1. Jimmy says

    Much as I would like to see this, he never said he would announce when it would happen or that it would be public in any way.

  2. Beauregard says

    Hasn’t he made some comment about having an undersized member? This would allow for an objective assessment if it is announced with enough time for the paparazzi to be present.

  3. Matt26 says

    No schedule announced? No kidding! Why? At least there must be an official photo shooting.
    Hot guy, sexy eyes and body, oh baby.
    Thanks for posting (txt and pic).

  4. jeffg166 says

    He does like to get naked in public. He did it on some spanish TV show a few years ago. A fan in the audience asked him to get naked and he did.

  5. JLS says

    Curious timing… He has a new record coming out this month. Thinly veiled publicity stunt? Probably.

  6. LincolnLounger says

    Yes, I’m sure he got the World Cup scheduled to coincide with his new record.

  7. SIZEMORE says

    Lil’ Enrique must have not believed España would really win. Now, to be good on his promise, he must expose himself to the truth that he possesses a POLLITA PEQUEÑITA. For readers of English, that’s a wittle bitty wee-wee.

  8. TyInTenn says

    Finally – a reason to use all of those frequent flyer miles. This boy is so hot!

  9. ChrisM says

    I’ve known of performers to do far less interesting, or should I say exciting, things to promote a new album – lets hope he does it, gets tons of publicity (with photos) and it catches on as the new way to successfully promote the release of a new CD and everyone follows suit …

  10. TroyM says

    So I guess I’m going to be stalking the waters of Biscayne Bay to actually see this…