1. Rin says

    I can’t imagine…cannot imagine being a mother and finding out that your baby was brutalized and left for dead like that. If she can forgive them…more power to her. I think I would have had to have been jailed myself for what I would have done to them had I been in her shoes.

    God bless her.

  2. Sgt.Sausagepants says

    I am constantly amazed at the strength this woman displays.

    It must be so tough to be constantly reminding yourself of what you’ve lost by fighting this fight. Yet she keeps going and making such a huge difference.

    I wish I could hug people through the internet.

  3. TyInTenn says

    I am with RIN. I myself would be in a horrible place – I am just not sure I would have the strength. My kids are my life – but in hindsight, she is showing that Matthew was hers – and his importance in her life and our world. God holds not only a special place for Matthew, but for Mrs. Shepard as well.

  4. Robert says

    Jesus. Six comments? Did no one honestly watch this? God, our community has no reverence for anything. No wonder we can’t get organized on any real fucking issue.

  5. me says

    I’ve read up on Matthew and got the distinct impression his mommy and daddy went off and did their own thing with little regard for the psychological welfare of Matt. They struct me as typical distant, uptight, cold, selfish upper middle class mommy and daddies who ship their kids off to prep school, boarding school, the shrink, whatever as an easy out.

    Just saying.

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