1. peterparker says

    My aunt lives in Hawaii. She says that she suspects that Linda Lingle is a lesbian. If so, that would be very interesting indeed.

  2. Mike says

    No one should be shocked by this. She’s a republican, her base is a bunch of religious bigots. Nice to know a two time divorcee is “upholding the sanctity of marriage”. Let the lawsuits begin!

  3. Traveler J says

    Call the Hawaii Tourism Authority and tell them you are canceling your plans to visit until civil unions or marriage equality is passed. Inequality is against the Aloha spirit! Tel: 1-808-973-2255.

  4. MrRoboto says

    Just canceled a planned November trip to Hawaii. Not sure where I’ll head instead, but I’ll definitely be letting the Hawaii Tourism Authority about my cancellation.

    One thing that needs to be done is within the straight community however. Hawaii is probably one of the top destination points for honeymooning straight newlyweds. It’s long past time that many of our straight friends offer their passive “support” for the dignity of our lives (yeah, that means you too, Obama). We need to call on our straight friends to join in any kind of economic boycott as well.

  5. johnosahon says

    this is exactly why you don’t vote for republicans, a democrat would not veto the bill, but to each its own.


  6. Matt says

    Utterly pathetic. Let’s hope the voters are intelligent enough to punish Aiona, the GOP candidate for next governor, if he fails to condemn this colossal and just-plain-stupid affront to human dignity.

  7. Matt says

    p.s. Any chance the legislature could override this braindead zombie? According to Wikipedia, “in order to override vetoes by the Governor of Hawaii, both houses of the legislature must vote by a two-thirds majority to overrule the governor.”

  8. says

    I just DON’T understand these people! History is NOT kind to people who stand on the wrong side of progress. In 60 years little Hawaiian children will read about the LGBT struggles and how people like HER stood stubbornly in the way. Republicans will pay.

  9. Traveler J says

    When you cancel your vacation, remember to also call the hotel where you were booked, and ask to speak to the corporate office. Have them relay a message to the general manager and the hotel owners about WHY you are canceling.

  10. says

    Excellent suggestions re cancellation of vacations to Hawaii.

    Hey, isn’t this state where Barry hails from?

    Drop the White House a line too.

    No question that we’re going to win this nationwide — sooner rather than later. But a lot of people are going to suffer in the meantime.

  11. ichabod says

    Just more hateful garbage these folks will have to live down (good luck with that) once marriage equality is the law of the land…

  12. Tom says

    And this wasn’t even for same-sex marriage. It was for second-rate civil unions. PATHETIC.

  13. Mr. Chicago says

    So nice of the twice divorced governor to work so hard to protect traditional marriage.

  14. EG says

    No doubt the veto sucks but boycotting tourism to Hawaii is just as lame. By doing so you get to punish those economically who were in favor of the bill. Thanks for the gesture, but you are on the wrong track.

  15. Rob says

    I just wrote both the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau and the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce that my partner and I will NOT be making a return trip to that state anytime soon to spend our leisure time or dollars. Decisions have consequences.

  16. Rob says

    Sorry, EG, but I disagree. The Hawaii tourism industry needs to work harder against bigots like their governor IF they want tourism dollars from the GLBT community. While such a boycott indeed may hurt some in this industry, I feel this gesture is on the right track to get their attention on this homophobic matter.

  17. Texanrob says

    They are republicans so no one should be surprised. First they don’t like calling it marriage, now she says that the civil union has to many rights like marriage. These people will never pass any form of legalized union between gays. We have to get rid of them or do as blacks did in the 60’s, and quick being nice and take our rights!!

  18. Jubal Harshaw says

    I wish that I could say that I am surprised… but I can’t.

    I love Hawaii but I won’t be traveling there for some time to come. There are many other places that want my money and are willing to treat my partner and I with the respect that should be accorded to us.

  19. Matt says

    I agree with Rob, I’m not giving them any business until they get their act together. The people of Hawaii have to learn that actions have consequences. The majority of the people elected Lingle and now they must deal with the repercussions of their choice.

  20. Patric says

    So let’s recap:

    You’d be hard-pressed to find many elected officials who have been more prominently touted by Log Cabin Republicans as examples of the sort of “moderate” Republican elected officials to whom our community should, it is argued, be more open than Lingle, Scott Brown, Chris Christie, Charles Djou, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins.

    Lingle: see above

    Brown: Heralded by the Log Cabin crowd as a “moderate” despite having previously referred to a lesbian colleague’s family as “not normal” and despite having been active in the campaign to overturn marriage equality in Massachusetts. Since being elected, voted against conditional repeal of DADT.

