1. says

    If anal sex is so bad for guys, it’s just as bad (worse?) for women. So they should push hard to make it 100%, specifically illegal as a sex act in all 50 states, regardless of who’s getting it. And see how many God-fearing Christians support that.

  2. Disgusted American says

    Ummm, excuse me..but NOT All Gay people are into anal sex….just like NOT ALL str8 people Hate Anal a matter of fact..ALOT of men..”Bargain” with thier wives/girlfriends to Get some sex from the rear…MOst str8 porn I’ve ever seen, has plenty of anal sex. …this pastor/mollestor needs to READ a Book by Dr Ruth, and the Pleasures of Human Sexuality….and of course Hygiene.

  3. candideinncc says

    He just never learned how to do it right. I am sure there are others in the rectory who can show him how.

  4. Alco says

    What about urinary track infections, are they also a result of traditional intercourse?

  5. Chris K says

    Sex god approves = Middle-aged married couple (preferably ugly, so as to not arouse too much excitement) strictly in missionary position under the covers in bed in pitch black darkness without any contraceptives with only the man having an orgasm.

    Oh and a priest assraping a minor. Almost forgot.

  6. Dusty says

    Have any of you had or even know anyone who has had a gastrointestinal affliction due to anal sex?

    I’m not big on anal sex, but I can’t think of this ever coming up with anyone I know.

  7. Matt26 says

    When a pastor speaks about anal sex in public I actually don’t know how to react. It is almost too weird!
    This NOM Tour is a triumph making ridiculous statements. Is someone (not here but “out there”) really taking these seriously?
    Matthew and Alco – yeah!

  8. Bart says

    Okay, straight up — this guy is fucking nuts. Period. He’s totally completely crazy and shouldn’t be teaching anywhere. Embarrassingly ignorant, ignorant doctrine. Talk about living out of “woundedness.”

    “If you ask any scientist they won’t tell you that people are born gay.” Really?? Please bring up every scientist and let’s ask, Father. I think you’ll find that well, you’re full of shit. Completely.

    I find it interesting that he talks about heterosexual sex as the ultimate bonding then also out of the otherside of his mouth he talks about the wholeness of celebacy.

    I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for one of these people to make a logical, substantial argument for their side instead of rushing back to ancient religious dogma and even more repulsivelly arrogant, speaking for God.

  9. candideinncc says

    I was married for 15 years. By the end of that time, I really disliked the idea of heterosexual sex. Somewhere during that time I found it necessary to fantasize about sex with men to be able to perform. I have two great kids from that relationship. Just because I disliked heterosexual activity doesn’t make me want to keep my kids from enjoying it. And had one of them turned out to be gay (which they didn’t) I would certainly hope they would enjoy gay sex to the fullest. So in answer to your rhetorical question, would we want our children to participate in that act? Sure. Why the hell not. Especially when one loves the other party with whom we are having sex, it can be a transcendingly loving act.

  10. Disgusted American says

    …hmmm, how does he know he’s supposedly Hetero..if he’s celebate? Dithering young girls there father? Notice how he couldn’t just say “NO” the question of whether he’s ever had Homosexual thoughts? ..inztead he ends the interview acted all

  11. mark says

    What does the bible say about cock on cock sex, NOTHING so i guess thats ok and wanking you cock between a guys but cheecks? nothing.

    If anel sex is done on a cleaned out butt with safe lube and done right thn it can be really good so i can only guess that this c**t has done it wrond so maybe he should read a sex book and get a clue.

  12. Sane Soul says

    The tell-tale flecks of spittle and froth around his mouth (at 2.00 onward) are classic.
    Paging Dr Freud… paging Dr Freud….

  13. MT says


    I think up until recently anal sex was actually illegal. Isn’t that what the sodomy laws were about?

  14. says

    Prior to modern healthcare, large numbers of women died during childbirth and its complications- a direct result of heterosexual sex.

  15. D.R.H. says

    As a pastor, I thought he would have know that Mary was only a virgin if you don’t count anal sex.

  16. SammySeattle says

    I talked to my doctor about all these things I’ve heard about the prevelance of gastrointestinal issues in gay men (I’ve never had any and haven’t heard about them from other gay men.). He told me, and I quote, “It’s a bunch of bullshit made up by anti-gay bigots.”

  17. candideinncc says

    Heterosexuals suffer a variety of potential ailments from the sex act–vaginal tears, STDs, miscarriages. The fact is that there are potential health risks to sex, both hetero and homo. Singling out gay sex practices and warning of the risks is nothing more than concern trolling.

  18. jomicur says

    “[In homosexual acts] you cannot have a full union of bodies and soul. You cannot have the fruition of children from love.”

    But you can have that if you take a vow of celibacy. Right. Why haven’t I realized that before?

