for writing and grammar skills makes one wonder if she’s using her ‘Christianity’ as an excuse so she doesn’t get kicked out of the program. The irony is that she looks like and is just as stupid as Jessica Simpson. Praise Jeeeeeebus! Kick the cunt out.. .she probably can’t even spell Homosexual, let alone Remediation Plan or Counseling.

  7. Carl says

    She went to a PUBLIC university, if she did not want her beliefs challenged she should have gone to a religious college. Heaven forbid any of her future clients are gay, women who want an abortion, or do not believe as she does. She will not be an effective counselor, more like a authoritarian mother (Do as I say!).

  8. Matt26 says

    This wouldn’t be possible in Europe (sorry all US readers). People would laugh at her. What a farce. How do you react to people like her? Is she serious? Why did she wanted to be a part of the programme?
    CJT you wrote it so well, I don’t need to try.
    James, she doesn’t do anything the Bible tells not to. I am sure of it (not!).

  9. TampaZeke says

    Oh the humanity!

    The level of oppression, discrimination and abuse that the 85% majority Christians face in this country is staggering.

    Just the other day a woman had a homa-sek-shul STAND IN FRONT OF HER at a loving Christian rally in support of homa-sek-shul aparthide.

    Now this?

    [Start scary music and roll crucifixion scene from Saint Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ]

    [Sweet woman’s voice with great trepidation]

    “We are only weeks, maybe DAYS, away from Christians being rounded up and crucified or thrown to the lions. Their chuldren will be taken away, forced into a life of homaseshality and drafted as footsoldiers in the homa-sek-shul agenda. Those who resist will be thrown into fiery furnaces.”

    [Zoom to the tear stained face of a terrified little girl with a bow in her hair, holding a tattered teddy bear]

    “PLEASE call today with your financial contribution, 1-800-VICTIMS or visit”

    [Scary music crescendos]

    “HURRY, tomorrow may be too LATE!”

    [fade to black]

    Cut and PRINT!

    See how easy it is?

  10. windreader says

    she was probably home schooled, accounting for the belief system and her grammar problems.

    no one is telling her she can not believe a certain way. they are telling her that she can not speak about and impose those beliefs on others. no public school would ever allow her to proselytize to students. there is no room in public education for that.

    I am a therapist and I work closely with a born-again co-worker. she understands the difference between her personal beliefs and pushing an agenda. this bimbo might have faith that not being a homo is in hte best interest of a student, but she has no right to abuse or shame a student in the name of her savior.

    if she believes that it is her mission to provide Christian counseling, go to a Christian college and find work in a private Christian school.

  11. RexTrek says

    1 word describes her – Bim–Bo! She wants attention..hoping she’ll get noticed by the media…waaalaaa – she’s a new carrie Prejean …she’s another reason, and those like her I avoid the south like the plague

  12. JP says

    Silly misguided woman. I know for a fact, all truth and spiritual knowledge eminate from the larger than life sized statue of the Goddess Uma Thurman that I’ve constructed in my garden shed from twigs, mud, moss and composted goat dung. Uma be Praised.

  13. says

    It’s clear that the poor dear’s mind has been closed for quite some time now. I’m gratified that her school stepped up to the plate. From the article, however, it would appear that her “Christian” beliefs aren’t her only problem. Seems that readin’ and writin’ are also problems of hers?

    Worldwide, her Christian beliefs are in the minority. Would be interesting to see her counsel a Muslim, Bhuddist, Hindu, or an atheist. Atheists, btw, make up over 1.1 billion of the earth’s population.

  14. Turlie says

    There’s more to this story, she also got sent to summer school for English and Composition. I will say this, it is people like her that make me feel ashamed that I was raised in a Christian faith. While I don’t practice it anymore, I do hold many principles and practices in my heart and daily life. I was lucky to grow up in home and church that focused on community and giving to “ALL” in need, the 70s-80s. Jennifer certainly lives in a thick vinyl bubble. Next she’s going to say she doesn’t know anyone who is Gay. And when asked how she came to conclusion homosexuality is a choice, shell probably go to the good lord on that one. Which brings me back to my first point. Jennifer should actually go back to remedial reading because not only is she not reading the required text books but she’s not even reading the one book she’s based her life beliefs and opioins on. I am sorry a real Christian reads the bible!!!! People who go to a church and just listen to a preacher spread his opinion of what is written are just lazy people who really don’t care about the truth. We can blame 70 years of television for that. The pioneers of television are rolling over in their graves today (paley, sarnoff, noble, Henry ford and even merril) because how the Christian faith has destroyed the 50 years of credibility they worked so hard to build. The 80s and 70s were such a peaceful time compared to today. There is so much HATE being preached from the pulpit.

