Vampire Diaries Writer Wants Gay Character On Show

Openly gay writer Kevin Williamson reveals that he wants to see a gay character on his show, The Vampire Diaries. But it won't be somone currently on the show (sorry Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder fans), but a new character. Williamson says: "I don't want to do a coming-out story." 

According to Blastr:

"It's one of those things that needs to feel organic and seamless," Williamson told a group of reporters on July 28 in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was at The CW's party for the Television VampCritics Association press tour. "I don't want it to be a character that comes in and is a one-off. I want someone to come in and have a reason and a purpose and really push that story forward the way I want to do it, and they're so important to the story that without them the show won't happen. That's what I want."

Gay teens are an important issue to Williamson outside of show business. He supports GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. "I'm sitting in the wings waiting," he said. "I'm waiting. Which character can be gay? Which character won't? Where will it fit in? How can I get the gay character in? I don't want to sound like I'm a militant about it, like THERE MUST BE A GAY CHARACTER, even though I am. It's not just that, it's also diversity. I always feel like I don't have enough diversity on my show, and that is one of the things I'm very conscientious of, and not just gay characters. Any diversity. In anything, I want everyone represented. I want everybody on the show."

And if it ends up being a male character, the actor who portrays him better get used to not wearing a shirt.


  1. Rob says

    I love the Vampire Diaries. It’s way better than I expected. It’s also a great fix in between True Blood seasons. There’s a reason True Blood had a commercial during the finale of Vampire Diaries folks. And this isn’t even goody goody Twilight stuff. It’s quality.

    And I’d love to see a gay character that has drive and reason on the show.

  2. kode says

    Oh damn, I was hoping that Michael Trevino’s character Tyler Lockwood was a closet case, but I guess not then :( He’s probably coming out just as a werewolf.

    This show’s pretty well made, although sure it’s quite teen-y. I usually watch it while surfing the web or doing some other stuff that’s alright for a little multitasking.

  3. Brian in Texas says

    I tried watching this show when it first came out, but found that its just a shameful and desperate attempt to capitalize on the Twilight and True Blood market. No quality or substance to this at all. Surprised that Kevin Williamson is attached, I’ve liked a lot of his other stuff.

  4. daws says

    They really need to improve the writing of the show. I enjoyed it overall but getting through the season was painful at times. It’s not on the same level as True Blood but it’s a helluva lot better than the Twilight movies (barf).

  5. tweedle says

    O.K. We Get it. Vampires are hot, they are sexy, they are dead. Can we just move on to less boring subject matter? The cult of ‘vampism that has sprung up: fang implants, drinking blood, believing yourself to be a vampire, etc. What could possibly be more lame.

  6. Sue says

    I read the books as a teenager, which is why I’ve watched the show. Caroline and Damon are the most rounded characters (because oddly, they have actual flaws, unlike some of the other characters). I would LOVE to see a gay character. I wanted Katherine to seduce Caroline, but that will never happen. So a new gay bloke is the way forward! Tyler did have all the workings of a closet case, though :( (his constant homoerotic fights with Tyler were a charm).

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