Is This Kurt Hummel’s New Boyfriend on ‘Glee’?

OverstreetMovieline thinks that iCarly actor Chord Overstreet, recently cast as Finn's football team protege on Glee, will ultimately end up as Kurt Hummel's boyfriend.

 Their theories:

Back in January, Ryan Murphy revealed that he was adding three recurring roles to the season two cast, including Kurt’s significant other. So far, Glee has already announced that John Stamos and Charice would join the cast in recurring capacities.

· In the same statement, Murphy explained that he was completing a nationwide search for the perfect boyfriend for Kurt. Overstreet was cast after a wide talent search.

· It later leaked that Kurt’s boyfriend will be a member of the McKinley High football team and if Sam is a high school athlete/protégé of Finn’s, he is probably on the football team… unless Finn joins the water polo team next season.

Movieline also dropped this nugget from Comic-Con: "Murphy hopes to write an episode where he and the boyfriend are crowned Prom King & King."


  1. Ethan says

    TV guru Michael Ausiello denied this in his July 22nd column:

    “Question: Rumor has it Glee is introducing a new athlete early in the season. Is this the same guy who will strike up a romance with Curt? —Ashley
    Ausiello: Nope, different guy. This particular singing stud will play a key role in a football-related plot.”

    This makes me believe that Kurt’s boyfriend (along with Mercedes’ new love interest?) will be the only two new cast members chosen from the nationwide fan search?

  2. Mark in Portland says

    I really, really hate it when there’s a compelling bit in a news entry (e.g. First Look at Chris Evans as Captain America) and then the link goes to Pink is the New Blog. I loathe that site. It burns my eyes.

  3. Ethan says

    So Ausiello interviewed some of the cast at Comic-Con and Chris Colfer said it looks like the boyfriend storyline could be delayed. (Was it me or did he make it seem like they were pushing it out of season 2 completely?) It’s at the 2:45 mark:

    Anyway, Chris’s implication of something “provocative” made me think Kurt might possibly do some dating/messing around before he gets a bf? That might not pan out, but if it does, I’m really excited for middle America to have a revision to the previously mentioned gay stalker stereotype: the gay slut.

  4. unruly says

    The “fan search” casting has been more or less scrapped (walk-on roles only now — not even U/5.) They weren’t finding anyone useful that way and are back to looking for unknowns through casting agencies. If Ausiello doesn’t know this then he’s less connected that I thought.

  5. Don Chicago says

    Seriously, the producers have actually SEEN a high school football player, haven’t they? This kid is too beautiful, too slight, too too. Much more interesting if Kurt’s BF were a meat-head who fell in lust/love with Kurt.

  6. 7 says

    @Don, I had a crush on the varsity wide receiver. 5’9, 160 lbs, blond, gorgeous muscle twink. This guy looks just like him. Me = happy.

    However, I’m pretty sure Colfer said he didn’t want his boyfriend on the show to be more attractive that him, and, well, c’mon.

    The guy’s name is “Chord,” though? What? Is that… I’m sorry, I live in Miami, so I have to ask: is that a normal name for people whose grandparents don’t remember when Fidel took over?

  7. Sancho says

    what doesn’t thrill me about the “Kurt gets a bf” plot line is that they will add exactly ONE teenage gay character to the cast, expressly so Kurt can have someone to date – because of course we all know that any two gays are romantically compatible just because they’re both gay. (this is the same logic that apparently brought the two gay sidekicks on SATC together after not being able to stand one another.)

    and where’s the dramatic tension when the only two gay characters HAVE to be together for lack of any other alternatives? GLEE needs to sprinkle at least a few more gay kids around the school so you can have interrelationships among them – which would create a context for Kurt’s relationship with one of them (not to mention possibilities for rivalry, misunderstandings, etc.).

  8. Eric26 says

    @SANCHO You make an excellent point. You should watch United States of Tara; I think the uneasy friendship that the gay son has with another gay guy at his high school is very realistic.

  9. Bear says

    Paul R.
    You beat me to it. When I first looked at his picture before reading anything I thought it was Matthew Shepard. Then seeing a different name on the picture my next thought was he was going to play Matthew on some program or movie. He does look a lot like him, so don’t feel odd or creeped out.

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