  15. says

    they’ll let ANYONE into graduate school these days. What’s next, a christian suing the geology department because they force them to believe that the earth is more than 5000 years old? Hypocritical morons, all of them.

  16. David in Houston says

    Being a counselor at a public university does not involve teaching Christian beliefs. Why she is too stupid to understand that speaks volumes. I love how these people that CHOOSE to be religious think that gives them permission to indoctrinate everyone else. I guess that’s how the evil Christian Agenda™ works.

  17. Lymis says

    “I think the Bible’s teaching is true for all people and it shows the right way to live.”

    Except those pesky parts about loving your neighbor and not judging lest you be judged. And, probably the part about women not talking in church. And the other inconvenient parts.

  18. Abel says

    Yes, the girl is obviously mentally challenged, as well as ignorant and prejudiced. She has minimal Bible knowledge, count on it, and little understanding of what she does have. Sad, sad, sad. She should transfer to some hick Christian school and be their prom queen.

  19. TANK says

    So, if an astronomy student has a ptolemaic understanding of the universe and solar system….s/he should be able to take up valuable class time arguing the position with the teacher and students, or have a little “share time” project in which said view is discussed in front of the class? So it’d be discrimination against this astronomy student’s “beliefs” (even, let’s say, religious beliefs because apparently those are the only kind of beliefs that matter in these united states)…so we need to dispense with education.

    How about faith healing in medical school? “I’m being oppressed because I can’t share the techniques of curing pneumonia patients with prayer with my fellow students!”

    Oh! EVEN BETTER EXAMPLE because it’s something that people of this cunt’s ilk and the liberty defense or whatever fund have been trying to push down the throats of the american public education system…creationism!

    Embarrassingly stupid. These people are shameless and a disgrace to everything good, wholesome, and rational.

  20. jexer says

    Freedom of speech is grand… and the school should in no way inhibit her blathering on about her personal creation mythology, regardless of how absurd.

    Neither should they endorse it. If she can pass the tests and live up to the requirements of the ciriculum, regardless of bias, she should graduate. This “let us help you overcome your biased” nonsense is too coddling, and patronizing.

    She should have flunked out in the 101 course. But schools are businesses now, can’t let those D- students get away, it cuts into your revenue. :-/

  21. jexer says


    “The First Amendment […] limited the scope of banned speech to that which would be directed to and likely to incite imminent lawless action (e.g. a riot).”

    Preaching homophobia seems no different than inciting emminent lawless actions like gay-bashing, which means it is NOT protected by the first amendment. Or shouldn’t be. 😉

  22. Z says

    She has a First Amendment right to her beliefs, but she doesn’t have a First Amendment right to a counseling certification if she’s going to be using methods that violate professional standards.

  23. dizzy spins says

    Blond hair, vacant stare, hateful values? She’ll be a commentator on Fox News in 3 months!

  24. mike says

    With this bad PR, she has just ruined her chance to be hired by anyone in a role of counselor.

    Dumb ignorant bigot

  25. Bart says

    Very simple. Flunk her. She’s taking the course, the school teaches something she doesn’t want to accept, flunk her.

    And in the letter, I would say, “We are not a religious school and this is a counseling education program not a “What does Jennifer Keaton believe” program. Even simpler, it’s not what YOU believe, it’s what WE teach…and since you could not accept nor obviously learn that you have failed the course.”

    This won’t stand a chance in the courts. Because every student could dictate the education they receive by simply stating that they didn’t learn something because it’s against their beliefs and therefore against their first amendment rights to have to say it, learn it, accept it. It’s hogwash. And lazy. And this girl is an idiot.

  26. Chris says

    What’s funny is she probably thinks we should have prayer in school and force the non-religeous students to just suck-it-up and deal with it.

  27. Roman Bolliger says

    Unfortunately a lot of Americans are literally intoxicated by an absolutely unsane form of “Christianity”. Their vision is blurred, their thinking is corrupted and their heart is cold.

    Jennifer Keeton represents very well the specimen of the barbielike, industrially produced, brainless “Christian” clone.

  28. woodroad34d says

    How long has she been going to that school and didn’t realize where they were coming from in that department? Doesn’t she have the option of graduating from a different university that teaches more in line with her mutable beliefs? Her credits aren’t transferrable?

  29. sdgman says

    Aaahhhh… the next wannabe Carrie Prejean. I’m sure this dizzy bitch will go around crying to anyone who’ll listen to her about how she’s the victim of the “gay agenda”. Her religious rights are being trampled on, her first amendment freedom to be a bigot yadayadayada.

    Someone will marry her, she’ll begin a brood of a whole new generation of bigoted haters, and hopefully, one or two of them will be gay, and she’ll have to reconcile her hatred.

