1. MikeMick says

    Way to throw high and inside, Zinnia! If I wasn’t as gay as a box of clowns, I’d beg you to marry me.

  2. jexer says

    Nom nom nom. Rather than fight them… we should agree with them. They believe that people engaging in unhealthy, unnatural, self-destructive lifestyle choices should not be allowed to marry or raise children, right?

    No-Neck Maggie Gallagher’s MORBID OBESITY is a perfect example of a well documented unhealthy, unnatural, and self-destructive lifestyle choice. Gluttony and sloth are mortal sins. Her marriage should be annulled and her children seized by CPS before they’re indoctrinated in her unholy lifestyle.

  3. Vito says

    fuck her! If you can’t handle people around you if you need to whip your tit out and nurse a kid, DON’T DO IT IN PUBLIC.

  4. Steve says

    Unfortunately, intelligent humor and sarcasm are probably viewed as “elitist” tactics and are lost on the NOM people. It’s why the NOM people don’t get Rachel Maddow either.

    That being said – I totally love her wicked comments.

  5. Charles says

    This was an absolutely brilliant video. So smart and wickedly sarcastic. Kudos to her.

  6. Guest says

    Christopher, you can rejoin your grade school class now. I would have expected to find such a juvenile, offensive comment on NOM’s website but not on this one.

    It’s unfortunate that you’ve interrupted the recognition other commenters have given to a very effective rebuttal by this young woman.

  7. says

    Guest: ZJ is a dude. He’s in drag. Please watch his other videos. It’s not a secret. (As ZJ himself once put it, “Bitches don’t know about my dick!”) Christopher was just complimenting him on his considerable amount of awesomeness!