1. fhrblig says

    I’m waiting for the Samuel L. Jackson version.

    “Double rainbow all the motherfuckin’ way, motherfucker!”

  2. JesryPo says

    Not to overstate, but NPH is more popular as an out gay man than he was as a closeted one… He still plays it straight and randy mainstream TV and movies, while singing and dancing and gaying it up as he sees fit on the Tonys, etc. He’s a huge F.U. to those who don’t think it’s possible to be gay and successful in entertainment.

    For some reason, this meme-y damn double rainbow twitpic made me cry (a little).

  3. Dawnell_do says

    It mean’s GOD love’s Gay people and is showing by give NPH double rainbows.

  4. neverstops says

    didn’t Neil grow up in New Mexico?

    that stuff happens pretty often here

    you need to get out more Neil! :)

  5. Bear says

    Whats the big deal all of a sudden over double rainbows? They are so common it is silly. Now tripple rainbows are rare. Maybe I should start carrying a camera?