  30. johnny says

    It’s not really important that she accept gays, it’s only important that she TOLERATE them, have a neutral outward attitude and try to help them in their best interests, NOT hers.

    Pretty much the same way we have to TOLERATE bigoted, self-important, religious, narcissistic wingnuts on a daily basis.

  31. candideinnc says

    It does pose a quandry, I suppose. The woman, deluded as she obviously is, is entitled to her beliefs (based on superstition though they may be) regarding homosexuality. I would say that since her beliefs lead her to think that the life of an active gay is “evil” and unhealthy, she would not be able to ever treat or counsel gay people according to the standards of her profession. The APA and national couneling societies maintain that helping the gay to accept his or her orientation is the proper approach for the counselor.

    Does this mean that homophobic evangelicals are necessarily prohibited from careers in the mental health field? How can they practice in a profession that teaches practices anathema to their religious beliefs? Or can they simply pick and choose among the counseling practices which concepts best suit their religious ideology? I must admit, if I were a teacher of counseling and had a student like this girl, I wouldn’t know what to do with her. I would certainly never want to turn her loose on any clients.

  32. Rich says

    It sounds like her writing skills suck (and perhaps her reading skills, too) – I’d imagine that her grades are pretty marginal. She’s probably using the gay stuff as a way to prevent removal from the program that could happen anyway regarding the other remediation. Someone whould tell her that the Bible is not big on adornments like all that makeup and probably would frown on botox (she has that “no facial expression” look).

    Counselor education program are notoriously easy with low bars to admission. If she’s doing poorly there, she’s probably not exactly a rocket scientist.

  33. Sam says

    Sorry young woman, but to cousel someone is not to correct them and make them comply with your religious beliefs. My hat goes off to the school for pushing this. It will be interesting to see how long the school holds on.

  34. ranchdad says

    She is going to lose and she is getting bad advice. Someone tell her and her so called religious nut jobs to go and read the CLS case that the SCOTUS just rendered an opinion on. Beliefs don’t mean squat….

  35. Adam says

    She reminds me of the pharmacists who don’t want to fill certain prescriptions, or the cops who don’t want to protect women entering abortion clinics because it “conflicts with their personal beliefs.”

    Um, read the job description, people. I’m fairly sure it has nothing to do with your personal beliefs.

  36. Oregonian says

    Click on “Identity Crisis” up above and read the Agusta newspaper’s reader comments – they’re all backing HER. The south can sometimes be so scary!

  37. TampaZeke says

    @MATT26 – “This wouldn’t be possible in Europe (sorry all US readers). People would laugh at her.”

    Really? So what’s this all about:

    Last I checked, England was still considered part of Europe.

    And I’m sure similar instances are occurring across Europe. After all Italy and Poland and Lithuania and many other countries are also still a part of Europe.

  38. leaseyi says

    I don’t think anyone is trying to force her to accept anything. Most people in most public institutions and some private corporations have to take diversity and sensitivity training. The point of the training is not to change who you are, but to help you to express your honest opinions without intentionally offending others.

    Also, I think the school makes a valid point. As a counselor she will come into contact with people who are gay or feel that they might be gay or have some kind of issues that points back to homesexuality. If she has no point of reference, she is not going to be able to effectively counsel them.

    I think she has a case though, if she can prove that she is the only student in the counseling program that has to complete remediation or that non-Christian counseling student do NOT have to complete remediation.

  39. g_whiz says

    I’m going to go ahead and call the bullshit card. Therapists and councelors taking a religiously conservative stance when regarding key issues like homosexuality does go against big part of the present thinking on mental health. Its like a psychology major objecting to homosexuality being taken off the list of mental health disorders in the DSMIV. An individual can have any number of spiritual beliefs on their personal time, but to ignore the science/theoretical tennants of the profession you’re studying just because you’re Christian…doesn’t make you a very objective member of said profession.

  40. G IN CT says

    Kudos to ASU for clearly drawing the line between objectivity and proselytizing in the counseling profession. My born-again brother, who is otherwise very well-spoken and can write and think critically, graduated from a respected counseling program about 11 years ago and was in the process of looking for positions. Having friends who are therapists, social workers, and guidance counselors, I know that state certification boards often require prospective counselors to face a panel of experts who throw random difficult situations at them to see how they might perform on the job. So when I asked my brother how he would handle a suicidal gay male teen coming to him for guidance, he told me that he would tell him that being gay is wrong. I then asked him what he might do if that teen walked out of his office and into the middle of the street to get run over, after some sparing I reminded him that I was once suicidal coming out in high school in the 80s, and the guidance counselor in whom I confided, though visibly uncomfortable, did not judge me and helped me at a very difficult time. That conversation/argument ultimately moderated my brother’s views and understanding and he is much more accepting of gay people in general, as much as he respects and honors his responsibilities as a counselor in a public high school. So it is most encouraging to see that ASU is taking decisive action to defend the professional integrity of its counseling program, and we can only hope that this highlights how crucial it is that counselors maintain appropriate boundaries between their personal beliefs and their professional obligations when entrusted with those in need.

