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News: Ne-Yo, The Red Sea, Malta, DADT, Rachel Maddow

 road Ne-Yo wants you to stop calling him gay.

Red road A view from space had the parting of the Red Sea actually occurred.

 road Retired NFL Player Marcellus Wiley: "It would really be tough for a gay guy in the NFL, for the locker room to understand him as a homosexual -- I'm not saying it's impossible to pull off, but I'm saying right now the fear of coming out of the closet and more so coming out in the locker room would really be too tremendous to overcome. It's unfortunate because it shouldn't be that way. I understand that the locker room is pretty intimate. I do understand that there are 53 guys walking around nude at times and I do understand how guys may feel uncomfortable, but I don't think that it should impair someone's decision to live their life, have their freedoms and express themselves."

 road CNN lists the 10 best movie dance scenes.

 road Decrease in hate crimes? Probably not: "A national anti-violence coalition released a report this week that shows declines in the reported number of hate crime victims and survivors, incidents and offenders in 2009. However, those reported drops since 2008 are likely due to many programs facing budget cuts and staff layoffs, rather than an actual decrease in violence, according to the report."


 road 250 attend gay pride march in Valletta, Malta.

 road Paris Hilton can't stay away form pot.

 road After Argentina's introduction of marriage equality, could Paraguay be next?

 road Milwaukee city worker in trouble for sending a gay man hateful messages on Facebook: "You know you are living in sin and will burn in hell if you don't change your life around. I'm sorry to hear you married another man. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve."

 road Former Air Force Michael Almy testifies that he never admitted to being gay though he was discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" anyway.

 road A Skarsgard sandwich sounds delicious.

 road Senator David Vitter is sorry he implied that Rachel Maddow does not look like a woman.

 road Get ready for Skins season 5.

 road Staten Islanders meet to discuss hate crimes.

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  1. We very much appreciate how much Mike Almy, the former Air Force CAPT discussed in the article, is contributing to helping end the ban. Unfortunately, and with respect, inexplicably, he is also contributing to misunderstanding of the draconian reality of DADT, a misunderstanding amplified to millions when he appeared on the Rachel Maddow show, and, now, being amplified to millions more the coverage you linked to of his apparent testimony in this trial. He's welcome to still "believe" he "never violated DADT" because he never told anyone in the military that he is gay. While it’s true DADT was “sold” that way in 1993, in practice it has never been true. Thus, Almy DID violate DADT by telling at least one other person, the male correspondent in the e-mails the Air Force legally discovered.

    Per DADT experts SLDN:

    "If a military commander finds out that a service member under his/her command has confided his/her sexual orientation to anyone ...the service member will likely face discharge. Being out to anyone, anywhere and at anytime can result in discharge."

    Failing to make that unequivocally clear both weakens our arguments for ending the ban and endangers current service members led to wrongly believe that they’re safe as long as those they tell are not in the military. Almy is not the first to make that mistake, and, sadly, with the widespread distribution of such disinformation he won't be the last.

    Posted by: Michael @ | Jul 17, 2010 7:51:41 PM

  2. Fingers crossed for Paraguay!

    From the article: "The Roman Catholic Church, to which 89% of the population claims allegiance, has already announced they'll campaign against the law."

    Roman Catholic Church = regressive cult of child molesters fighting against marriage in a country near you.

    Posted by: Max | Jul 17, 2010 8:42:36 PM

  3. CNN's list is a joke. Nothing by Gene Kelly at all. His powerful dance moves were amazingly graceful and sexy. Like Fred Astaire, he made it look easy, even though you knew in your heart it wasn't. The street dance from "Singin' in the Rain" or the 17 minute ballet in "American in Paris" would both have easily qualified as 10 best.
    (Speaking of Fred, his ceiling dance from "Royal Wedding" is up there too.)

    Posted by: NoCaDrummer | Jul 18, 2010 12:41:10 PM

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