1. says

    Kudos for having admitted his “hypocrasy” I suppose. He’s still a Republican, so his recognition of his hypocrisy only means that now he can cruise guys more openly.

    Alas, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to him to think about WHY the Republicans are viewed as being the Anti-Gay Rights party.

    Quite simply, they’re viewed as being the Anti-Gay Rights party because they are, Mr. Ashburn. They are!

  2. Dave says

    “Limited government?” “Individual freedom?” Bullshit!! The GOP stands for unrestrained multinational corporate control and hate. Name one good thing that party ever did for the common man.

  3. woodroad34d says

    That kind of thinking is perhaps from Barry Goldwater’s time, not now. Even Goldwater was more gay-friendly than this fool. Sarah Palin, Maggie Gallagher, Newt Ginrich, Karl Rove, George Bush, Rumsfeld…where are the limited government and individual freedoms– what with Homeland Security, warrantless wiretaps, and efforts by republicans to roll back laws in Maine, Iowa, and Massachusetts?

  4. David in Houston says

    “And yet, I think the Republican party is viewed as the anti-gay rights party, and I think that’s very regrettable.”

    Uh… that’s because it IS the anti-gay rights party. Does Sen. McCain’s anti-gay position on DADT ring a bell? Does the Texas GOP wanting to reenact sodomy laws ring a bell? Mr. Ashburn is delusional if he thinks the Republicans will EVER support gay rights issues.

  5. patrick nyc says

    “The Republican party is the party that believes in limited government and individual freedom. The government doesn’t get involved in people’s private lives.”

    The only difference is that now he is out, clueless, but out. He didn’t come out, he was dragged out.

  6. justiceontherocks says

    The posts here are all predictable. Readers who’ve never in their lives made a serious mistake dump on a guy who admits to his. If if don’t accept people’d acknowledgement that they were wrong, we’re just never going to get anywhere, since most people were at one time or still are wrong about our rights.

    Give this guy a break. Prove you’re the better person. Find something else to be upset about.

  7. Rich says

    “And yet, I think the Republican party is viewed as the anti-gay rights party…”

    You know, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

  8. Bart says

    Wow…that’s all one can say after listening to this. Is Ashburn really THAT deluded to believe the Republican party is for “individual freedom”? Seriously? It’s not even a debate. He’s simply wrong. Period. In this case, Mr. Ashburn, the perception of the Republican party is the reality of the Republican party. You seem to be the ONLY person who doesn’t know it.

    And Justiceontherocks, I didn’t read a single posting that took pot shots at Mr. Ashburn and his “mistakes,” everyone of the postings had to do with his delusional statements about the Republican party. There was only one posting about his coming out or homosexuality, they were all about his public statements about the Republican party. So predicatable or not, that’s what has everyone shocked and amused…Ashburn’s ridiculous assertion that the Republican party is about indivdual freedoms, when EVERYONE knows that’s simply false on every level.

    But I will pose this question: do you really think Mr. Ashburn would have had this life revelation if he hadn’t been caught outside this gay bar and been forced to come out? Do you think he would have gotten to this place on his own? Or would he still be voting against the rights of gay men and woman? By Mr. Ashburn’s own admission, he would still stuck in self-hatred, hurting people out of his own fear of being outed. Hard to applaud someone for making a righteous change when they are forced to do so by circumstances out of their control.

  9. Fahd says

    I’d be surprised if the people of Bakersfield reelected him. On a personal level, I reluctantly forgive him his hypocrisy. On a political level, I am frightened that a man like this has a vote in the United States Congress.

  10. anon says

    Ah, the term individual freedom cuts both ways, like employers able to fire people they don’t like, etc. We could divide it up into “restrictions on the privileges of governments” and “obligations towards fellow citizens”. Technically, if there is no law against something then you are free to do it under common law, even if it is unwise or anti-social. Gay rights is more of the latter case “obligations…” while Republicans are technically in favor of the former. However, many Republicans want unfettered law enforcement and military exploits, along with obligatory religious worship and the barring of vice and minority points of view, so the conflict here is between the reactionaries and the libertarians. Either way, much of what we consider gay “rights” would not get much support.

  11. TonyJazz says

    Maybe Ashburn is one of the ten members of GOProud? After all, that dynamic organization is just a shell created so that the Republicans don’t appear as hateful of gay people as they really are….

    (Ashburn, I hope to never see your face again, you jerk!)

  12. Bart says

    Fahd, I agree. Ashburn’s days are numbered. Bakersfield is about as backwards and phobic as any place in California. There’s no way he’ll get re-elected no matter how much he likes being a public servant.

    And Tonyjazz…don’t know much about GOProud but the Republican Party has been thrown over to the non-inclusive right and the tin foil hat crowd. Read some of the Republican platforms from the various states. Texas isn’t the only one that directly states his opposition to any and every gay issue. There are many other Republican state platforms that state the same things its just that Texas’s is so insanely homophobic and vile.

    The best thing Sen Ashburn could do now with the clock ticking on his political career is to jump in and try to make amends on every piece of legislation that he’s allowed to vote on.

    It is amazing that he thinks the Republican party is inclusive and is for individual freedoms when HE HIMSELF voted no on every piece of legislation that would have allowed gay men and women freedoms. Now suddenly, out and proud, he’s whistling a happy tune, when he himself as a Republican did the exact, lockstep opposite. It’s like he was outed and suddenly the Republican party is different. That’s delusional.

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