1. Paul R says

    I wonder if the shot came out. Though a random dick pic, unattached to any face, isn’t going to be worth much besides the curiosity of millions, including me. I’m sure dozens of people will soon be posting such shots and claiming it’s him.

  2. ravewulf says

    I don’t even need to see the picture. That fact that he would be so OK with doing that is HOT! [that said, if the picture turns up, please link it 😉 ]

  3. Matt26 says

    If I ever meet hot Enrique, I’ll ask the same. But I would rather have the pic shirtless… or maybe naked… I need to stop…
    He is always friendly in public and so relaxed like in Regis&Kelly no matter how idiotic the questions are.
    McDreamy and McSteamy for me.
    Nice to look at this site, when there are new pics and txt about Enrique babe.

  4. Uncle Nazi says

    Fortunately he was probably too stoned to push the right button. Anyway, how many drugs do you have to take before you can do anything this stupid? He acts like he was paralyzed by voodoo puffer fish toxin, and then left in the grave just a little too long.

  5. TyInTenn says

    If this guy goes buff on skis – I am in Miami in a flash. He’s so damn hot in clothes, it doesn’t matter how big his junk is, I just want to see him naked!

  6. says

    We don’t know whether we’ve all seen Rep. Anthony Weiner’s wiener — and, apparently, neither does he. What we do know, though, is that the schlong shot is having its day.

    Before the New York congressman’s Twitter scandal, there were of course the Brett Favre and Kanye West incidents — but you need only go as far as Craigslist’s casual encounters, Chatroulette or certain 20-something dudes’ iPhones for proof that it isn’t just male celebrities who are ready for their crotch close-up. It’s often intended as a come-on, but the common response from women — particularly when it is unsolicited — is, “Ew, gross.”

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