1. Fahd says

    Is it true that Ian is a notorious homophobe? I always thought he might be gay. Not to generalize, but if you’re that pretty…..

    Does anyone know of any evidence either way?

  2. David B. 2 says

    I have passed him several times in Venice — mmostly in the LOST years — while he is not a big flirter — could go either way — my gaydar was not over in the red. keeps to himself — pretty respectful of others — I have followed his twitter and if he is homophobic — is not verbal about it there.

  3. Dave Jones says

    I don’t know either way, but I’ve seen Rules of Attraction where he played a very gay character in a few very homoerotic scenes (including a really hot dream sequence where he fantasizes about getting it on with James Van derBeek.)
    If he is a homophobe, he’s got a really odd way of expressing his bigotry.

  4. rjp3 says

    tacky treasure trail on a homophobic asshole (not a straight supremacist like Sarah Palin – a real homophobe)

  5. Roland says

    1. I don’t comment on others’ “treasure trails”, and

    2. If he’s being labelled a “homophobe” because of that kissing comment, then I think its not really fair.

    Oh well, I guess these comments are not moderated.

  6. Daniel says

    you silly people think everyone who isn’t gay is automatically a homophobe. news flash: being a man who is attracted more to women than other men is not homophobic.

  7. Clay says

    Ignorant people should keep their mouths shut. For starters, Seann William Scott wasn’t even in “The Rules of Attraction,” and the gay make-out scenes were with James Van Der Beek. All Somerhalder said was that the gay kissing scenes were awkward to do and “so fucking scratchy.” Go figure that it might be awkward to get hot and heavy in the exact opposite direction of your sexual orientation. It’s no worse for a straight guy not to enjoy making out with a man than it is for a gay guy not to enjoy making out with a woman.

    Some of you people need to think before you defame somebody, because you don’t know shit about it, apparently.

  8. John says

    Uh, I think this was the quote that everyone got bent out of shape about:

    “Two guys kissing is not as sexy as two girls kissing. When Selma Blair made out with Sarah-what’s-her-name, that was hot. Me and James Van Der Beek making out is not hot, it’s rather disgusting. We both looked at each other and said, ‘Dude, don’t stick your tongue in my mouth.'”

  9. Ruby says

    In 2008 Ian blogged that he thought it was ridiculous and backwards that same-sex couples didn’t already have full legal rights. He’s also very close friends with Katherine Moennig, a lesbian, and Kevin Williamson, the producers of “The Vampire Diaries,” is openly gay and openly adores him.

    If he’s a homophobe, that’s a pretty clever disguise.

  10. John says

    Well, yeah. This was 8 years ago. People change.

    I was a fan of the Rules of Attraction – thought he was adorable in it – but I was offended by his comments. His flippant response at the time annoyed me – he could’ve just apologized or clarified. And to now pretend he only complained of “scatchyness” is twice as abnoxious.

    Imagine if Colin Firth had said, after completing A Single Man, that men kissing is “inherently wrong” as Somerhalder did on the RoA commentary:

    “Put two guys together? It’s disgusting. It’s like, fucking velcro, ok? There’s something inherently wrong with that.”

  11. Josh says

    He was in a HBO show a couple years ago called Tell Me You Love me or something like that….

    And he did graphic sex scenes with full nudity (visible balls during love scene and quick flashes of dick although the dick might have been a prosthetic. Another actor on the show used a prosthetic.)

    I’m always surprised that a lot of Ian fans don’t know about this.

    He did at least 2 very graphic sex/nudes scenes in that series (which only lasted 1 season on HBO as it was otherwise boring).

  12. DeWayne says

    If we held everyone strictly accountable for what they said 8 years ago, Joe Biden wouldn’t be Vice President.

  13. jamal49 says

    I don’t think his chest is shaved and I don’t mind photos of any men who are sexy, hot and handsome whether gay or straight. I would imagine that if there were a large pool of hot, sexy, handsome celebrities to draw from, there would be more pictures of them here. A man is a man, gay or straight and a hot photo is a hot photo. So, what’s the problem?

  14. Robert says

    I think this shoot’s from pre Vampire Diaries in 2009, actually: – I checked because he looks less muscular than before (I pay close attention to these things. :) Like, slightly less muscular than even losing weight over the summer doing the Gulf Coast activism/promotional touring would warrant.) It’s funny to compare these shots with recent wet t-shirt shots of Matt Bomer.

    I did some hunting on Ian’s comments on homosexuality and found this (he used to give these online answers to a regular roundup of fan questions):

    “It seems that after having played the coveted roles of Hamilton Fleming (Young Americans), Russell Henderson (Anatomy of a Hate Crime) (a role that gave me the ability to fight for not only gay rights but human rights as well) and Paul Denton (Rules of Attraction) it’s still not enough for some individuals that there are many gay people in my life whom I love like my family and have played major roles in my career. It’s not enough and at this point, well, it’s easy to find myself at a loss…

    Please know this: I respect anyone and everyone’s belief to practice and love who ever you want, however you want, so long as it’s not hurting another human being or our environment.” – (April 2004, do a search for ‘gays’ on this site:

    Honestly I think he just spoke badly and didn’t appreciate the effect his words/bias would have–similar to how some people are very sensitive about the phrase ‘that’s gay’ as an insult and some don’t care (I’m in the former group). Maybe getting killed off on Lost and then having to resurrect his career has made him more thoughtful and humble? I’ve definitely become a fan of his, more so than when I drooled over him in Rules of Attraction.

    Another thing I always wanted to comment on, I don’t know about his hair, but he’s always seemed to have a high hairline since he was in his early 20s at least, exacerbated by the shape of his skull (dude seems designed for maximum inhuman beauty, in my opinion), but I don’t give a damn about such things unless someone’s rocking the ‘just a fringe of hair’ look like George Costanza, which is always a bad move.

  15. Paul says

    Okay – I was with the guys saying the “hompphobe” label was an overreaction – but if that is the actual quote with the use of the word “disgusting”, then yes, “homophobe” is exactly the right description.

  16. RDUB says

    I definitely remember reading that shitty comment, which instantly zapped my lust for this dude. Too bad too, because with that toupee he really is easy on the eyes…unbeweavable!

  17. bluestonedalley says

    I agree with everything Daniel said. Gay men dislike kissing women and lesbians dislike kissing men. So it’s just UNACCEPTABLE for a STRAIGHT man to not want to kiss another man again? I’ll tell you one thing, you have your views ass backwards. You’re judging somebody you don’t even know personally, Ian Somerhalder is not gay bashing. The media likes to make even the most beautiful stars look like major douche bags, okay? Give him a break. He’s respectful of other gays but he likes girls. That’s it.

  18. Abbi says

    OMFG!! He is sooo gawjus!! I have an Ian Somerhalder 2011 Calender, but it doesn’t have these photo’s :'( !! But still….. sooo sexi!!