  41. qjersey201 says

    Well no one has brought this up yet.

    Counseling programs are accredited by the American Psychological Association whose position is clear on homosexuality and is the same position that ASU has taken.

    Not sure if ASU is accredited…regardless, it’s clear she’s a dipshit. Not exactly well spoken, perhaps that english remediation would have helped.

    And has she done anything about her obvious body image problem? Girl looks anorexic.

  42. says

    Why are Jennifer and her “christian beliefs” going to a secular school? If she wants to ooze her beliefs onto others, she should do it at a solely christian college or campus.
    Telling people like Jennifer to go to a gay pride parade is absurd. The woman has never been out of this country; she’s probably never left her ass backwards state.
    The only way to get perspective on yourself and the world is to travel. Too bad she is not that curious. If only each pilgrim had a passport, things would be so different in this country.

  43. TANK says

    A major donor to the alliance defense fund is erik dean prince…owner of the mercenary firm blackwater, now Xe. ADF is an evil organization to its core, funded by religious extremist mass murdering thugs.

  44. says

    The school’s actions have very little to do with this vain, grandstanding woman; they were taken in accordance with educational guidelines that ensure that the patients whom graduates of the school eventually treat are assured of having a counselor who will not–whatever his or her beliefs and however they accord or don’t with those of the patient–be harmful to the psychological development or recovery of the patient. A counselor who believes, because of her idiosyncratic conservative religious-political upbringing, that a particular set of patients’ sexual practices make them inhuman cannot treat patients, and particularly not patients who are not [stably-developed, comfortably sexual, obviously heterosexual] Christians, without putting her patients’ lives at grave risk.

    Allowing this woman who doesn’t “accept” homosexuality (whatever that means) to work with people who (1) may not have a stable sense of their orientation and (2) more importantly, often already want to kill themselves–i.e., allowing her to graduate as a minted practitioner and work on her own–would be grossly irresponsible on the school’s part, something like a medical school graduating a student who had moral objections to the courses on the endocrine system: a couple years later, when somebody dies because she doesn’t know what a testis is, it’s the school’s reputational ass; it’s the school that’s judged to have been irresponsible. Letting this woman on the street not having passed these competencies is only slightly less dangerous than handing her a machete and telling her it’s the End of Days.

  45. Matt says

    ASU absolutely has a right to set reasonable benchmarks for its degrees and programs. Those in charge of the program believe that a certain level of education about homosexuality and inclusiveness are necessary for a counselor. Imagine if a person studying biology sued because they didn’t want to take a course in evolution. You can believe whatever you want, but you can’t demand accreditation in a field that requires mastery of certain knowledge if you refuse to study that information.

  46. gregorybrown says

    Jesse: I suppose some would respond that Christians have a DUTY to place themselves among others who are not enlightened by Salvation, to witness by speaking to the unbelievers, and to endure the vilification that she’s facing at ASU and here. that said, I think that she ought to have found some other place and some other carer path. A Christian who gets the underlying message would understand that love is more important than judgement, and a counselor can perform ethically without compromising that. This poor woman doesn’t understand much of anything, apparently.

  47. says

    She says the school is forcing her to abandon her beliefs? Well hell, she’s abandoning her beliefs by being in school according to 1 Timothy 2:12. What a hypocritical twit.

  48. Randy says

    It doesn’t matter what your “deeply held beliefs” are.

    You don’t attend university to share your beliefs with others. This isn’t The View. You go there primarily to learn from experts. They say what the standards are, and if you can’t meet them, tough.

    You can’t get a degree in physics if you claim the earth is flat.

    You can’t get a degree in biology if you claim evolution doesn’t exist.

    I think the school has gone out of their way to accommodate her. I think in most cases, BS like this is dealt with by a score of F-.

  49. bigolpoofter says

    I hope that the school monitors Miss Keaton’s dietary habits to see how many cheeseburgers and lobsters she ingests in violation of the dietary law which Jesus followed. As others have state, if Miss Keaton wanted to put her religious beliefs ahead of professional standards and the well-being of her clients, she should have enrolled at Liberty, Oral Roberts, Patrick Henry, or another school that puts narrow dogma ahead of pluralism and professionalism. I’m sure that one of them has a scholarship with her name on it now.

