The Great Etheridge-Michaels Kiss-Off


A shame to see their union coming to an end so acrimoniously. Hopefully, Michaels will rely on acting (she was Sue Sylvester before Sue Sylvester was, recall) and not poetry if Etheridge is not required to chip in on her living expenses. Michaels has used her poetry in the past to defend Pastor Rick Warren.


  1. Qjersey says

    The official filing by Etheridge demonstrates what an asshat she really is. Even if the papers are a bargaining chip, she still comes off like a total jerk.

    Runs around campaigning for equal rights (including marriage) and then attempts to shaft the ex partner who stayed home and raised the kids.

    That’s right, legal recognition of gay relationships allows us to screw over our exes in court.

    She has now allied herself with all the rich straight men out there who attempt to leave their wives with nothing while moving on to their next woman.

  2. says

    @Bill W:

    I agree with your second point. It would actually be good for society in general, not just gays, if we stopped paying attention to celebrities – they’re as fucked up as the rest of us.

    As for marriage, however, the lesson to be drawn is this: Marry for love, not to make political points or to gain attention in the media.

  3. TampaZeke says

    They’re BOTH fucking hypocrites!

    Ethridge claimed to support marriage and said that her bond with Michaels was a marriage and then she wants to walk away as if they were just roommates.

    Michaels was VERY vocal about her view that marriage was unnecessary and gay people were wasting too much time on something so unnecessary and now she wants the rights, benefits and responsibilities that ONLY come with MARRIAGE applied to her relationship.

    I think they are BOTH disgusting and I wish they would BOTH just GO AWAY!

  4. TANK says

    So little time and so many jokes to make about angsty lesbian poetry. Oh well, open drum circle at some “organic” festival always brings a few “earnest” lesbians to tears while they give the hands of their girlfriends a squeeze. There isn’t enough alcohol… Ima ghost write YET another about menstruation.

  5. cmh says

    I think it wasn’t poetic I think she got it wrong… which supports my contention that clearly this woman needs financial support. :)

    Actually though the domestic partnership in CA is the same as marriage by state standards .. I don’t Ethridge is walking away not paying something and is going to have to pay out something. I also don’t know if she will get full 50% physical custody given the ages of the kids. Either way she is going to have to pay child support even if she does.

  6. Bobby says

    Fuck Melissa Etheridge. If this weren’t the second time she’s done this, I might give her the benefit of the doubt, but she’s apparently a serial deserter who thinks she can get away with it because she’s “famous”.

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