1. Patric says

    He was endorsed by the Virginia Log Cabin Republicans, despite a history of virulently homophobic statements. How’s that working out!? Another Log Cabin success story, just like Linda Lingle, Scott Brown, Chris Christie, Charles Djou, etc., etc., etc.

  2. justiceontherocks says

    Deane is trying to politicize a one-time family relationship. Why should a governor play that game.

    McDonnell is a horse’s ass, but he’s right on this one. He was no obligation to give someone their fifteen minutes of fame.

  3. tacotaco says

    I don’t really understand why the governor would be expected to have anything to do with somebody who is no longer a member of his family. Just because this woman is trans doesn’t mean that the governor should be expected to do wade into what I’m sure is a crazy situation for his family.

  4. justiceontherocks says

    McDonnell is a horse’s ass but he’s right on this one. An ex relative by marriage is trying to use his office for her 15 minutes of fame. He’d be nuts to fall into that trap.

    That said, he’s still a horses’s ass.

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