  50. TANK says

    In other words, brown, that christians have a duty to recruit more christians. the meme surviving. It’s ironic, but predictable, that hypocrites always accuse others of doing what they do…especially in this case, when it’s false.

    Love is judgment for a christian.

  51. sparks says

    If she believes the bible is the way to live for “all people” and she wants to counsel others according to the bible’s teachings, there already exists such a career field.

    It’s called the clergy.

    Should we be surprised that a student who has attended 12+ years of school and 4+ years of college yet still doesn’t have a firm grasp on writing and grammar, would manage to pick the wrong school and wrong major?

  52. Blaz says

    As someone who just graduated with my Masters in Education for community counseling I can attest to how common this story is. There were multiple people in my program who believe as she believes and would vehemently attack anyone who challenged them not to believe in conversion therapy (Which the american psychological association has denounced) or to be sensitive to the special issues affecting homosexuals. This is in Oklahoma mind you. All but one of the students ended up leaving the program because they felt as if their “beliefs were being called into questioned.” They all went to religious private schools to become “Christian counselors.”

    I think this is a sick problem. No counselors should be allowed to have any bias. It is the nature of the craft. One must be neutral, loving, and empathetic. The only time people seem to be excluded from this practice is if they are Christian and then (talk about “special rights”) they cry that they are being oppressed and get passed through to do danger out in the world.

    If you want to preach, then become a pastor. If you want to council you have to open to the fact that everyone has a different life and value sets and you must support them in ways they feel most comfortable. The counseling room is not for preaching.

  53. Graham Anderson says

    I hope whoever penned:

    ” According to the remediation plan, program directors are concerned about Keeton’s ability to effectively council people … ”

    … gets remedial lessons in spelling too!

    Its “counsel” :)

  54. ravewulf says

    Anyone else look at her and see Ann Coulter Jr?

    Anyway, it is true that you cannot be an effective counselor if you are trying to push your “Christian views” on your patients. To me it looks as if she is not at all cut out for the job and should seek another area of study.

  55. gayalltheway says

    Carrie Prejean 2.0.

    Another fame whore who wants her 15 seconds of “fame”. Well, let’s shine the spotlight on her and expose all her dirty little secrets.

  56. Sean says

    She may eventually graduate, but no state board is going to license her based on this incident.

  57. Steve says

    She can believe whatever she wants, but she is responsible for the mental well-being of her clients/patients. If she lets her religion get in the way, that can actually harm people. Especially with gay people who are probably struggling with themselves.

  58. sammyseattle says

    “I’m not willing to, and I know I can’t change my biblical views.” No one has asked her to do that . What they’ve asked it for her to understand that as a couselor it is unethical for her to use those views in advising students. Empathy is crucial in counselling, this young woman refused to acknowledge that fact.

  59. Roger says

    she’s like an alchemist suing a chemical company for making her go take a chemistry course that goes against her beliefs before they will hire her.

    The need for a remediation course shows that she’s not suited for the course.

  60. Stephen says

    i agree she as home schooled (AKA brainwashed) but if she want to council people her beliefs stop at the door and the other person’s are there important ones.

  61. Eliska says

    It would be like me going to a Christian college and sueing them for forcing me to believe in God.

    She should go to a Christian college .

    I fear she would use her ‘skills ‘ in her job to convert homosexuals and save them.

  62. says

    If she wants to counsel students based on her, personal, Christian beliefs than she should find a Christian graduate program and a Christian school to counsel at. Otherwise, this is not a good look…

  63. Darren says

    Ta da.. Now Crowning the New Miss Georgia!!!

    Save me the speech sweetheart. You’re a cute little minded idiot looking for an excuse to get a degree out of a state school because you can’t pass your classes. tsk tsk.

    Shame on you. Shame. Shame. Shame on you.

    Signed, a fellow Georgian

  64. breckroy says

    Bitch, please. I have had a dozen or so counselors in the last 20 years (moved a lot due to the military) and even Christian chaplains and I’m sure many of htem shared some variation of this girl’s beliefs, but they NEVER ever showed me anything other than neutrality and a complete lack of judgement, which was essential to their earning my trust and my effectively dealing with my own personal issues (non-sexual orientation related). I’ve made tremendous strides in dealing with my own bi-polar disorder and troubled childhood thanks to some great counselors, and I couldn’t tell you where ANY of them stand on any issue, let alone homosexuality. Even if she wants to be a “Christian” counselor (which makes me laugh, since I’m a devout Christian and share no part of her ideology of hate), she still needs to approach every situation neutrally until she has enough information for a treatment plan. Sorry, bitch, suck it up or find a new line of work…but don’t demand a degree just so you can use it to give legitimacy to your new vocation in reparative therapy or what-not.