    Christie: Also heralded as a moderate. After his election and before his inauguration, he privately pressured members of the State Senate’s Republican caucus to vote against a marriage equality bill.

    Djou: Vocal opponent of civil unions.

    Snowe and Collins: Perhaps not quite as homophobic as those listed above but completely useless. Each refused to say how she voted on Prop. 1 and Snowe reaffirmed her support for DOMA during the campaign on that ballot question.

    McDonnell of Virginia: Another one who the Log Cabin crowd assured us is a “moderate” despite a history of homophobia which would make those listed above look like Barney Frank. Since his endorsement by LCR and election last November, no governor in the nation has taken as many homophobia-inspired steps as he has.

    Log Cabin Republicans, accomplishing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the LGBT community for over 30 years!

    Second important point: there’s a Democratic primary for Gov of Hawaii this September and the choice could not be more clear. Former Rep. Abercrombie is a great friend of our community while Honolulu Mayor Hannemann is hostile even to civil unions. We need to get involved to make sure that Rep. Abercrombie is nominated in September (the tougher task) and then elected in November; if we do, we’ve got a great shot at not just civil unions but marriage equality in Hawaii in the near future.

    Related point: For all those understandably wanting to withhold contributions from the DNC, donate instead to the candidacies of Neil Abercrombie for Governor of Hawaii this November or the candidacy of one of the DFL (Democratic) candidates for Governor of Minnesota this November. All are supporters of marriage equality and Hawaii and Minnesota still represent two of our best shots at enacting marriage equality in the next few years, IF we can elect a marriage equality-supporting Dem this November.

  21. Daniel says

    I hope this really puts into perspective the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Complain all you want about Obama and the Democrats but when put in a similar position, New Hampshire’s Democratic Governor signed gay marriage into law despite considerable opposition. Democrats may fail to keep their promises but Republicans just use us as a wedge issue or try to take away what little rights we have

    Always vote Democratic, but hold their feet to the fire.

  22. Skooter McGoo says

    Just called and canceled my hotel reservations and have switched my flights to Hawaii. The Maui Hyatt won’t be getting any money from me any time in the future, and I let them know why. Looks like I’ll be heading to Puerto Vallarta for a holiday. I let the tourism authority know as well that actions of the government do have repercussions to the local economy.

  23. Paul R says

    Boycotting is stupid. She did the same thing several years ago, so this is hardly a surprise. And if you’ll recall, at one point Hawaii was closer to gay marriage than any other state. It’s not exactly a hateful place.

    Do you also avoid the 40 states that have no civil union or marriage equality laws? Hurting the tourism industry in Hawaii—which I’ve always found extremely gay friendly—because of their dumbass Repub governor is pointless. Are people boycotting California? Because, uhh, the governor here is the defendant in the Prop 8 case.

    Though for the poster who’s avoiding the Maui Hyatt, no problem. Terrible choice of hotel.

  24. TANK says

    boycotting isn’t a bad idea. Ultimately, the only way to make a difference in the u.s. is either through a vote or withholding money. That’s it.

    Don’t give people money who actively harm you. And if you’re in a state that actively discriminates against you, find out where you spend your money…and you’re giving it to. Smaller scale boycotts are effective, too…perhaps more effective because you can tell people within an area why you’re not supporting certain businesses.

    And sure, there are lgbt businesses in hawaii and in states with a boycott who will be harmed. But if no one sacrifices, nothing will change.

  25. Greg says

    Actually, the Governor of California and the State of California specifically chose not to defend P8. Some shill “family values” bullshit group are acting as defendants on behalf of the state because the state doesn’t want the law either.

  26. drake onian says

    What is the point of boycotting Hawaii? My parents and sister didn’t vote for Lingle. Hawaii is in such a fiscal crisis right now that there are furlough Fridays where state workers, teachers and social workers included, no longer work on Fridays to balance the budget. Surely there are better ways to combat these schmucks! Did you donate to local equal rights causes during her pending decision? Did you contact her office? I hate all this talk and laissez-faire activism after the milk has already been spilt. Did you know that she was voted in by a single point ahead of her competitor, Democrat Ben Cayetano? If you are willing to punish the 49% of the people who didn’t vote for her for the sake of feeling empowered, maybe you should dig a little deeper.

  27. Paul R says

    If you boycott every state and country that doesn’t provide sufficient safe-sex protections, you’re going to run out of places to go pretty quickly.

    And frankly, the number of gays who will participate in this boycott and notify the Hawaii tourism industry of it will be a drop in the bucket that will probably be more than made up for by zealots who affirm their vacations.

