Watch: MN NOM Pastor Supports ‘Friendships’ for Gay Couples, Says God Did Not Create Anal Sex


NOM Tour Tracker interviewer Arisha Hatch interviews St. Paul pastor Father Michael Becker about why he came out to NOM's rally, and about same-sex marriage and anal sex.

Says Becker:

"[In homosexual acts] you cannot have a full union of bodies and soul. You cannot have the fruition of children from love. God is not in the sexual acts that [homosexuals] commit."

He adds: "If you want to get to the nuts and bolts of it in the male homosexual world, I think the most heinous act is anal sex. Now, if anybody were to think about that in truth, they would say one person is being harmed by this act, which is why there are so many gastrointenstinal afflictions that come to many homosexuals that do this, and other kinds of afflictions. When you look at that individual act, you say, 'Did God create that? No way.' And would you ever want one of your children or grandchildren to be submitted to that kind of act? No."

Father Becker gets very flustered when he's asked if he's ever had a homosexual thought. I wonder why.