  65. clive coogan says

    She belongs on a greased pole at a strip club with that skanky eyeshadow and cfm hair.

  66. Blake says

    Are you serious? How could the even let someone like that into that type of program? There are hundreds of confused kids out there that look to counselors for help and guidence….talk about driving the teen suicide rate up….I’d sue that bitch if she said something to drive my kid over the edge…oh and by the way…homosexuality is NOT a choice!

  67. TANK says

    Let this be a lesson to ya. Only see people for “therapy” who can legally prescribe medication. I had lotsa fun with these folks throughout my childhood and adolescence…games, games, and more games with “therapists”. Psychiatrists are where it’s at…a lot less room to play funny games with (but room, nonetheless!). that is, if you want a solution to yo probs.

    Then again, no one can help ya who’s dumber than yarrrr! ARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. says

    How is Buffy the Bigot-Enabler supposed to be an effective Counselor? Quite a few people go and see their school guidance counselors due to Sexual Identity issues. What’s she going to do then? Give them a packet of razor blades?

  69. says

    Gee, maybe if she wins the lawsuit she can squeak out of those “classes to improve writing and grammar skills” that are also part of her “remediation plan.” Maybe the court will even decide it’s a violation of free speech to “force” a student to write complete sentences in order to get a passing grade on a term paper. Or would that be freedom of the press? Instead of earning my degrees, I see now that I could have just sued for them. What a timesaver that would have been. I’m always fascinated by people who think free speech means they have the right to say anything anywhere without consequences. Free speech doesn’t give this person a right to join my profession while refusing to become competent at it, any more than freedom of religion gives me a right to sue for membership in her church while refusing to give up my sinful “lifestyle.”

    Jeanne Courtney
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  70. Tom in Long Beach says

    I thank my lucky stars/fate/God that when I was in my early 20 struggling with my sexuality and faith I talked to some sane clergy that realized I had not chosen to feel attracted to men. They gave me some sane books and told me to have a happy life. Perhaps it was luck of the draw that I did not waste decades with some loony ex gay bull crap.
    What really irks me about some “christians” is that they just love their simple answers to other’s complex problems.

    Tom in Long Beach

  71. sputnik says

    Good for her.

    Regardless of her religious views she is standing by a sound psychological theory of why people are gay. Not only are they suffering from identity crisis they are also being lied to by any professional who convinces them that they are born gay.

    There is no gay gene and the lie that gays are born gay has been perpetuated for far too long. It’s about time society started honestly addressing the issue.

  72. Eliot says

    Living the life of a Christian is to be living the life the way Jesus would. What was that Jesus said about casting that first stone again? He loved everyone, don’t pick and choose scriptures, read the whole book. It’s about love and compassion NOT HATE!!!!!

  73. rickg says

    First point and only point as has been underlined in many comments thus far. It she’s that far right, why did she choose a secular university. Certainly Bob Jones University would compliment her thinking and would mold it into one narrow track that would afford her only “christian” clients. She needs to transfer to a biased, opinionated school for her “liberal” arts education. Hhmmnn

  74. riem says

    Straight woman weighing in here—this ignoramus has got me LIVID …if I had her phone number, I would go Mel Gibson on her! If American gays and lesbians started suing every institution that denied them their basic human rights, never mind Constitutional rights, the entire country would collapse!

  75. darkmoonman says

    Seems to me that she has pretty much held onto her unreasoned homophobia. So she hasn’t been forced to accept homosexuality.

    I can only hope that at the end of this Xtian bruhaha, she has no accreditation as a counselor anywhere.

  76. ty says

    Don’t forget Adam made Eve from one of his ribs, so technically she is a transsexual… Wa, Wa, Wa

  77. Craig says

    My dear, unless you’ve been forced to be a lesbian, you haven’t been forced to accept homosexuality, now have you.

    God forbid that you were asked to be tolerant of others whom you do not understand. As a 50 year old, spare me the wisdom of your youth on a topic you make no effort to grasp.

    You, my dear young lady, are clearly an egotistical, immature idiot who will undoubtedly learn much from the school of hard knocks. Good luck on your first lesson.

    Yes, Virginia, there is a life outside of your bigoted little church. In the real world, no one cares about what your views are. Sorry. Life is like that, get used to it. You have nothing to teach anyone. You know nothing as yet. Call me again when you’re 70.

  78. Katie says

    Lot’s of losers; I guess they even have the freedom to become counselors and stuff. God bless America JK LOL

  79. Ed says

    sad…………dangerous, and there are so many of those horrible fanatic “religious ” people all over, they are ignorants !,
    and what its worse they have a lot of power these days …scary !