    Boycotts (like petitions) are a high school form of activism—they make people feel good without actually doing anything. Internationally, they’re comparable to sanctions. The people you want to suffer don’t, but lots of other people do. Politicians at almost any level beyond the very local simply don’t care, because boycotts rarely move to any level of effectiveness.

  28. TANK says

    Boycotts can be effective depending on a host of factors like participation and disclosure. Just because you happen to live in a state that treats you like a second class citizen (most states in the u.s.) doesn’t mean you can’t effectively withhold money from local area businesses and larger brand names that contribute to your status…while making the case to others who may be sympathetic to your reasoning, and participate.

    The pink dollar isn’t to be underestimated, either. And it includes allies, friends and family.

  29. TANK says

    But boycotts are a mixed bag of success…in terms of the money withheld, that’s not always the most severe factor. It’s the negative publicity a public, well promoted and handled boycott can generate…negative publicity that can harm tourism.

  30. Paul R says

    Tank, few people on a 7-island state dependent on tourism are going to support a boycott. They’re just trying to make a living. Most allies aren’t going to cancel trips because of it, with the reasonable justification that it’s no different than in the 40 other states.

    Hell, even most gays aren’t going to follow through on it—give it 6 months and the notion of a boycott (if ever taken seriously) will be forgotten. It’s a Republican governor doing what she’s done before and following the party line…excuse /justification enough.

  31. TANK says

    “Tank, few people on a 7-island state dependent on tourism are going to support a boycott.”

    That’s right. It’s rare that those who will be affected by a boycott will support it…that is, those who have something to actually lose…wtf are you talking about?

    “They’re just trying to make a living. Most allies aren’t going to cancel trips because of it, with the reasonable justification that it’s no different than in the 40 other states.”

    That’s not entirely true. Hawaii is more dependent on tourism than most other states (exception of nevada and others). “Allies” who only vote their support are necessary, too. But some of our allies will sacrifice (and honestly, is finding some other place to go than hawaii really sacrificing? There are many…many beautiful destinations). All lost revenue helps voice the dissenting opinion…but more importantly than that is the negative publicity that hawaii gets, which eventually (if sustained long enough)…has the ability to impact tourism in a more severe way. And also, given how big of an industry tourism is in hawaii (its largest industry), you’d be surprised at how quickly powerful local business interests who depend upon it will…freak out about bad publicity…overreact, even…and they’ll blame who? Lingle and those she represents who do not contribute as much to hawaii’s economy as people who don’t live there.

  32. Dev says

    Why are some you people speaking as if a tourism boycott by us will bankrupt businesses in Hawaii? You do realize that while pink dollars are not insignificant, it will not make or break the tourism sector of Hawaii. The action here will stem from media attention and negative publicity, not the fact that you are starving Hawaiian families.

  33. says

    This reminds me of the angle Cleveland Heights City Councilman Jimmie Hicks tried to play. He argued against a Domestic Partnership registry saying that it should be subject to voter referrendum. When voters passed the DP registry, Hicks and his cronies unsuccessfully tried to challenge it in court – which is what Lingle would undoubtedly do if it were to be passed in Hawaii. Hicks was eventually voted out of office. Hopefully, the same fate will befall Lingle.

  34. WPM says

    I was just about to pull the trigger on buying a ticket to Oahu for November and this pops up. Guess I will be going somewhere else instead….

  35. Scott MacGowan says

    As a resident of Hawaii and someone who has spent YEARS working on this issue, I understand all of this frustration all too well. I’m still in shock about her horrific decision but I do have to disagree with all the calls to boycott our state as a tourism destination. By doing so, you are not only hurting the tax coffers of the state but the thousands and thousands of GLBT employees of hotels, airlines, restaurants, and tour companies. This action would negatively impact your GLBT brothers and sisters more than you could know. This also indirectly impacts our ability to fight the fight and financially support candidates who are sympathetic to our cause. Please do NOT stop coming here, but continue to visit and make yourselves KNOWN as gay tourists. Let the restaurants, hotels and airlines know that you’re spending GAY dollars in our destination. The vast majority of these businesses have been VERY supportive of our cause and will support legislation and candidates who support us as well!

    And yes, Linda Lingle has been rumored to be a Lesbian for YEARS. She must be SO proud to be such a self loathing woman who’s legacy will be stained by this for the rest of her miserable life.

  36. Dean says

    BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! It worked for CA hotels that supported Prop 8 and the MLK Holiday recognition in AZ. If any of your friends are even THINKING about Hawaii, share with them this story and urge them to choose another destination.
    Let the people of Hawaii see what harm their governor brought directly to them so she will not be re-elected.

  37. Jerry6 says

    Letting the public at large decide on civil rights legislation may soon start biting some people is the A##. Look out; I can think of at least six states that would restore the death penalty for sodomy. (Yes! Even sodomy between married male-females) And after that, the next test will be to restore Slavery.