    (Not that I believe for a moment that priests are really celibate, mind you. I learned better when I was a seminarian.)

  19. David in Houston says

    Where are these schools where innocent children are being taught about oral and anal sex? Oh, that’s right. That’s not happening ANYWHERE! That pastor is a fucking liar, all in the name of God. Children are not being taught about sex at all. It’s the usual BS… “Won’t someone think of the children!” — At one point he actually realizes that he’s being hypocritical about sodomy when he acknowledges that heterosexuals also partake of it. Then he tries to steer the discussion back to traditional intercourse.

  20. says

    It doesn’t matter whether someone chooses to be gay or is born gay. Either way, we still deserve equal protection under the civil law.

    This idiot needs to be banned from any sort of reasonable public discourse.

  21. rjp3 says

    If we use another person for pleasure – their dignity is reduced.

    So this guy does not realize men get pleasure when they are on the receiving end of anal sex.

    GOD the stupidity is pathetic.

    Absolutely he is against blowjobs of any kind.

  22. rjp3 says

    so what experience did this guy have that made him hate sex ???

    looks like he could be gay because of the way he does his hair ?

  23. tony x says

    Never had a homosexual thought ???
    Guess he did not want to lie.
    Not inappropriate at all.
    Except he thinks he is SPECIAL and SUPERIOR.


  24. Swampmeet says

    “Father Becker gets very flustered when he’s asked if he’s ever had a homosexual thought. I wonder why.”

    Just as with the sad old preacher at the NOM rally in Indy, I’m starting to think that we have met the enemy, and he was, once or twice, just like us. We need to do a better job rescuing our gay brothers (and sisters?) from this kind of hate, then maybe they won’t need to turn on us.

  25. James says

    I love that when asked about being born gay he uses all his substantial powers of reason and logic to determine, based on the available research, that no scientific findings would allow him to draw that conclusion.

    How can somebody have such powers of reason, such intellectual prowess, yet dedicate their life to a man in the clouds that controls everything?

    I don’t hate religions, but I hate when people use faith as a defense mechanism against the things in the world that frighten them.

  26. TANK says

    WTF does this limp dicked bigot know about pounding tush? All’s I know is that when it’s me doing it, it’s a heavenly act…I mean, “oh my god” comes up like fifty times.

  27. qjersey says

    on any given day, more straight men are having anal sex with women than all the gay men in the world.

  28. anon says

    Ever been in one of those awkward situations when there are ten guys in a hot tub and they’re all either tops or bottoms? Ugh. Happens way too frequently in my book.

  29. says

    I can any religious leader say that God didn’t create something. Then they say that God created everything. This is the same petty thinking that gets people to believe that God himself sent a man to Earth to live among the people and be their savior. Forget about the bajillions of everything else in the universe. God only cares about what I do with my cawk.

  30. Tre says

    Anal sex massages the prostate and therefor reduces the risk of an enlarged prostate. Many heterosexuals enjoy anal sex – should their marriages be invalidated ?
    This guy is OBSESSED with the bedroom activities of gay men. HE IS GAY. Period. He needs therapy, not a platform.

  31. Karl says

    Isn’t homophobia a leading cause of hemorrhoids in men? All that clenching, never relaxed. It’s unnatural.

  32. Eoin M says

    Funny because I see a LOT of comments from straight men who make comments about actresses and good-looking/hot chicks of how they’d do her in the ass. It is always ‘asshole’ sex talk with straight men, why is this? And yet gays get linked to anal sex constantly and straight men get a free pass though many talk about it constantly re: women.

  33. yeahisaidit says

    I thought anal between straights was a form of birth control, that’s what some breeders have told me…Also, besides that, one time what a straight business partner told me was, “You have to be careful, once you hit her from the back, she won’t let you get no mo’ pussy…” He threw back his head and roared with laughter. I was floored but widely grinned at his candor.

  34. walter says

    the good father has probably had more than gay thoughts and fantasies. he is probably had gay sex. seems to know a lot about anal
    intercourse and it seems to be on his mind a lot. this guy has probably spent more time
    on his knees and not in prayer.

  35. BobN says

    “Heterosexuals suffer a variety of potential ailments from the sex act–vaginal tears, STDs, miscarriages.”

    … inflated egos, insufferable superiority complexes…

  36. Josh says

    Try before you by Mr Priest !!

    Oh !! He’s a doctor too … Dam these GOD people are smart for narrow minded folk.

    Having your house cleaned by a white person wasn’t normal for some time there.

    Lets suppress every good time out life !!

    Geez what a shock if they got it wrong when they get to “the Heaven”.

    I have heard that Jesus preached LOVE ONE ANOTHER !! …. everyone !!