  80. Pete says

    Her beliefs are not being compromised, they are asking her to be more sensative to gays. She is not being asked to changer her beliefs, only to approach the situation with more sensativity and if that is the assignment for the class OR program, then she should follow through. Hopefully the school does not settle.

  81. M says

    Awww, poor baby. They actually wanted her to learn the course work associated with her major.

    Anyone have the time to explain to her that she’s the reason christians get stereotyped as stupid, batshit, bigots?

  82. amy says

    I really hope the judge looks at her and laughs. the only thing this bitch needs is a lesbian to show her what a man cant do

  83. P says

    This girl needs to be dismissed from graduate school. She’s clearly a stupid stuck-up bitch who has NO right to counsel anyone. Someone like that as a counselor could only do more harm than good. What a fucking idiot.

  84. Ao says

    1) I’m uncomfortable with how many of these comments make essentially sexist judgments against this woman. “Bimbo” etc are great ways to express hatred based more or less on the fact that she is pretty, blond, and female. Don’t do that, you look as biased as she.

    2) Gotta love her fear of “altering (sic) her beliefs”. Doesn’t it suck when you are coerced to change who you are by some faceless majority? Oh, wait, that’s exactly what she advocates for gay people. Damn, how does that work out?

  85. Esperando says

    This reminds me of Carrie Prejean crying “discrimination” because her rambling, incoherent, factually inaccurate (“Well I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one way or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.” Actually we don’t, just ask the voters that passed prop 8 and dozens of CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS banning same-sex marriage, or the legislators that drafted the DOMA.) speech praising the exclusion of same sex couples from society and secure family life didn’t automatically net her a miss America crown. Christians do indeed have a right to hold whatever belief they like, but that right does not extend to the content of their beliefs. Beliefs have consequences, and if those consequences materially interfere with the performance of a job, then they cannot be countenanced. A Christian who believes, based on literal interpretations of scripture, that the world is flat and has corners, should not be teaching earth science and geography. A Christian who reads the story of Phinehas and Paul’s epistles as banning interracial marriage shouldn’t be a marriage counselor. Likewise, when a gay teen who is mercilessly bullied at his high school turns to his counselor for support, he shouldn’t find someone who is more sympathetic to his bullies than to him. All of our rights extend only so far as they do not violate the rights of others. That principle applies even when those others are gay.

  86. Chad says

    What an echo chamber of idiots. Her case rests on the same legal premises that protects homosexuals, and despite the fact that her beliefs appear anti-gay, this story grossly misrepresents what she said. She claims to have never supported conversion therapy, and to have had no intention of expressing her private beliefs to gays; rather, she candidly stated that she would refer homosexuality issues to another qualified counselor–a stance well within the province of ethical licensing requirements.

    The issue is this: She was given in an “A” in a diversity class about sensitivity to homosexuals, but then, on the grounds of simply being candid about her private beliefs, she was also assigned a remediation plan for the exact same set of issues. Her stance is that she need only be able to keep her personal beliefs separate from how she treats her professional clients, but if her claim is true, the ASU faculty told her she had to change her personal beliefs.

    I would think homosexuals, who have endured enough silencing and oppression, would be able to be sympathetic to the woman’s plight without malinging her as “bimbo” etc., even if her personal beliefs happen to chafe a bit.

    What a day. Now my fellow gays are bigots too. At least I bothered to read her complaint before making up my mind. Maybe she’s lying (who knows?), but if she’s telling the truth, her rights were definitely violated, whether I like her beliefs or not.

  87. Teresa says

    Oh my goodness. God forbid Christians hold a differing POV (In her case it was in their College classes- not even on the job) then to support the agenda being ramrodded down everyone’s throat, to affirm the gays! My word people, since when did agreeing with everyone else become a legal issue, practically? Our world is built on many differing thoughts by numerous people. You would think that the only way anyone in the world can make it is if they are flipping robots that parrot the same stuff! We live in a world with many views and thoughts- except the Christian, when they dispense theirs. Persecution free grounds for everyone one else- except the Christian.
    You people would paint a picture of a snarling growling lunatic, but that is not what you have here is it? Instead you see a Calm, Well Dressed, Well Spoken, Soft Hearted Woman who knows what she believes, and is not willing to give up because wicked people are pushing her.
    She spent the money to acquire this education of hers; it is not as though this Mickey Mouse University gave her the Classes/Credits FOR FREE! What a bunch of jerks! How dare they tell her what she can believe? How dare they send her to a Gay “Pride” Parade, where she gets to see sick twisted people insert their penis’ into each other’s butt holes, bc you know that is what that part of the body is for! It is against nature. I hope to God she wins her law suit and there is some kind of punitive damages. If she does the course work, and she pays for the classes, give her freaking certificate! What are you going to have all the colleges do a survey on all political and religious topics to see if you can keep people from gaining their educational degrees, even though they are not free! What a joke. Thanks for perpetuating that America is looking and acting more like Germany Hitler style. (Believe what he state believes are you are out!)

