1. Ted C. says

    She said she “respects” her party’s position. She didn’t say she agreed with it.

    As a frontbencher, she’s expected to vote with her party, regardless of her personal stance. Otherwise, the PM could kick her out of the cabinet and she’d no longer be Climate Change minister.

    The LGBT community are right to point out the hypocrisy. But this is really about the hypocrisy of party politics, rather than the hypocrisy of Penny Wong.

  2. Derek Pearce says

    What, a weaselly politician you say? Shocked, I’m shocked I tell you. I can’t imagine the byotchin’ fights that are going on among her current-and-former personal friends over this.

  3. Dusty says

    I’d rather have a fundie in her place than her. She’s going to be a poster child for the “Even gay people oppose gay marriage” crowd. What a waste of flesh.

  4. jamal49 says

    I didn’t take that she “opposed” same-sex marriage. I took that she was respecting her party’s position on same-sex marriage, as wrong as we might think that position to be.

    Having said that, she also points out a reality we sometimes forget: millions of heterosexuals do not think same-sex couples should be granted the “right” to marry. She is simply stating fact.

    No matter how wrong we know the cultural, social and religious proscriptions against same-sex marriages to be, millions of heterosexuals at this time do not see it our way.

    The way to counter that fact is to reach out and educate, educate, educate those millions.

  5. D.R.H. says

    “…there is a cultural, religious, historical view around that which we have to respect.” – yeah, one of hatred, ignorance, and fear. One which has no respect for anyone except those who help to keep us down and them in power.

  6. says

    I don’t know. I’m getting a little tired of educating, educating, educating. You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into. I’m about ready to start demanding, demanding, demanding… and suing suing suing… there comes a time when education just doesn’t cut it anymore, and the bigots need to be forced to accept the fact that homohatred is a biblically justifiable but no longer socially acceptable prejudice.

    Ms. Wong should be fucking ashamed of herself. She should be banned from every GLBT establishment in Australia.

  7. rjp3 says

    She is a Narcissistic Elitist who gets more of an emotional rush by being contrary and the attention it gets her – than she would get from working for others to have free choice.

    Common scum.
    I am sure with many degrees to build up her ego.

  8. James says

    Graham Richardson’s defense of Penny Wong is pathetic.

    ‘But she’s done so much for you, she helped make you a little less unequal. Just because she doesn’t think your equal to everyone else is ok, imagine what the other guys would do to you!’

    Sounds alarmingly familiar to a ‘fierce advocate’ we have in the US.

  9. says

    Yet another reason to vote for the Greens in the upcoming federal election. Their leader, Bob Brown, is the sole political voice in Australia with a clear moral compass pointed in the direction of fairness and equality. I have voted Labor all of my life, but, like many in may family and friends, I cannot vote for a party that actively denies me my rights, while also moving far to the right on the issue of asylum seeker detention – a cynical act of vote grabbing that serves nothing more than fueling the fires of ignorance and racism in Australia.

    Even as a front bencher in a party system, Penny Wong could express disagreement with her party line and be honest without incurring the wrath of ejection from the front bench. Australian politicians do that all the time (Malcom Turnbull on Climate Change being a prime example).

  10. says

    If, as a member of a party, you cannot vote your conscience on a fundamental human right that directly affects you–and your gay/lesbian brothers and sisters across the country–perhaps you are in the wrong party?

    At least she’s open about who she is and about where she stands re: a conscience vote (team on the bus, gays/lesbians/herself under it), but that doesn’t change that she is wrong to support a party that is wrong, and the fact that “millions of heterosexuals at this time do not see it our way” is irrelevant when it comes to basic civil rights.

    If politicians aren’t allowed to have consciences, what good are they?

  11. michael says

    WTF? see this is why we have issues in this country because we have self haters amongst our ranks who think it is okay to keep progress from occuring and to keep families from getting what they deserve from the law!

  12. Sayke Temb says

    It’s unfortunate, but I understand the position that she’s in and that Graham Richardson tried to explain.

    Party positions are decided by caucus, and, especially in a sitting government, if you openly go against party policy, you’d get cut out of the cabinet and your influence to change anything would be reduced to nothing.

    She’s also right about what she said about conscience votes. Both major parties have too many socially conservative haters that if things like this were left to a conscience vote they’d never get passed because too many on both sides just still find gays icky.

    While it sucks that the state of our political system means that an openly gay politician has to come out against gay marriage, I still think it’s better that she’s there to affect party policy, making small incremental progress rather than no progress at all.

  13. Allan D says

    Penny Wong is gutless. She should stand up to the party and bring it into the 21st Century. Instead she is opting to go down on the wrong side of history. I hate this woman!

  14. GrantC says

    Penny Wong is yet another gutless wonder prepared to sacrifice the rights of others – the people she is supposed to serve – for her own personal ambitions.
    Sadly, the Greens are also riddled with similar lickspittles, despite leader Bob Brown being openly gay for decades and a shining example to all.
    It may seem xenophobic to state this, but Australia’s (relatively) massive population increase in the last 3 decades has created an incredibly diverse society grappling with equally diverse beliefs. Simply, Australian society is becoming mired in inertia from related culture wars with the concomitant political timidity and incompetence.

  15. JB says

    This kind of thing is what makes being a Canadian living in Australia so difficult sometimes. I’m always hopeful that greater equality will be on the horizon here, but then events like this occur. Very disheartening to hear this from Penny. I used to be a fan.

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