    If you think I am kidding, just keep on voting in religious bigots to your legislature.

  38. jamal49 says

    @JIMMY Evangelicals, everywhere, suck.

    Watching those fat, smug, execrable christians clapping and cheering and ululating made me want to catch the next non-stop to Honolulu and burn some of their churches down. What’s even more dispiriting is the wimpy response by our side: “What do we want? Equal rights! When do we want them? Now! How do we get them? Fight!” I’m sure the homophobes are quaking in their boots right about now!

  39. malamapono says

    like the supposed sb1070 in arizona, i’ve been going to hawaii for 20 years and it’s taken a long, long time, yet, obviously many people are silent about the poor cultural representation of many people. so with the lowering of the bar in a production that many of you have been eating for many years, either way, this news doesn’t surprise me. if a crew of people can be ungrateful in visiting the islands for their own selfish purposes, it comes as nauseating that they would be okay with the hawaiian people being represented in a house filled with dog shit.

  40. observer says

    Boycott this miserable state! Do not listen to these comments requesting you don’t boycott. It’s the tourism firms trolling on every gay blog pretending to be a gay person who can be effected by our potential boycoot….guess what Hawaii? I’m effected by your decision. Civil Unions? I, nor anyone I know will NEVER step foot in a place that has a protest with 15,000 people coming out against gay civil unions and eventually the notion of gay civil unions is shot down. That hell hole of a fake “aloha spirit” island does not deserve my money and if you had a spine, you’d realize it doesn’t deserve yours either.

  41. Carlton says

    “And if you’ll recall, at one point Hawaii was closer to gay marriage than any other state. It’s not exactly a hateful place.”

    WTF? WHO CARES it once was the closest state in the union to passing gay marriage, that actually hurts your little precious states cause more than helps it. To know a state went from so much profress to backpeddling and going so backward in such a short period of time (10 years) is alarming and certainly does deserve a boycott. The Arizona law created huge stir, buzz and an instant international boycott. Any self hating homo who takes their hard earned money to spend in Hawaii truly deserves to go back in the closet. Friends and I were discussing this vote and the irony of it today. Hawaii, much like the El Coyote restuarant in West Hollywood on the surface smiles at you until they take your money and spend it on anti gay legislation. No thanks.

  42. Paul R says

    So Carlton, you have a legislature that passed legislation you like, only to have a GOP governor veto it. And that makes the state an intolerant hellhole?

    Again, most other states are the exact same way. We never make progress under GOP leaders, and should never expect to.

  43. TANK says

    so what if most other states are that way? you have the ability to make a difference in hawaii by boycotting it. boycotts are only successful if they’re focused.

  44. Jason says

    Why the outrage? Gay unions are very harmful to children. This decision will at least protect some children from having miserable lives.

  45. Nick says

    Definitely support (now former) Neil Abercrombie’s campaign for governor. He’s a real progressive, gets our issues, and values us more than just at election time.

  46. lisauilani28 says

    I am from Hawaii and am not gay but feel that Linda Lingle should allowed this bill to be passed. Please do not punish the Hawaii people for one person’s bad call. We rely on tourism here, and the economy is really bad- a lot of unemployment and more people on welfare now. Canceling your vacations over her decision will not hurt the Governor. Just the people of Hawaii!

  47. lisauilani28 says

    I feel very insulted that some people can say Hawaii people are homophobic. Who’s discriminating now? I live here in Hawaii, and can tell you that many Hawaiian families have gay children, brother’s,sister’s, etc., and they are ACCEPTED. In our society gay men and women are a part of life, believe it or not, and every person here can claim a gay family member they accept and love. Please get your fact’s straight before you post silly comment’s! Also, boycotting Hawaii is ridiculous- not all of us voted for Lingle, and she will NOT be affected by such action. Just the Hawaiian families who work hard to make your time here pleasant will be devastated by any blow to our economy. Rethink your thought’s and action’s!

  48. KPC says

    As a gay man who live on Maui and I am very disappointed at this decision; but vote Republican and this is what happens. Hopefully in November we’ll have Rep. Ambercrombie as Governor and things will change.

    While I understand and to some degree support the efforts to let businesses know that mainlanders won’t come here because of this veto, at the same time I’d rather have a flood of supporters come here and let the businesses know that you are coming here to support the locals and want these businesses to in turn support us as well.

    In my business I cater to the “sexual minority” population and it sures helps to have y’all coming here and supporting us. In planning your trips take the time to investigate and support gay-friendly businesses. There is more than one way to make your dollars speak loudly.