  88. T mommy says

    Freedom of speech is grand… and the school should in no way inhibit her blathering on about her personal creation mythology, regardless of how absurd.

    Neither should they endorse it. If she can pass the tests and live up to the requirements of the ciriculum, regardless of bias, she should graduate. This “let us help you overcome your biased” nonsense is too coddling, and patronizing.

    She should have flunked out in the 101 course. But schools are businesses now, can’t let those D- students get away, it cuts into your revenue. :-/

    Posted by: jexer | Jul 24, 2010 11:55:03 AM
    What a nut. You know what her grades are then? She is getting a certificate not on a Associate level, not on a Bachelors, but Masters! Did you research that? She isn’t getting D-, you bigoted weenie!

  89. T mommy says

    No GAy Bashing Allowe, but all the Christian Bashing allowed! We are in fact the most tolerant people on the face of the earth,( The gay commuinity)

    IN fact, if you don’t agree with our views, we won’t let your comments stand either! BC We are so tolerant. Now, let me paint that on a sign in rainbow colors….

  90. TANK says

    chad and teresa perfectly illustrate how the radical right (and that’s exactly what they are–arch conservative christian bigots who believe that only their beliefs matter) meet the radical left (“Intolerance of intolerance is intolerance not be tolerated!”)…and that’s why both are my enemies. Notice they can’t even get it off the ground without lying. This student wanted a platform to preach about her unscientific religious views on human sexuality (to take up class time discussing them, and disadvantage others who haven’t the inclination to listen to her blatherings, by forcing them to be accomplice to her “beliefs”), and explicitly stated that her views compel her to promote nonscientific harmful therapies on others in defiance of the APA’s official position.

    is science a democracy? Hell no. Is psychology a science?

  91. Frank says

    Actually, it was Timothy, one of your lesser known apostles who thought that women should stay quiet in the church. Jesus himself said nothing that showed that God regarded either sex above the other, in fact quite the opposite. I think other posters should quell their anger and stop with the misogamy if they themselves expect understanding, they shouldn’t vent their anger on one half of the worlds population by using derogatory and dehumanizing terms. Otherwise they will face the same and should not expect any better. if you deal it out, you will receive it.

  92. Matthew says

    “…According to the remediation plan, program directors are concerned about Keeton’s ability to effectively council people who are gay or lesbian, citing class papers and comments where Keeton has disagreed with the gay “lifestyle.” ”

    I’m sorry…but I don’t see what she has done wrong. Has she mis-counseled someone? I have searched on the web for more information on this story and have not found anything further than the above quoted claim. If there’s more to the claim than concern over comments she’s made and papers she’s written, then reporters need to do a better job reporting them.


    Does the fact that one disagrees with another’s viewoint automatically disqualify them from being able to counsel them? Does it make one incapable of counseling someone? Of course the answer is NO. We all have biases. No one lives their life without opinions or beliefs one way or the other.

    Using the logic of those who are critical of her, then the case can be made that they are being just as bigoted and unaccepting of her viewpoints as they claim she is being of theirs. Its called “the pot calling the kettle black”.

  93. Thinker says

    Hi All! Wow… so many extraordinarily hateful comments! What a bunch of intolerant bigots on this site.

  94. msnow says

    Regardless of your stance on this situation, communicate yourself in a professional way if you want to be taken seriously. The therapist who called the girl a “bimbo” isn’t professional or appropriate. I wouldn’t want to see a therapist who would call me names like that just because we didn’t agree on something. Agree or disagree, that is fine. However why resort to name calling and making assumptions about this student?

  95. Jay-Derrick says

    “I’m not willing to and I know I can’t change my biblical views.”

    Yet, you believe homosexuality is a choice?! WOW! Ignorant!

    The Breakdown: No one asked you to change your personal beliefs…you are being asked to be more tolerant of “other lifestyles.”

    How do you honestly expect to counsel or educate and LGBT student when you think they are making immoral choices that you don’t condone?!
    (aka…that’s why you are being asked to take the sensitivity training also)

    This story is so ridiculous…why don’t we just let Hitler or KKK leaders become counselors? Wouldn’t that serve the same purpose?

  96. Jon D says

    Wow…amazing the level of hatred I see here. “suck it up redneck cunt whore. I hope she dies in a fire”.

    Comments like this really help your cause. The thought police will see that she either caves to the radical gay agenda or is hanged in the town square.